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Join WTF@TFW Podcast Host Aaron in raising money for charity

Posted on 10-20-2012 at 07:26 AM by Sol Fury under Other News
WTF@TFW podcast host and all-round nice guy Aaron (aksmth to long time site members like myself) is raising money for the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. As a part of a drive with the Extra Life gaming charity, he is with a few friends doing a 24 game playing marathon. All donators who contribute go into the drawing for some Steam games as well as getting the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping out those worse off. Find out more and donate by visiting the link below:

Play Games. Heal Kids. | Extra Life - DonorDriveŽ

And watch Aaron's epic gaming marathon live on USTREAM by visiting the link below:

Aaron / Aksmth's USTREAM channel
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Sadly my dad doesn't support charity...
great thing you're doing here hope it goes well for you, and be sure to eat and drink provided you're allowed (surely you must be).
Have fun and drink lots of Mountain Dew! I think this a really awesome event. I might look into doing it for my local children's hospital sometime.
And now I'm live! Watch the side of my head play Borderlands!!
Hey Aaron, I'll watch ya play ur game man. sadly, I have no funds or I'd help you in a heartbeat. I'm all about the kids.

Good luck man I'm cheering for ya.
Go Aaron!!

Come watch Aaron play Cat Mario, because we like to see him suffer.
Come on guys we gotta help Aaron keep this thread alive.

so here's the official *BUMP*
Also, don't forget the drawing for free games for donating! FREE GAMES!
Awww, I missed him playing cat mario. Booooooo....
My stupid Internet is out. No watching Aaron at the moment.
Watch Aaron play Rockband and help sick kids! DO IT NOW!
People, keep cheering aaron on. The children need us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please help Aaron by not only bumping this thread, but also by visiting his ustream and visiting the link in the first post to help the sick kids.

ROCK ON! Aaron
Go, Aaron, go!! Help all the kiddies and play all the games!

I'm going to go watch you now.......'re better at Rockband than I am. Who knew!
come on guys he's almost received 1k in donations.

Even if you only give 2 bucks or even 99 cents it's still all for a worthy cause.
$1K hit! Keep the money train rolling!
Aaron, gratz on reaching over 1k man.

I had a ton of fun chatting with ya and everybody else and watching you have fun while we have fun at your expense doing your thing for the kids. Your highly entertaining, especially when your whole household took part in it.

Everybody was awesome the whole day and not one bit of drama. It's cool to see stuff like that. It makes me keep faith in the not only this community, but humanity as a whole.

I hope somebody get's a screenshot of you showing leg lol It's totally got to be the Photo for the next WTF@TFW Podcast.
guard convoy
Currently watching, will be watching till the very end!
Thanks to everyone that hung out with me, and especially those that donated. Tomorrow, or today, or whatever the hell time this is I will do my drawings and emails and stuff. Sleep calls. I'm going to go do that now.

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