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Transformers Animated Costumes For Women Advertised as Lingerie?

Posted on 04-25-2014 at 12:20 AM by ORIO under Other News
lingerie Well then... now for some unusual Transformer news.

We here at TFW would like to bring to your attention some new costumes, marketed as "lingerie", which were advertised earlier today on the Facebook page of Leg Avenue. What TFW2005 member, AoE, was doing on this particular website is none of our business. However, the costumes in question appear to be adult women costumes based off of the Animated versions of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron. Because all three of those characters are dead sexy when you think about them.

Maybe this is your thing. Maybe these are GREAT costumes for Halloween. Either way, they exist and are therefore amazing! You can check out the image for them by clicking on the title bar!
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Transformers Hero Mashers Grimlock and Strafe with Bumblebee Two-Pack Revealed

Posted on 04-24-2014 at 02:13 PM by Sol Fury under Other News
10277017_10152355116152726_5786261637396746063_n Via Transformers Colombia, we can share with you a first look at some upcoming releases in the Transformers Hero Mashers series. Two new releases for the series are revealed - an electronic Grimlock set, based on the Generation 1 dinosaur mode with a light-up mouth, and a Strafe with Bumblebee two-pack. Both sets are fully interchangeable with other Transformers Hero Mashers releases, which means you can create oddities like an Optimus Prime with Bumblebee legs and a Grimlock head (that lights up).
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Transformers Mr Potato Head New Images

Posted on 04-13-2014 at 08:21 AM by Sol Fury under Other News
242F3B0E50569047F5AF2F0F0098A165 Hasbro US have also updated their online product catalog with new listings for the new Transformers Mr Potato Head toys. The four revealed, and on the site, so far are a larger Optimus Prime and Starscream which include parts to let them "transform" along with smaller Optimus Prime and Grimlock potato heads. Interestingly, the packaging identifies these Playskool offerings as a part of the Rescue Bots series, despite their Generation 1 roots.

The catalog update also includes entries for the Battle Masters series, although the links for them are not yet live.
Views: 3,303 / Credit: griffin-of-oz of the 2005 Boards!

Kids Logic Transformers Kids Nation Series Information

Posted on 03-29-2014 at 08:56 AM by Sol Fury under Other News
1980308_10151932295937610_2097229847_o Kids Logic has updated their Facebook page with new information on their Transformers Kids Nation series. Due out in June-July 2014, the series of five will feature Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, Soundwave and Grimlock. Each is set to stand around 9cm - 10.5cm tall and feature LED light up eyes. An exclusive Nemesis Prime figure is also planned.
Views: 6,578 / Credit: MartyMcfly160, Exodus of the 2005 Boards!

Transformers 30th Anniversary Prints by Guido Guidi

Posted on 03-21-2014 at 03:11 PM by TunaKaan under Other News
tf-print-18x24-autobots-low Acidfree Gallery is known for its great collectable prints featuring G.I.Joe, Voltron and of course Transformers. And to celebrate brand's 30th Anniversary, company teamed up with IDW legend Guido Guidi for these amazing G1 inspired prints featuring both Autobot and Decepticon characters.

Here's the info they provided;

''Celebrate 30 years of TRANSFORMERS with these amazing G1 inspired prints by Guido Guidi! Finally we can show the world this amazing collectable set. Guido is widely known in the world of TRANSFORMERS for his comic book work and many other accolades related to TRANSFORMERS. We were extremely excited to have him work with us on this release. Many of your favorite AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS and portrayed in a classic throwback retro style. The regular editions will be professionally printed Giclee fineart prints, printed by the amazing staff over at The variant editions will feature Glow in the Darkand will be screen printed by D&L Screenprinting.''

Prints will be available for purchase on Thursday, 3/27 at 12:30 PM EST over at Acidfree Gallery website. You can check out the details by clicking here.
Views: 6,363 / Credit: Deceptigtar of the 2005 Boards!

New Merchandise featuring Transformers 4, Generation 1, Generation 2 Posters and Tin Signs

Posted on 03-21-2014 at 08:04 AM by TunaKaan under Other News
MS12038 Trends International website is updated with some never before seen items.

