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Japanese Transformers

Our catch all sub-category for Transformers from Japan. Follow the Masterpiece lines, Japanese exclusive store editions, and Label series like Device, Disney, Sports. Japanese hobby magazine scans and Takara Tomy website updates are also available.

D-Style Convoy New Images

Posted on 10-24-2014 at 08:34 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
14 Amiami have updated with some new images of the D-Style Convoy figure. This figure is a licensed, non-transforming version of Convoy / Optimus Prime in a super-deformed "big head" style. He's got accessories including rifle, axe, Matrix, alternate hands and a little cutesified version of the truck mode. Check out these new images for a fresh look at this Convoy.
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Takara-Tomy Carnivac Micron Campaign

Posted on 10-24-2014 at 08:10 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
carniback Takara-Tomy have updated their website with details of a new Micron prize campaign. For November, they will be offering an Arms Micron Carnivac (named for the Generation 1 Pretender brought to life by Simon Furman in the classic Cry Wolf and Prey stories). This Micron seems to be inspired by the wolves on Lockdown's ship, called Steeljaw in the US line.

Carnivac is a redeco of Classics Mini-Con Overbite, and will be available in November exclusively through Toys R Us Japan with a purchase of 3,000 yen or more of Transformers products. He's limited to 10,000 pieces total according to Takara-Tomy's website.
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Takara-Tomy Legends Convoy (Optimus Primal) In-Hand Images

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 06:15 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
hnCTn4q Via the twitter account of Yuki Ohshima we have some in-hand images of the Transformers Legends LG-02 Convoy aka Optimus Primal. This new release of the original 1996 Ultra Class toy from Beast Wars features the tweaked tooling originally used when the mold was rereleased in 2006 for the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary. For those unfamiliar, Yuki Ohshima was the artist who the Kiss Players manga, and designed the female characters for that series. Looks like he is on art for this new line - which could be interesting once the female Autobots come around... !

Takara-Tomy's own PR twitter has also released an in-box image of both Convoy and Rattle (Rattrap) along with the original teaser image of the femmebots Arcee, Windblade and Chromia, now un-silhouetted!
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New Upcoming Takara Figure Images - Armor Knight Optimus Prime, Legends Fembots, And More

Posted on 10-21-2014 at 11:16 PM by Mechafire under Japanese Transformers
fo20113 Via TAG Hobby, we have new images from the latest Figure King magazine, showing off a few upcoming Takara Transformers. Among them are some new looks at the the Armor Knight Optimus Prime, Legends Arcee, Chromia and Windblade, Black Knight Dinobots Scorn, Strafe, and Slug, and also in-package shots of Masterpiece Bumblebee and a few other upcoming Takara Legends releases.

As can be seen here, all of these figures are done up to be more accurate to their past fictional depictions - Optimus has extensive remolding to resemble how he looked in AOE more, Arcee and Chromia have been colored to better match their G1 cartoon appearances, and Windblade has paint apps specifically matching the way she's been drawn by Sarah Stone in the IDW comics.

A few interesting tidbits can also be gleaned from what we see of Armor Knight Optimus here - it seems his face does not change by way of a simple removable faceplate as many had speculated, but by having two alternate faces built into his head. He also appears to have new boxart and comes already-posed in his famous AOE stance in the box.

Check 'em out and discuss after the break!
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Q Transformers New Figures Revealed

Posted on 10-21-2014 at 07:57 PM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
r4fYLaC Our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store have listed a whole bunch of preorders for the Q Transformers series. These preorders cover the next couple assortments of these Transformers who convert into Choro Q styled vehicles.

In sequence, we have:

Q Transformers Movie Series 1 - assortment contains Age of Extinction Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Crosshairs and Lockdown

Q Transformers Generation 1 Series 1 - featuring Generation 1 inspired versions of Prowl, Sideswipe, Bumblebee and Hot Rod / Rodimus

Q Transformers Series 2 - features Wheeljack, Jazz, Red Alert, Sunstreaker, Smokescreen and what looks like Alternity Convoy

Q Transformers Series 3 which includes Age of Extinction Nemesis Prime, Generation 1 Tracks, what we'd imagine must be Bluestreak by process of elimination, and a fourth figure who is probably either Skids or Hound (head looks like Hound, vehicle looks more like Skids).

There's pictures of all of these which we've attached to this story - some are still early days prototypes though. Check them all out after the break.
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Takara-Tomy Yuya Onishi Staff Interview Translations

Posted on 10-18-2014 at 07:03 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
27474185d1413628846-takaratomy-staff-interview-yuya-onishi-aoe-generations-onishisan TFW2005 staff member SydneyY has shared with us some translations of an interview with Takara-Tomy's Yuya Onishi. Mr Onishi has worked on a wide spectrum of Transformers releases over the last few years, including the Age of Extinction Deluxe new Bumblebee, Deluxe Drift and Generations Starscream and Brainstorm, all of whom are discussed here.

It's a particularly insightful collection of interviews, giving us a view into the creative process of these cool Transformers toys - check it out after the break. Thanks also goes to TFW staff members Shin Densetsu, Mechafire and EnergonWaffles for their support and assistance during the translations.
Views: 3,561 / Credit: SydneyY, Shin Densetsu, Mechafire and EnergonWaffles of the 2005 Boards!

