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Transformers Rescue Bots Season 2 Officially Confirmed

Posted on 10-14-2012 at 11:47 AM by Sol Fury under Rescue Bots
A small bit of news for you now on this slow news day - The Hub has posted on Facebook, officially confirming that Transformers Rescue Bots will be returning for a second season of half-hour episodes!

For those of you who've been following the news, you might remember last month that D.C. Douglas confirmed recording on season 2 had begun - with guest star Roger Craig Smith - now we have the official confirmation from the network itself!
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Judging by the POP the show got when it was mentioned at the NYCC panel I will assume this will make a lot of fans very happy.

Is season two going to be called Zoo Hunters?
Sol Fury
They might have officially announced it now, but a little while ago it was confirmed by D.C. Douglas they'd recorded the first season 2 episode - with a guest star!

Roger Craig Smith to Provide a Guest Voice on Transformers Rescue Bots - Transformers News - TFW2005
Spiderus Prime
Originally Posted by Transbot90210 View Post
Is season two going to be called Zoo Hunters?
Originally Posted by Transbot90210 View Post

Is season two going to be called Zoo Hunters?
Originally Posted by Spiderus Prime View Post
LMAO, and they even have a screen shot at the zoo, hooda thunk it. lol
Yay. My Girlfriend will be pleased.
Rescue bots is teh awesome.
They Roll to the Rexcue and doesn't afraid of anything.
Hollywood Hoist
My family loves Rescue Bots, my son is going to be VERY excited.
Yeah pretty good show.
More Rescue Bots Rolling to the Rescue! Yes!

I hope Hoist and Medix come into play. Obviously the mobile Headquarters and a few more humans knowing the secret are a factor from season 1's finale suggesting the direction of season 2.
This show goes through a lot of ideas. Flying lobsters, Pirates, Viral meteorite, Weather machine, Earthquake Machine, Time travel, Underwater research lab, and Teleportation Microbots.
Autovolt 127
That's nice. Though I have barely watched this show at all.

Though I think i'd start if Medix and Hoist join the team?
How many times has season 2 been "officially" confirmed? LOL

Either way, I'm quite pleased! Love this show!
^^^^ Too true...all these confirmations for Season 2 and STILL NO Starting Air Dates.

We know it's tell us WHEN!!?!?!
awesome news!

Now confirm Season 3.
ex dtw2003
I like Rescue Bots but putting the show on later is teh suck. I gotta turn the TV off by 11Am.
You people should be ashamed of yourselves. Rescue Bots is getting a second season, which means a lot more fun and enjoyable storylines. To insinuate that the second season will be called "zoo hunters" is an insult to the franchise and creators.

Zoo Hunters is season three...
Rescue Bots: The Super Hero Squad of Transformers in that its so awesome that its acceptable for even adults to watch.
Originally Posted by TylerMirage View Post
There's even an Optimus on the table LOL!
Greetings All,

I wasn't sure where t post this. I submitted it as news on Monday 11/5, but it has either been ignored or lost. But the entire season is up on Netflix for anyone who wants to watch it.
I saw that, tho I thought it had already been reporter...maybe not...
I think it was reported back in April that The HUB, or perhaps Shout! Factory had reached a deal with Netflix to release all their cartoons over a period of time (presumably after each season finishes airing), but exact dates of availability had not been discussed IIRC. I expect TFrime Season 2 probably in late November or early December
Originally Posted by strangeguy32000 View Post
Rescue bots is teh awesome.
They Roll to the Rexcue and doesn't afraid of anything.
"Doesn't afraid of anything" indeed.

This is good news, now if only I can catch up with season one before season 2 starts.

Autovolt 127
If this show was on Canadian Netflix perhaps I'd contuinue watching the show.
If you have an account this link should work.

EDIT: It doesn't, just search for it...

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