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Japanese Transformers

Our catch all sub-category for Transformers from Japan. Follow the Masterpiece lines, Japanese exclusive store editions, and Label series like Device, Disney, Sports. Japanese hobby magazine scans and Takara Tomy website updates are also available.

Transformers Cloud Hellwarp In-Hand

Posted on 01-27-2015 at 02:30 PM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
812538743_o Ebay seller lena81822 has posted an auction for an in-hand Transformers Cloud Hellwarp. Hellwarp is a redeco of Generations Sky Byte, done in Skywarp colors as a representation of a Angolmois-mutatation of the Seeker in the style of Beast Wars Second Hellscream. Check out the new in-hand images after the break.
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Q Transformers Episode 4 Released

Posted on 01-27-2015 at 10:49 AM by Matty under Japanese Transformers
Thanks once again to TFW2005 boards member Type-R for linking us to episode 4 of the Q Transformers: Mystery of Stage Boss. Keep a lookout for an English summary, for now enjoy the video!

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Q Transformers G1 Optimus Prime, Megatron, Drift and Skids Revealed

Posted on 01-24-2015 at 05:46 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
Zu0Bxdj Our friends and sponsors Big Bad Toy Store have listed preorders for four more releases in the Japanese Q Transformers line. The quartet includes a Generation 1 themed Optimus Prime and a Megatron (who is a car). Drift and Skids are also included in the lineup.
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New Official Images of Unite Warriors-01 Superion

Posted on 01-23-2015 at 10:45 AM by Mechafire under Japanese Transformers
1_000000002810 eHobby has just put up some new official images of Takara's Unite Warriors-01 Superion, giving us a clearer look at the set and how it differs from its US counterpart. Perhaps most notably, this confirms that Slingshot does indeed feature a brand new head sculpt.

Check the pics out after the break!
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New Images Of Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee And Takara Legends Megatron

Posted on 01-21-2015 at 11:53 PM by Shin Densetsu under Japanese Transformers
CXXiYxX From the recent issues of hobby magazines hitting stands now in Japan comes a scan featuring new images of the following:Of note are the new images of Bumblebee's jetpack and an all new image of Legends Megatron!
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Takara Transformers Unite Warriors UW-01 Superion Revealed - Slingshot Confirmed!

Posted on 01-21-2015 at 10:28 PM by Mechafire under Japanese Transformers
1622820_824746677591274_71423862897444384_n Via the Planet Iacon Facebook page, we now have our first full look at Takara's version of Superion, the first offering in their new Unite Warriors line (Takara's version of Hasbro's Combiner Wars). It seems this will be sold as a gift set, being labelled as "UW-01".

As many had been speculating, he does indeed include the missing member of the Aerialbots, Slingshot, rather than his replacement Alpha Bravo. Slingshot, as many had also been speculating, is a redeco of Firefly with what looks to be a new head. The other individual Aerialbots feature many deco differences from their US counterparts for increased G1-accuracy, also with Superion possessing white hands and feet rather than the black ones of the US release.

Also featured is our first look at Takara's version of Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Bumblebee, who also looks to feature a handful of deco differences from the Hasbro version.

Check it out after the jump!
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D-Style Convoy - New In-hand Images

Posted on 01-21-2015 at 12:01 PM by Matty under Japanese Transformers
B73GWKRIYAEBbT5 Thanks to TFW2005 boards member Gaokaiser and the Twitter account of @ YS_HONTEN, we've got some new images of the D-Style Convoy figure. We've seen a few different shots of this figure in the past few months, but we have some good new ones here showing off the accessories, articulation, and other features packed into it. Check out some of the highlights after the jump.
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Q Transformers Episode 3 Released

Posted on 01-20-2015 at 12:03 PM by Matty under Japanese Transformers
The third episode of Q Transformers has been released! Like the last two episodes, this one is in Japanese, so until we are treated to an english summary it may be slightly harder to follow. We have a loose translation from the YouTube description to go off of for now:

"Mystery of the convoy that came back queue Transformers"
Optimus Prime to discuss it gathered in the phrase service area, Bumblebee, lock down.
As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Transformers memorable, "Kitai of unreasonable gate" and renowned NES game "Convoy of mystery" is start talking about things that have been remade. Optimus Prime: Yoshimasa Hosoya Bumblebee: Kimura Ryohei lockdown: Suzuki

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Upcoming Takara Tomy Releases

Posted on 01-16-2015 at 01:38 PM by ORIO under Japanese Transformers
taktomlogo Hobby Collection has updated with an upcoming list of Takara Tomy Transformer releases. Of those listed, interesting listings include a Nemesis Prime, an Ultra Magnus and a Lockdown figure. Robots In Disguise figures are also listed with Grimlock, Steeljaw, bumblebee. Drift is also mentioned, but listed with the Legends figures. Lastly, some new Choro-q figures are listed.

Check out the release dates, pricing and full list below!