Those include;
  • A 11x14 Tin sign of G1 Megatron.
  • A 11x14 Tin sign of G2 Optimus Prime.
  • A 24x36 ''Cooler Toys'' Transformers Shrink-Wrapped poster.
  • A Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Bumblebee poster.
  • A Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Dinobots poster featuring Optimus Prime-Grimlock and Bumblebee-Strafe.

There's also an old sticker collection for Revenge of the Fallen characters. You can check out these items by simply clicking here.
Views: 7,033 / Credit: netkid of the 2005 Boards!

Transformers Area Rug and Bumblebee Piggy Bank

Posted on 03-17-2014 at 12:46 PM by ORIO under Other News
TF-Rug Looking for something to tie the room together, man? 2005 Board member Rookbartley stumbled across two Transformers themed items in the home sections of his local Wal-Mart and Target stores. First up, an area rug with an electric blue Autobot symbol was spotted at Target.. Perfect for your collection room or for irritating your spouse. Second up, is an adorable piggy bank with a movie Bumblebee deco spotted at a Wal-Mart. Perfect for saving your money up for upcoming Age of Extinction movie Bumblebee toys!

Check out the pics and join the discussion after the jump!
Views: 4,896 / Credit: Rookbarltey of the 2005 Boards!

Transformers Battle Masters Fight Night Optimus Prime VS Megatron Set Released

Posted on 03-17-2014 at 02:38 AM by Sol Fury under Other News
20140316_133705 The latest contender for your disposable income has stepped into the ring! In the red corner, it's the Transformers Battle Masters Fight Night set! This set launches Hasbro's latest Transformers themed battle game, which is a version of rock 'em sock 'em robots with Transformers.

The Fight Night set includes Battle Masters of Optimus Prime and Megatron. They were spotted at a Toys R Us in Tucson, AZ by 2005 Boards member Gen. Magnus.
Views: 4,143 / Credit: Gen. Magnus of the 2005 Boards!

Hasbro Applies For A New Trademark - Transformers: Robots In Disguise

Posted on 03-09-2014 at 10:57 AM by SilverOptimus under Other News
Hasbro-Transformers-Robots-In-Disguise-Trademark-TV-Series-Video-Game-Toy-Line We at TFW2005 are constantly on the hunt for exciting news from the Transformers Franchise. Today, thanks to United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO for short) we found out that Hasbro has applied for a new trademark last week.

The new trademark is titled "Transformers: Robots In Disguise" and is categorized under
  • Video Game
  • Toyline and Merchandise

The new trademark is categorized under two categories (video game and merchandise) with both of them stating "featuring an animated cartoon series".

Right now, we are in the dark as you are. But, the best thing about Hasbro filing a new trademark is that we will see it in real life in the future… though unable to tell when (Mind you, Airachnid trademark was filed years before we actually saw her on the show).

Update: We have also learned that Hasbro has applied for this new trademark while the old trademark for RID (cartoon, toyline etc) is still live and active.

Stick with TFW2005 as we bring you the best news… first.

(Placeholder image Artwork by Don Figueroa, Colors and Layout by Joe Moore)
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Transformers 30th Anniversary iPhone Cases (iphone 5/5s)

Posted on 02-28-2014 at 08:20 AM by StayingInTheBox under Other News
iphone-5s-box-phone Hat tip goes out to TFW2005 boards member cliffjumper15 for sharing with us a video posted on the Japanese website Niconico. The video shows off new iPhone cases in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Transformers, which will include a G1 Optimus Prime, a G1 Megatron, and two other cases that look to show off both the Autobot cast and Decepticon cast.

At this time no ordering information appears to be available, but according to the video the cases may be "rimited," which we can assume was a typo and means limited release.

