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Generations Sandstorm Revealed

Posted on 05-12-2013 at 01:31 AM by ORIO under Generations / Classics
Earlier this evening, the Transformers Facebook page updated with new official photos of the new upcoming Transformers Generations Sandstorm figure. This figure is a heavily retooled version of the Springer mold. A new head, grill and weapon are shown as well as two new larger rear tires for dune buddy mode that will double as VTOL engines in helicopter mode (originally shown at Toyfair on Metroplex's package).

2005 Board member Wheelwave140 was kind enough to grab these pictures before the Transformers Facebook page removed them. Unfortunately, it appears they grabbed them before a pic of the helicopter mode could be shown. For now, click the title bar and enjoy the robot and dune buggy mode!
Views: 17,167 / Credit: WheelWave140 of the 2005 Boards!

Images for Generations Sandstorm Revealed

I love how extensively they retooled this. Almost looks like a different toy in alt mode. Cool.

No helicopter mode pics?
That's crazy looking. Not entirely sure how I feel, but I think I might like it.
It's like a whole new toy!
Totally sweet, I kinda' wish he had a faceplate like his G1 toy though. I dig the faceplated look on him.
I'd have preferred the IDW LSotW head but the head used ain't too bad. I love the amount of remolding and retooling that went into this figure!
Cartoon head. Thank you Hasbro!
Jesus, it's almost completely new. So bought. Great job Hasbro.
Fuck. Yes.
wasn't there a rumor that he was a direct repaint?
Whaaaaat. Crazy!
Wow, that's awfully impressive.

Originally Posted by JCthegreat View Post
wasn't there a rumor that he was a direct repaint?
I think so? If there was, it certainly appears to be dispelled now.
Originally Posted by JCthegreat View Post
wasn't there a rumor that he was a direct repaint?
An awfully wrong rumor probably based on that fake that was temporarily on the front page about a week ago.
Sandstrom finally getting a worthwhile upate figure of his loving this thing! Looks like a beautiful retool of a supposedly amazing Voyager.

This is beautiful! A definite buy. Love those huge tires. Can't wait to see VTOL mode.
Man, I am REALLY impressed with the effort Hasbro put forth to make this Sandstorm. So bought!
Beautiful, Hasbro out did themselves on this one, so bought
Color me impressed (with some orange)
Originally Posted by WheelWave140 View Post
Okay... So, dunno if this is fair game since it was up at the Transformers facebook page but then they took it down, I managed to snag the pics, so here they are.
I hope they dont have the rear wheels that big on the production model.

Shiiiiiit! I really...REALLY like that!
Amazing that this mold manages to fit the IDW Springer AND the G1 Sandstorm - totally different mediums and aesthetics, but this mold/re-tool manages to capture elements of both pretty well.

I mean, it IS the character model if IDW Springer straight off the comic panels, yet it has G1 Sandstorm's cockpit and backpack (helicopter tail and wheels).

Well done.


But I think the legs need WAY more black.
Ooh! Very nice! I don't have a Springer yet, and I usually don't buy remolds unless they're SUPER different, but this definitely fits the bill.

Plus, it's the Springer mold. That's a good thing, right?
Originally Posted by WheelWave140 View Post
, I managed to snag the pics, so here they are.
Nice snag job buddy! Sandstorm is looking fine!
Originally Posted by nemesisconvoy View Post
I hope they dont have the rear wheels that big on the production model.
They become VTOL engines, that's why they're so big.
Oh HELL YES!!! THAT'S why I'm glad I pre-ordered this bad boy
Can't wait to see how Takara colors this thing. Also, can't wait till Botcon uses these new molds.
Wow, didn't think it would be that much of a remold. I'll have to do a video on it
Slipstreamer 8

My emotions summed up in one awesome emoticon!!!
Not sure how I feel about it yet, but bravo to Hasbro on building upon the figure rather than just repaint.
Cancelled my preorder for Springer, but this I might get.
Yes. Bought.

However unless they do something with the feet/heels he's going to spend a lot of time falling backwards with ithat kind of kibble weight behind him. The dinky little heels barely do the job on Springer as is.

But kudos Hasbro, you went the extra mile like we all wanted and gave us a totally different beast. I am going to get a face plate head when the inevitable 3P add-ons turn up.
Oh man, Hasbro is learning. A few parts, a new head, and a paint job and they take a mold to the limit creating a great new figure. Spectacular. Though I kind of wish the bars on the front were painted black.

Now, I really want them to do something similar with Blitzwing. A new head, (loose the gimmick) change to a twin cannon tank, (If the arms transformed and stored backward instead of forward that would allow the two barrel piece to sit in front. Then in Jet mode if they made the barrels telescope they could form jet boosters) change to a forward wing jet, maybe with Thrust style VTOL bits and we get a new Overcharge. Overcharge could be such a great figure.
Freakin' great. In robot mode you can barely tell he shares a mold (or at least a design) with Springer. That car mode is excellent, and feels very different as well; where Springer feels like an armored Tumbler-esque street vehicle, the remolds on Sandstorm really capture that sand-dune-climbing rally-buggy look (but in a design that looks beefier and more post-apocalyptic than the G1 version).

I also like that the head, while mostly cartoon-based, also homages the toy design with those diagonal vents on the cheeks (they've just been moved there from the faceplate). Clever solution; it reminds me of the way Universe Inferno has little wings sculpted on to his head.
Necro Prime
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! That is the most epic retool evar! I am in complete love!
I don't want retools for something as complex as triple-changers. Especially toys I loved as G1 and want GOOD updates for.

I love triple-changers, and want many unique molds. This is a horrible decision imho.
Necro Prime
Seriously Hasbro. this is how you stretch you design dollar.
RedAlert Rescue
It's not beautiful but it is clever.
T Diesel
aww no banana head
Fort Max
Very impressive design work here, it's hard enough to design one triple changer much less two from the same frame. Another win for the rebooted genny line.
R Muzzy
I am literally in love with this. Sandstorm is a character I have no previous real knowledge or love for, but this mold has to be one of my favorite designs in all of the Generations lineup. I can't wait for this to get released.
Damnit... I guess I'm getting more triple changers.

He looks awesome.
That's a hell of a lot more remolding then I expected...And I originally didn't think he was going to be remolded.
Good to know that Sandstorm will look significantly different from Springer. Can't wait to get him!
Heres a picture thanks to Autobot78
Holy shitballs, they really went to town remolding this guy. I've always had a fondness for Sandstorm for some reason, despite not growing up with G1 and him having the least personality of the Autobot Triple Changers. Maybe I just like orange, maybe it was the fact his G1 toy looked more impressive than Springer's, who knows. I'm just glad Hasbro put effort into this instead of just giving Springer a new head and calling it a day. Now if only I could afford him (or any new toys for that matter)!
Starscream Gaga
He looks fantastic, even if he is a character I don't really care for.

Gives me hope for a really impressive Blitzwing retool. ...Hopefully as Overlord.
Agent Adam
Hot damn. I was already set to buy this even if it was just a repaint.. Springer is just that good. Still, pretty happy with how this turned out.
That rear wheels, release date anyone?
Originally Posted by Agent Adam View Post
Hot damn. I was already set to buy this even if it was just a repaint.. Springer is just that good. Still, pretty happy with how this turned out.
Yea, I hope a few things can be hidden a bit more in bot mode, but it is pretty damn impressive the amount of retooling that went into this guy.
Originally Posted by jayman118 View Post
That rear wheels, release date anyone?
July according to BBTS

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