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TFW United Artfire (Million Publishing Exclusive) Gallery

Posted on 01-27-2013 at 11:16 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
It's time for the next gallery in our Transformers United toys galleries section - it's time for Artfire! Transformers United Artfire is a Million Publishing exclusive available only through a mail-in offer in the Transformers Generations 2012 book. He's a homage to the rare Japan-only character from Headmasters, Artfire, who was a white-cab version of Inferno with Targetmaster Scourge's partner Targetmaster figure. In that vein Transformers United Artfire is a redeco of Transformers Universe Inferno, but like the original Inferno, he has been remolded to incorporate the Targermasters - in this one's case, it is the inclusion of Solar Storm Grappel's crane in place of Inferno's water cannon, which allows Artfire to mount both his Targetmasters on the crane hook as a water cannon. That's right, Artfire is not just a homage to the original Artfire, he is also a homage to the second run "double Targetmasters" who could peg their weapons into one another.

As far as decos go, Artfire is fantastic. He's got a very sharp deco that flows nicely in both his modes, with lots of detailed paint applications making the finished article look just that little bit more awesome. The two Targetmasters included are Nightstick, a redeco of Universe Cyclonus' partner in a predominantly silver deco, and Sparks, a redeco of Power Core Combiners Pinpoint, the Mini-con who came with Leadfoot and had been previously been drawn as Artfire's partner Targetmaster by Guido Guidi in the Generations 2011 comic strip. Artfire makes an excellent companion piece to the Million Publishing 2011 mail in exclusive Stepper, and what is really great about this duo is not only that they are great toys in excellent decos, but in many ways they are the only ways some of us will get to own versions of the characters, particularly because in Artfire's case he has never seen a reissue.

We've got nearly 200 pictures of this hot exclusive release to share with you, so open the link below to check them out!

Transformers United Artfire (Million Publishing 2012 Exclusive) Gallery
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As good as the mould is, too much other goodness to get :/ wink wink 3p.
You know, I like the look of the figure...but I just don't understand the pricing on these exclusives. You can get a Masterpiece Sideswipe or Red Alert for less than this...and that's just absurd.
Galaxy Convoy
We've got nearly 200 pictures of this hot exclusive release
LOL, overkill much?
I paid around the same as MP Sideswipe for mine. Don't regret it one bit, a truly fantastic figure.

If only Takara would bloody Encore the original...
Sol Fury
Originally Posted by Galaxy Convoy View Post
LOL, overkill much?
Haha, no kill like overkill! Truth be told, there was a lot of cool stuff I wanted to show off on this toy - I just kept taking pictures until I was happy I'd covered it all! It's a very fun toy and I had a hard time putting it down!
Its a great figure, the nicest using this mold by far.
Artfire is simply AMAZING. Even nicer than Stepper and that is saying something!
I really really want to pick this up but $150 is alot of money to put down on something that isn't Masterpiece (or large scale Encore like Fort Max). I'm trying to sit back and see if he goes on sale like United Stepper did.
Amazing light piping, nice, vibrant red, but not worth the $150 price point!
Obsidian X
So gorgeous.
I pulled the trigger and bought him from TFsource today. Together with Masterpiece Sunstorm, Masterpiece Red Alert and a bunch of other items too.
Wallet took a pounding.
Lovely paint scheme, pity it's probably going to be a pain to get hold of.
Can't wait to get mine next week. I would have liked to have held off like I did for Stepper, but I just love the colors on this guy. Maybe I should have waited till I had him before setting up the shelves.
I picked up Artfire at Edbombers for $99 a few weeks back plus a few igear and Fansproject insecticons I missed the first time around. I haven't opened up Art yet but I think he'll be worth it. Missed out on Stepper and don't feel like paying more than a hundred for him.
Fantastic per usual. The figure looks amazing. If they used the same care to detail as they did with Stepper, he must be amazing in hand.

I want this guy...but I'm debating on whether or not to hold of on him like I did with Stepper...whom I got for a great price. Just like I did with the WFC Darkside set. Decisions, decisions......

Thanks for the gallery.
Very nice gallery Sol!!
Just waiting for the rest of the January eta stuff before shipping out my loot. That's where Artfire is patiently waiting. It will be a treat to have him in hand. Your gallery of pics make it hard to wait though. Then I want to add Maidenjapan's head guard to complete him. That's a much longer wait that will be worth staying patient for.
Wonderful pics, Sol. I love by Artfire too.
thanks for the great pics.

i lucked out and got him preordered from edbomber for $99; $149 is too much but he is an awesome figure.

It's nice, but not $150 nice.
I got mine the other day... it was great... just with two right panels on the back. So it can't fully transform. Watch for quality control issues.
Definitely loving the pic when it is being displayed with Stepper

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