Check out the full video here and discuss after the jump!
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Transformers Mr Potato Head Official Images

Posted on 02-19-2014 at 04:40 PM by Sol Fury under Other News
TRANSFORMERS-MIXABLE-MASHABLE-HEROES-OPTIMUS-PRIME--GRIMLOCKy More official images from Hasbro's Playskool Transformers range now, it's a look at the Mr Potato Head Transformers! Ever since Optimash Prime came on the scene in 2007, Transformers and Mr Potato Head have had a few shared releases - and now there's a whole line of them! Check out the images of the Mixable Mashable Heroes Optimus Prime and Grimlock set, the Mash-Ups Assortment Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Grimlock, and the Mash-Up 2-Pack of Optimus Prime and Starscream - those last two even transform, after a fashion!
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Toy Fair 2014 Transformers Hero Mashers Official Images

Posted on 02-15-2014 at 08:40 PM by Sol Fury under Other News
TF-HERO-MASHERS-UPGRADE-MEGATRON-A8397 Rounding out the official images we have received from Hasbro, we have a look at the Transformers Hero Mashers. It's a series which takes from many eras of Transformers including Drift from Age of Extinction and the Generation 1 Optimus Prime. These non-transformable toys can interchange their parts - or "mash up" - to create unique robot designs!

Two different assortments were listed in the official images we received:

Hero Mashers Figures Assortment - includes Bumblebee, Springer, Starscream and Age of Extinction's Drift

Hero Mashers Battle Upgrade Assortment - includes Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bulkhead
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Hasbro and 3D Systems announce co-venture to deliver 3D printing play experiences

Posted on 02-14-2014 at 02:07 PM by Sol Fury under Other News
Hasbro_2009_1382391128 On the eve of US Toy Fair 2014, Hasbro has put out a press release announcing that they will be entering into a co-venture with industry leaders in 3D printing, 3D systems, to "co-develop, co-venture and deliver new immersive, creative play experiences powered by 3D printing for children and their families later this year. "

The release does not specifically reference Transformers, but the implication is that Hasbro's portfolio of brands will be making use of this new co-venture, and Transformers is a major part of Hasbro's portfolio. Read on for the full text of the release.
Views: 1,960 / Credit: General Tekno of the 2005 Boards!

New Grimlock figure in TRU system - Stomp Chomp Grimlock

Posted on 02-08-2014 at 10:25 PM by KidDynamite under Other News
TF-AOE-Teaser-Screen-Caps-014_1391389150 Thanks to Icespark of our 2005 Boards, we have an interesting listing for a new Grimlock toy in the TRU inventory system. The figure's name in the system is "TRA Stomp Chomp Grim," the item number is 951007 and the vendor number is A6145.

At this time we do not know what exactly this figure is, or even if it is for an action figure at all. The name implies a toy for younger children, likely for the upcoming Age of Extinction movie. However, the price is a whopping $79.99!

What do you think this listing if for? Reissue of Masterpiece Grimlock? A VERY large AOE figure? Perhaps a children's riding toy? Chime in on our thread with your ideas!
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Be Warned - Hasbro Website Hacked

Posted on 02-01-2014 at 12:54 PM by SilverOptimus under Other News
hasbro-hacked-logo_1391279595 Various Anti-Virus websites are reporting that Hasbro website is hacked and is distributing virus/malware to those who visit. The attacks have been happening on and off throughout the last month and it is recommended to scan your PC with a trusted Anti-Virus software with the latest virus definitions if you have visited Hasbro.

Since Transformers: Age Of Extinction reveals are happening soon, many of you may have been visiting the site to look for latest info to share with your fellow members at TFW2005.

According to Barracuda Labs; who first reported the incident:

"A week ago (on Monday, January 20), as well as on January 14, 11, and 10, Hasbro’s website pushed malicious software to visitors’ computers. As with the compromise a week prior, the incident was the result of direct site compromise, and affected users were unlikely to have recognized that their computers were infected. For reference, below is a screenshot of Barracuda Labs’ malicious URL detection environment after a successful attack.

Given the frequency with which Hasbro's website has recently served drive-by downloads, Barracuda Labs recommends that users refrain from visiting the site until its operators have confirmed it is again safe."

We are yet to hear the latest update regarding this situation.
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