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Transformers Mr Potato Heads Optimus Prime with Grimlock Released in the US

Posted on 07-27-2014 at 05:27 AM by Sol Fury under Other News
DSC_0103_zpsbwrn89os More new Transformers sightings! The Transformers Mr Potato Heads Optimus Prime with Grimlock set have now been sighted at retail, in a Toys R Us in San Jose, California. This set is a part of the mixable, mashable heroes series of Mr Potato Heads, and features Generation 1 themed Optimus and Grimlock - but that doesn't stop Optimus riding on Grimlock, Age of Extinction style!
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Angry Birds Transformers Game Play Trailer

Posted on 07-24-2014 at 10:21 AM by StayingInTheBox under Other News
The official Transformers YouTube page has just uploaded the game play trailer for Transformers Angry Birds! Check out the video below to see the angry bird we know as Optimus Prime blast some Decepticon pigs!

Views: 2,402 / Credit: Oracle_Aesir of the 2005 Boards!

Transformers Angry Birds Toy Images

Posted on 07-21-2014 at 01:57 PM by Sol Fury under Other News
Optimus-Prime-Bird-Raceway-2 Toys R Us had (briefly) posted a pair of entries on their website product catalog for the Transformers Angry Birds series! Through these we have our first look at the toys for this line, and possibly a fresh clue as to what the game itself might involve.

The first set is the Optimus Prime Bird Raceway, a $39.99 set which comes with an Ultimate Optimus Prime bird and an Ultimate Megatron pig. Yes, they seem to be using the actual Transformers names and not the cute reimaginings we reported had been the subject of a trademark application recently. The bird raceway is a racetrack set that launches the toys down a 35ft track - where only one gets to cross the finish line.

The other set is a set of five racers titled the Energon Racers Pack. This pack has Angry Bird versions of Optimus, Grimlock, Lockdown, Starscream and Soundwave, and retails for $29.99.

Both sets also include a Matrix styled telepod which connects to the toys to unlock the characters for play in the game. The toys themselves transform from vehicle - driven by the respective Angry Bird or Bad Piggie - into robot forms with the bird or pig as the head. Speculation is there might be some kind of Bot Shot style transformation going on there, but nothing confirmed as yet.
Views: 9,246 / Credit: Sixshot666666 of the 2005 Boards!

Transformers Hero Mashers Slug and Soundwave Images

Posted on 07-10-2014 at 02:25 AM by Sol Fury under Other News
10418526_10152458037802726_6437966798214615404_n Some images have been posted by Felipe León Nájera in the Transformers Colombia Facebook group showing off a couple of new releases in the Transformers Hero Mashers line. The figures shown are Dinobot Slug and Soundwave, both based on their Generation 1 incarnations. Slug like Grimlock is shown in his dinosaur mode, while Soundwave is in his robot mode. These are both part of the "deluxe" series of Hero Mashers which include additional parts to further customize the figures - Slug has a Snarl tail and Soundwave has a Sideswipe arm. A portent of what is to come or just cool extras?
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Transformers Hero Mashers Bumblebee with Strafe Two-Pack Sighted

Posted on 07-07-2014 at 06:09 PM by Sol Fury under Other News
27451461d1404769984-hero-mashers-team-set-released-bumblebee-strafe-photo-10- For those craving the ability to create a bizarre Bumblebee / Dinobot hybrid, you may be interested to know that the Transformers Hero Mashers Bumblebee with Strafe Two Pack has been sighted at US retail. The sighting we are reporting today comes from a Toys R Us in Fort Wayne, Indiana, courtesy of TFW2005 member Rookbartley.
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Transformers 4th of July Marathon on the Hub

Posted on 07-04-2014 at 03:23 PM by ORIO under Other News
Transformers-movieposter-west Many of us have the day off from school or work in observance of Independence Day. While we wait for the sun to go down to light things on fire and potentially burn ourselves or our loved ones with illegal fireworks, the Hub is rocking a Transformers Marathon! Celebrating the brands 30th anniversary, they're wrapping a marathon of Rescue Bots. But coming up on the Hub you'll get to enjoy the following:

Transformers - The 1986 Movie at 4pm Eastern
Transformers Prime - Predacons Rising at 6pm Eastern

Check out the promo below!

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Hasbro to Allow Individual Figure Orders

Posted on 06-19-2014 at 03:22 PM by Mechafire under Other News
vehiconcarded_1355490600 Comic book website Bleeding Cool has announced some potentially very good news for collectors - they're reporting that this week, for the first time, Hasbro is making individual figures available to the direct market and Diamond. This could mean many things: if this goes to plan, it would be easier to acquire figures at your local comic book shop, because instead of having to always order a case, they could simply as many as they want of an individual character - which could perhaps also bode well for the media side as well, as healthy toy sales in many cases translates to the accompanying fiction as well. It may also mean the end of having to pay more for certain figures online. And last but not least, it should make army builders' lives a little bit easier.

This may be a smart business decision for Hasbro, making the more popular toys easier to acquire like this. It could also coincide with their increased emphasis on collectors that they displayed at Toy Fair this year.

It should be noted that, for right now, this is only limited to the direct market and Diamond, and not big box retailers... at least, not yet. Hasbro could be testing the waters by doing this. Hopefully this plan is successful and works out well for Hasbro, so this idea can further flourish.

Check it out and discuss after the jump!

