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Hasbro Charity Drive 2012 Commercial Featuring Transformers Rescue Bots

Posted on 11-29-2012 at 01:55 PM by Sol Fury under Rescue Bots
Hasbro have begun advertising their 2012 Charity promotion. The promotion called "Be a Joy Maker" is being run in association with charity GenerationOn and Toys for Tots. The concept is simple - charitable individuals or groups can share what they are doing to help their communities; and for every project shared, Hasbro will donate a toy to Toys for Tots. The goal is to reach 100'000 projects / toy donations and at the current time they are standing at a little over 35'000. So here's a challenge to all you big-hearted fellows in the Transformers community - let's show them our best side and help GenerationOn hit that target! Find out more at the GenerationOn Share Joy page.

Also check out The Hub's commercial for all of this, which features clips from Transformers Rescue Bots:

Views: 1,250 / Credit: ken8kuhletz08 of the 2005 Boards!
Hollywood Hoist
That's a really great promotion.
Very nice! Good promotion too.
Autovolt 127
Good guy Hasbro wanting to bring even more joy to the world than they already did.
I saw this ad the other day on the HUB and was hoping someone would post it...loved hearing Chase in the ad! Great idea using the Police Bot to promote the Joy Maker--he didn't have his clown wig tho.

Thanks ken8 for posting this.

Now, must see what I can get my nephew to do, and go buy some toys to help out a few kids too.
We should submit our moderator Lumpy for his quest to rid toy shelves of Bumblebee's by getting people to donate them to Toys For Tots.

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