4/25 Transformers TAV13 Nemesis Prime 2,500yen
4/25 Transformers TAV14 Ultra Magnus 4,300yen
5/30 Transformers TAV15 Lockdown 3,500yen
5/30 Transformers TAV16 Bombshell 1,300yen
5/30 Transformers TAV17 Shrapnel 1,300yen
6/27 Transformers TAV18 Drift 2,500yen
6/27 Transformers TAV19 Powerglide 1,300yen
6/27 Transformers TAV20 Adams (Cosmos) 1,300yen
6/27 (provisional) Transformers TAVVS03 VS set 4,500yen

4/25 Transformers TED06 Big Optimus Prime 3,600yen
5/30 Transformers TED07 Bumblebee 1,500yen
6/27 Transformers TED08 Steeljaw 1,500yen
6/27 Transformers TED09 Grimlock 1,500yen

4/25 Transformers Choro Q QT19 Convoy 999yen
4/25 Transformers Choro Q QT20 Megatron (Lamborghini Convention Neno) 999yen
6/27 Transformers Choro Q QT21 Skids (Suzuki Hustler) 999yen
6/27 Transformers Choro Q QT22 Drift (Mazda RX-7 FD3S) 999yen
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HLJ Update - new Legends Megatron images and MP-10 Convoy Rerelease Preorder

Posted on 01-15-2015 at 01:18 PM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
27491053d1421325565-legends-lg-13-megatron-official-images-71lrlxqw9xl_sl1100_ Our sponsors HLJ have sent us some new images of the Takara-Tomy Legends LG-13 Megatron, along with some details concerning the preorders. You can check out the images attached to this post - you might want to use caution as it has been noted these images carry a disclaimer to the effect of "product not final".

The update to the preorder details, is that preorders for Legends Megatron will have a cut-off date and that date is 25 January 2015 - so you have ten days to get those preorders in!

HLJ's preorder for Legends Megatron can be found here:

Hobby Link Japan Transformers Legends LG-13 Megatron preorder

Additionally HLJ also wanted to let us know that preorders for a rerelease of the super-popular MP-10 Masterpiece Convoy are now available. This toy needs no introduction - it is the definitive high-end reimagining of the Optimus Prime who graced our TV screens in the 1980s, a release that perfectly encapsulates the character and is the definition of what it means to be a Masterpiece Transformer.

Hobby Link Japan Masterpiece MP-10 Convoy / Optimus Prime preorder

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Q Transformers Episode 2 Released

Posted on 01-13-2015 at 05:35 PM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
The second episode of the Q Transformers web animation has now been released. The five minute episode seems largely to be concerned with the "Mystery of Convoy" game, or rather, its new mobile game update that is being released to coincide with the new Q Transformers line.

Be advised, the video is in Japanese so until someone is kind enough to share a summary we have no idea what Lockdown is talking about...

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Transformers Images from Super Festival 67

Posted on 01-13-2015 at 08:33 AM by Matty under Japanese Transformers
Super-Festival-67-14 Thanks to the Facebook page of Autobase Aichi, we have some new images from the Japanese hobby show Super Festival 67 that took place last week.

Of interest first are images of the upcoming Transformers Generations Vol.2 2014 fan voted figure Goshooter and the Million Publishing Shouki (Trainbot), EX Gohkin's Unicron head model display, and we also have an image of the Super Deformed Optimus Prime and Rodimus figures (which we saw earlier this year as well). And, if you've ever wanted to be Pretender Starscream, a cardboard cutout was on display to have pictures taken in.

Finally there were also some very cool original artwork and scripts from the Transformers: The Headmasters manga to see on display. Some close up shots are included in the attached images.

Check out all the images after the jump.
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Takara Combiner Wars Superion Teaser - Unite 2015

Posted on 01-09-2015 at 08:47 AM by Matty under Japanese Transformers
B65g196CQAIem-R Hisashi Yuki's twitter page continues to be a terrific and fun source of Transformers news and information from the Takara side of our hobby. In addition to an in-package image of the Legends line Brainstorm, we've been shown a teaser image of Takara's Combiner Wars Superion! Titled as Unite 2015, the blacked out silhouette has already triggered many fans to speculate that the gestalt is comprised of 4 jet limbs, replacing the Alpha Bravo helicopter Hasbro has given us. It's truly hard to see or confirm definitively based on the silhouette, so you'll need to judge for yourself if Takara is in fact replacing the jet limb with a Slingshot figure. Hopefully we know for sure soon enough!

Make the jump and share your thoughts about the Combiner Wars teaser!
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Transformers Legends Tailgate and Swerve New Images

Posted on 01-08-2015 at 08:26 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
B60JZWhCQAAj7OH Via Hisashi Yuki on Twitter, we have some new images of Takara-Tomy's Transformers Legends versions of the Generations Swerve and Tailgate figures. These new images show the pair in their box, along with some nice comparison images with the generation 1 toys, demonstrating the pains Takara-Tomy has gone to in order to color-match these with the originals. Check out the new images attached to this post.
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Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee & Takara Legends Megatron

Posted on 01-08-2015 at 07:14 AM by Shin Densetsu under Japanese Transformers
G2-MP-Bee Just in are new images of TakaraTomy's upcoming Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee and the leader class Legends Megatron. The battle mask previously exclusive to Amazon will come with this new version of Bumblebee. In addition the figure is painted in gold as an homage to the original G2 figure. Swappable faces are still included. A jetpack is included in lieu of Exosuit Daniel.

Legends Megatron doesn't seem to be that much different(deco-wise) compared to Hasbro's Generations Leader Megatron.

Images are from the Planet Iacon Facebook page. Read on to see both images.

Sponsor Pre-Orders:

Legends Megatron
Robot Kingdom

G2 Bumblebee
Robot Kingdom
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