(Pictured: Transformers: Prime Robots in Disguise Deluxe Vehicon, a once-notoriously shortpacked and hard-to-find army builder.)
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Under Armour Transformers Athletic Attire

Posted on 06-17-2014 at 11:34 PM by StayingInTheBox under Other News
Autobot Well known athletic manufacturer Under Armour, best known for its compression gear, is releasing an "Alter Ego" line of athletic attire featuring Transformers as one of its designs. The compression shirts will range from your traditonal red Autobot symbol, purple Decepticon symbol, to current character designs such as Age of Extinxtion Drift and Lockdown. Check out the full lineup by jumping directly here.
Views: 4,381 / Credit: Rookbartley of the 2005 Boards!

Nano Block Generation 1 Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Choro-Q sets

Posted on 06-17-2014 at 10:36 PM by Sol Fury under Other News
TAK11927 Via our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store we have learned that Nano Block will be making versions of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. The company is known for making exquisitely detailed and complicated building brick toys which are also tiny when compared to Lego or Kre-O. These kits can be assembled as robots or vehicles - and in vehicle mode, they can zip around using a Smartphone app to guide them. We think these will be cool for those who like building block toys - what do you think?
Views: 2,797 / Credit: ssjkazer of the 2005 Boards!

AcidFree Gallery Prints - Optimus Prime and Megatron by Jason Edmiston

Posted on 06-13-2014 at 04:30 PM by StayingInTheBox under Other News
Transformers_Optimus_Print_Promo__57024140266928812801280 Hat tip to TFW boards member RDprime for letting us know of two new AcidFree Gallery prints by Artist Jason Edmiston. The two prints feature an amazingly detailed image of Optimus Prime and Megatron. This set is limited to a small run of only 150, priced at $100 for the set of two, and $200 each for the metal versions (which are limited to 15 each).

Check out the full description after the jump.
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Shout! Factory Unveils '30 Years in 3 Days' Transformers Online Event

Posted on 06-13-2014 at 12:35 AM by ORIO under Other News
tf30_logo The Hollywood Reporter has posted a press release from Shout! Factory regarding news for the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers. Read on below for the full press release!

Titled “30 Years in 3 Days,” the online event — which runs from June 20 through June 22 — will coincide with this year’s “Botcon,” a Transformers fan convention taking place at the Pasadena Convention Center. Between episodes of various Transformers animated series, Shout! plans to stream segments shot at the show.

Although Shout! Factory hasn’t released a schedule for programming for the weekend, the company has the rights to every Transformers animated series from 1984 through 2013, including the original Transformers, as well as Transformers: Armada, Transformers: Cyberton, Transformers Prime and Transformers: Rescue Bots.

The stream will be available on Shout! Factory’s YouTube channel, as well as at
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Transformers Hero Mashers Released in Australia

Posted on 06-02-2014 at 05:03 PM by Sol Fury under Other News
14033208337_168e131d5f_b The Transformers Hero Mashers figures have made their retail debut in Perth, Australia. Ozformers member Omega Metro spotted them on shelves in Australian chain Toy World - they retail at AUS $19.99, with Bumblebee and Starscream among those spotted. The series allows you to mix and match the body parts of not only the Transformers Hero Mashers, but also the other series like the Marvel Hero Mashers - so a Doctor Doom / Starscream hybrid is now within the realms of possibility if you so choose! Hopefully this Australian retail sighting means a US sighting is equally not too far off.
Views: 3,127 / Credit: Omega Metro, Griffin-of-Oz of the 2005 Boards!

Kids Logic Mecha Nations Black Convoy

Posted on 05-28-2014 at 03:12 PM by Sol Fury under Other News
10350355_10152041551377610_8896916705131891150_n Kids Logic have announced the second release in their Mecha Nations series of super-deformed (big head) Transformers releases, a Nemesis Prime version of their Optimus Prime which they are calling Black Convoy. He sports the black, silver and teal deco made famous by Robots in Disguise Scourge, and sports a Megatron gun accessory along with the standard complement of Ion Blaster, energy axe and alternate hands.
Views: 2,494 / Credit: MartyMcfly160, Exodus of the 2005 Boards!

Transformers Mr Potato Heads Optimus Prime and Starscream Released in the US

Posted on 05-25-2014 at 05:43 AM by Sol Fury under Other News
TFG1MrPototaHeads_zps001979b2 Another sighting at the Toys R Us in Frederick, MD are these cool new Mr Potato Head Transformers! While you can't change the face the same as classic Mr Potato Heads, you can change them from robot to vehicle forms by swapping out different parts. Two versions ave been spotted - an Optimus Prime version and a Starscream version. Big thanks to 2005 Boards member Sideswipe1954 for the news tip.
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New Trademark Reveals A Possible New Future For The Transformers Toys - ALLSPARK

Posted on 05-14-2014 at 04:25 PM by SilverOptimus under Other News
39871d1392482220-hasbro-partnering-3d-systems-3d-play-products-their-brands-3d_potato During this year's Toy Fair, Hasbro and 3D Systems announced a co-venture; a 3D Printing technology for the children.

It so happens that fellow fansite Transformers At The Moon has stumbled upon a rather interesting Trademark. Titled as ALLSPARK, this trademark is filed by Hasbro under the following description:

"Computer software for creating, designing, modifying, customizing, sharing and saving computer generated representations capable of being printed by a three dimensional printer to create physical objects, namely, jewelry, ornaments, arts objects, artifacts, household goods, toys, games, hobby models, accessories, office products, and various other consumer products "

You can check out the listing at the United States Patent And Trademark Office.

This new venture could turn out to be a way for a Build Your Own Transformer line. Only time will tell.
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