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Japanese Generations TG-29 Sandstorm Official Images

Posted on 08-07-2013 at 01:34 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
E-Hobby have also updated their preorder page for the Japanese Generations TG-29 Sandstorm with official images. The Japanese Sandstorm is notably a lot more orange, with the gun, cab and wings all done in orange plastic as opposed to the yellow or black they were in the US release. Other paint deco changes include some silver on the front bull-bars. Once again we have attached the images to this post for your perusal.
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Images for Japanese Generations TG-29 Sandstorm Official Images

He looks naked with the orange in place of some of the black.

It does look nice but I already have the Hasbro one. It's around $60 anyways.
Not gonna lie, kinda wish the went with a Machine Wars color scheme.

This is just too similar for me to justify buying.
Bright orange on orange rather than yellow on orange, just like G1. About what I figured they'd do. Between the Springer, Blitzwing, and this one, this is the one I'd be most likely to pick up, but I'll have to see how my funds are around December.
It's a nice color scheme, but so was the hasbro.

I'm not sure it justifies an extra $30.
yep. no sale.. so its hasbro for me. cheaper. way cheaper.
I like the silver detailing, that's it. That's like the second time a Hasbro deco was superior to TakaraTomys.
Yeah, I'm not feeling this one, content with the Hasbro version.

For those that are interested, AmiAmi already has their preorder up:

AmiAmi [Character & Hobby Shop] | Transformers Generations TG-29 Sandstorm(Provisional Preorder)
Wow what a difference. It seems to not stand out as much. The Hasbro one just contrast so good. The Colors work so well together and just pop so much more on the Hasbro. Glad I'm getting that version.
I was wondering what the hell was up with HLJ's preorder for a "Thunderstorm", glad it's not some new figure and just their Sandstorm. That said I do prefer this deco to hasbro's, but still not enough to get me to buy it.
Galaxy Convoy
Originally Posted by TFXProtector View Post
I like the silver detailing, that's it. That's like the second time a Hasbro deco was superior to TakaraTomys.
Yeah, the silver detailing is nice. But then again, that's nothing a silver sharpie can't take care of for Hasbro's.
that looks so much better
too little contrast. awful.
He looks like a block of cheddar................
Love the silver detailing, hate the rest. Very surprising.
More G1 Accurate colors? Better Detailing and trim? A look that immediately says to me "Sandstorm"? Yep, this is the one I want.
I need to see side-by-side pics with this and the hasbro version. I can't tell.
I have the Hasbro one, and to me that looks much better than this one does. Plus, not paying the money for the Takara versions.

Only three reasons I'll buy Takara....

Encore re-issues
Masterpiece (when there's no Hasbro version)
When or if I can't find a Hasbro version cheaper because it sold out everywhere (which has never happened yet)
Ehhhh, not bad. I like that Takara kept the window section orange to make the dune buggy look more accurate, but unfortunately it also blanderises the colour scheme of the VTOL craft. If Takara were going for show accuracy, I'm surprised they didn't paint the legs entirely black. A missed opportunity.
Originally Posted by bigpink View Post
More G1 Accurate colors? Better Detailing and trim? A look that immediately says to me "Sandstorm"? Yep, this is the one I want.
Looks good. Not different enough from Generations to make a real difference, but I could see why some people would rather want this.
the hasbro seems to have a little more, personality to it. the takara one might be more "g1" accurate, but this is an example to me, of when going g1, isn't always the best answer, even for a classics figure. sometimes giving the figure it's own unique feel, is good too. however i do agree, the silver does look better. however, i think that would of looked best, black.

and that solid color orange gun, looks like shit.
Yup, agreed that Hasbro version is perfectly fine and TG version isn't a major step up or across from the original.
ah, hek...
either I'm getting older or the pics are getting smaller.

...or worse, both!!!

I can see some vibrant colors. I do like vibrant colors. I had an almost neon color transformers in the early 90's. This reminds me of him.
I like the color of the gun and the bumpers but I'm satisfied with the Hasbro version.
prefer this, its colour look more g1 then the hasbro one. think i might bite and get it!
with toys like this I dont buy based on how close to G1 the colours seem as the design is so different so I'd rather buy the one I like the look of most and thats the Hasbro item this time
I like this one better. The colours make it pop out more.

Hasbro's Springer and Takara's Sandstorm is the winning team for me.
I still prefer Hasbro deco than TakTomy.
C.W. McConvoy
Well drat. That is actually a lot better. Have to double dip now. :/
The 12th Prime
I dig it, I appreciate the more uniform colour scheme in the vehicle modes and silver touches just really do it for me, makes it look less like a toy. I love me a cheddar cheese dune buggy and helicopter
Like this better, but still can't get past the VTOL and how it looks in bot and car mode. Keep trying to figure out if there's a paint-free way to add Springer's blades and wheels to him, but I don't think it's possible.
Personally, I like Takara version more, the Hasbro color schema looks more like a Toy (what's wrong with me! why expect a toy doesn't look like a toy!)

However, I will wait for the in-hand pictures as most of time they are completely different story.
I like the silver bumper stuff. But way too orange. Needs some black or yellow to break it up.
I will have to say here lately Takara Tomy Transformers repaints are sucking!...badly!!! I remember when they did an awesome job with Tranformers Universe 2.0 and so on, but man Sandstorm, Blitzwing and Springer looks aweful!!

And this is not Sandstorm, this is Chester Cheeta from Cheetos!! It ain't easy bein cheesy!!!
Autobot Burnout
Not digging the surplus orange in place of some yellow and black. While the vehicle modes do look slightly better with a solid orange stripe down the middle, the VTOL just looks odd with the yellow fan rims next to nothing but orange, and dune buggy mode just looks extremely bland with almost nothing to break up the orange except some small yellow and black patches. The robot mode also looks worse, with the orange forearms not meshing with the yellow shoulders and the orange feet drawing attention away from the upper part of the robot. The gun also manages to look stupider as just one giant block of orange plastic, at least the Hasbro version has two colors on the gun. Really, the only improvement I can see here is the Autobrand being centered so it isn't just partially covered by the cockpit windshield in VTOL mode, and even then I like the Hasbro's Autobrand being off-center since it's not the usual placement.

Like always, I'll stick with Hasbro on this one.
Cheem The Rup
from Yuuki's twitter.... Twitpic / TFYUKI

I like the Hasbro one better.
Cheem The Rup
other pics from amiami

Edit: thanks to Powered Convoy
Originally Posted by PoweredConvoy View Post
These last 3 are the promotional images that were released earlier, just bigger and clearer.


These last 3 are the promotional images that were released earlier, just bigger and clearer.

It's a shame his yellow didn't end up more orange like the original photos.

Cheem The Rup
Originally Posted by PoweredConvoy View Post
These last 3 are the promotional images that were released earlier, just bigger and clearer.

Thanks, just edited the post
Cheem The Rup

R Muzzy
There's a lot I like about this color scheme and a lot I like about Hasbro's. Overall, I find Hasbro's stronger, but I think Takara could have made a few more changes to the deco that would have made me instantly prefer it.

Had they kept the pelvis black, colored in the rear wheels/VTOL rotors orange, and made the yellow portion of the lower leg black, I think this would have been an instant win in the color department.
Cheem The Rup
Alfes2010 previews his great gallery on twitter as usual...

For this piece,i will most likely to pick it up

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