Ultimetal Optimus Prime In-Hand

Posted on 10-11-2014 at 01:28 PM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
BzrO9ocCYAEnYeF Alfes2010 has updated his Twitter feed with in-hand images of the Ultimetal Optimus Prime. This monolithic version of the Autobot leader features a Peter Cullen voicebox, snap on armor, and looks incredible even though it does not transform. It carries a huge pricetag though - and yes, it comes in three boxes! Check out a selection of Alfes' images after the break, and check out the rest in his Twitter feed.
Views: 7,498 / Credit: Alfes2010, Daimchoc of the 2005 Boards!

Official Stock Images of Takara's Legends Arcee, Chromia and Windblade

Posted on 10-07-2014 at 11:38 AM by StayingInTheBox under Japanese Transformers
27471978d1412698387-official-stock-images-takaras-legends-arcee-chromia-windblade-4904810812951 just uploaded new images of the Takara Legends Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade. The Takara decos reveal sharp paint schemes that are both more cartoon accurate for Arcee and Chromia, while Windblade looks like she's jumped out of the comic book pages.

We'll let the new images do the talking so make the jump and discuss away!
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Ultimetal Optimus Prime: New Videos Revealing Voice box and Metal Armor

Posted on 10-05-2014 at 10:00 AM by StayingInTheBox under Japanese Transformers
Two short but very cool videos have surfaced via YouTube showing off the magnetic snap on armor and voice box of the highly detailed Ultimetal Optimus Prime. No words will do justice for the sound the metal parts make when snapping onto the Prime body, or the Peter Cullen voice box with several Generation 1 phrases, so check out the videos for yourself and discuss away in the TFW forums!

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Playstation Optimus Prime Official Images

Posted on 10-03-2014 at 07:15 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
IMG_6931640924918 Via our sponsors Hobby Link Japan we have official images of the Takara-Tomy Arts (or T-Arts) Playstation Optimus Prime! The leader of the Autobots transforms into a replica of Sony's famous console complete with joypad and memory card!

Check out the new images attached to this post.
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Kabaya Transformers Go Samurai Team New Images

Posted on 10-03-2014 at 07:03 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
IMG_6860781289594 Autobase Aichi has shared some official images of the Kabaya kit versions of the Transformers Go Samurai team on Facebook. The kits give us mini versions of Kenzan, Jinbu, and Ganoh along with all three of their combined forms Gokenzan, Gojinbu and Goganoh.
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New Images of Million Publishing Exclusives GoShooter and Shouki

Posted on 10-02-2014 at 02:58 PM by StayingInTheBox under Japanese Transformers
7PdAD22 Million Hero updated their webpage with new images of the exclusives GoShooter and Shouki. These figures are available as a mail in exclusive with the purchase of Transformers Generations 2014 Volumes 1 and 2. Check out the in-hand images after the jump to get a good look at the strikingly good decos and outrageous poses you can get these figures in to!
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BigBadToyStore Update - Takara Legends Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade Images & Preorders!

Posted on 10-02-2014 at 08:44 AM by Mechafire under Japanese Transformers
TAK11973 That was fast! Hot off the heels of this morning's Transformers Legends teasers, TFW2005 site sponsor BigBadToyStore has updated with images and preorders for the highly-anticipated Transformers Legends fembot trio - Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade!

All of these have been done up in different paint jobs - Windblade is much more accurate to her comic depiction, and both Arcee and Chromia both have more cartoon-accurate colors.

If you're interested, you can get your preorders in here:

LG10 - Arcee
LG11 - Chromia
LG12 - Windblade

Will you be springing for the Takara releases of these three ladies? Check them out and discuss after the jump!
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New Takara Legends Teasers - Rattrap, Optimus Primal, Roadbuster, Sky-Byte, Jetfire, and Arcee!

Posted on 10-02-2014 at 07:23 AM by Mechafire under Japanese Transformers
By7s1RPCUAEyFGWjpg_large Hisashi Yuki is having some more fun on his Twitter, teasing some upcoming Transformers Legends (Takara's new version of the Generations line) releases - specifically, Rattrap, Optimus Primal, Roadbuster, Sky-Byte, Jetfire, and perhaps most excitingly, Rattrap with his great aunt Arcee!

All of these showcase the figures in entertaining situations (mostly having to do with Rattrap, naturally) - but the most interesting thing here is the small teaser for Arcee. From what we can see, it appears she features a somewhat darker shade of pink, and her Autobot symbol is also in a slightly different location than her Hasbro counterpart.

All of these releases feature changes from their Hasbro counterparts, ranging from minor to major. So, which versions will you be getting - will you be sticking with the Hasbro releases or going all out for the Takara ones?

Check it out and discuss after the jump!
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Official Stock Images of Takara's Brainstorm, Swerve, and Tailgate

Posted on 10-01-2014 at 10:16 AM by StayingInTheBox under Japanese Transformers
4904810812937 We've been seeing a couple of teasers and magazine scans of these figures in the past couple of weeks, but now we finally have official stock images of Takara's Legends Brainstorm, Swerve, and Tailgate (Legends is Generations in Japan). We've speculated about the deco changes from Hasbro's North American releases, so this should give us a solid indicator of final decos for Takara's release.

We'll let the pictures do the talking so make the jump and check 'em out!
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