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TFW Generations Fall of Cybertron Voyager Soundblaster Gallery

Posted on 11-14-2012 at 03:28 PM by Sol Fury under Generations / Classics
We've got a treat for you today - a gallery showing off the Fall of Cybertron Voyager Class Soundblaster. He's in the same case assortment as Fall of Cybertron Voyager Soundwave, and both were recently released in Australia. 2005 Boards member SydneyY picked up a Soundblaster and has shared a nice extensive gallery with us showing off this new toy.

The figure sculpt - whether you opt for the "New Soundwave" black of Soundblaster or the classic blue version - has great articulation. There's a great range of movement in the knees and elbows, rotatable wrists, arm and leg swivels on top of all the usual articulation. The head sculpt is also excellent. The figure's main gimmick is the ability to store the data disk minions in the chest, then deploy them so they auto-transform on launching from the chest. The auto-transform on Buzzsaw is quite simple, but fun.

As for which one to pick up? SydneyY tells us that Soundwave has a really nice shade of blue, but he personally went for Soundblaster because like a good number of us he already has the War for Cybertron Soundwave mold (his is the cool United version with a shiny finish) and did not want to replace him in his collection.

Check out the full gallery by opening the link below for an advance look at this toy to decide if he's going to be a must-buy when he makes it to US retail!

Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Soundblaster with Buzzsaw Gallery
Views: 3,975 / Credit: SydneyY of the 2005 Boards!
Kung Fu Man
I think I'll pick this up. It's big enough to stand out and not clash horribly when MP Soundwave finally arrives to boot.
soundblaster looks sweet! can't wait to find him at retail.
Looking forward to any YouTube footage of the auto-transforming of the discs.
Still bitter he doesn't come with the Ion Blaster. Or some kind of a handheld gun, at least.

It'd just be nice to have an Ion Blaster that actually, you know, can be held not stupidly. And it's in the stock photos, the box art... quite ridiculous.
looks very cool but I won't be buying him.

....Blaster on the other hand!!!
still cant believe they didnt include the gun.
As a stand-alone toy Soundblaster/wave and his minions are awesome, but their fellow WfC/FoC Decepticons got something resembling scale which leaves no room for them.
I have both and they are brilliant. They pose well and look awesome.
The clear Headmasters homage they went with with this guy makes me want him.

A Galvatron at this size would be ideal for me.
It being the same size as G1 Soundwave is a nice nod... but it displays terribly with everything else... Classics, FOC, WFC. Scale is really off on the line, and I usually will roll with a little bit of scale problems. So yeah...Really sad for that. Maybe he'll get his own lonely shelf away from FOC.

I know I'll be buying him for his gimmick and minions, but I'd have LOVED some decent actual-leader characters for this larger size... talking about FOC Megatron, FOC Optimus, FOC Shockwave, Galvatron, FOC Magnus, FOC Rodimus...

I only hope those are on the way for upcoming waves... along with Grimlock. Glad he's this size. Seems quite appropriate for him.

I can't see Hasbro passing the opportunity to squeeze out another larger Prime, right? That would be a must buy, and the little one is tiny next to Jazz and the others. I'm pretty sure either WFC Cliff and Bee could take him in a fair fight.
*buys extra and swaps head with G1 sound wave*
Originally Posted by Noideaforaname View Post
As a stand-alone toy Soundblaster/wave and his minions are awesome, but their fellow WfC/FoC Decepticons got something resembling scale which leaves no room for them.
Eh, he's going on my Classics Shelf with a Voyager Prime and Megs, along with other Voyager characters so I'm not that bothered... plenty of other people have been using WfC Soundwave on their Classics Shelf, anyway.
It's so weird to see that G1 Optimus gun made it into the final box images.
So at no point in the process did someone say "Hey, how did that 30-year-old accessory end up in our product sample's hand?", despite the fact that the fans have been buzzing about it since the convention reveals.

Nice on Hasbro.

Well that's sold Soundblaster for me... Might only be able to afford one of these guys, so this is what I'll get! Colour scheme works great with the figure, plus I never owned a Buzzsaw in any form!
Too bad they deviated so far from the game with Laserbeak

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