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Transformers Generation 1 Valentines Cards

Posted on 01-01-2014 at 09:18 AM by Sol Fury under Generation 1
It seems like we've only just cleared away the Christmas wrapping paper and found spots on our shelves for the Transformers gifted to us by our loved ones. So it's perhaps not unsurprising that we've got a sighting of some Transformers Generation 1 themed Valentines cards. They come 34 to a box with Transformers temporary tattoos, and feature Generation 1 box artwork of Megatron, Soundwave, Optimus Prime (in original and Powermaster flavors) and some contemporary artwork of Generation 1 Bumblebee. The cards are accompanied by messages such as Bumblebee's "let's get to it, Valentine!" and Megatron's "Valentine, you are a leader!" (read that one back in Frank Welker's Megatron voice for added effect).

These were spotted at K-Mart. Many thanks to TFW2005 member Shark Jumper for the heads up.
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Images for Transformers Generation 1 Valentines Cards

Hot Shot.
Gah, I want those even though I have no use for them.
How....strange. They're not even romantic looking.
Hot Shot.
Originally Posted by MasterZero View Post
How....strange. They're not even romantic looking.
It's been my experience that these are meant to be passed around by school kids. Even so, Bumblebee says, "Let's get to it, Valentine!"

Shark Jumper
Gotta love the "84" to remind everyone this is the 30th anniversary.
Originally Posted by Hot Shot. View Post
It's been my experience that these are meant to be passed around by school kids. Even so, Bumblebee says, "Let's get to it, Valentine!"

Bumblebee, you whore.
Maximal Dinobot
They really couldn't put Starscream, Ironhide, or Jazz instead of extra Megatron and Soundwave headshots?

Not going lie though. I'd probably pick these up if I see them. Could always wait for clearance as well.
I like to buy cards like these and give them to every girl I know on Valentines day.
You could tell me these Valentines were leftover stock from nineteen-eighty-something, and I probably wouldn't question it. Gotta appreciate that retro commitment, especially for something intended for children to pass around to classmates' construction paper mailboxes.
I think Matt's were better
I picked up a set last week. Thought these have been reissue before.
I give each of you guys one cuz I wuv ooo sooo muches!
Shark Jumper
That be funny, mailing a bunch of these through the post office.
Neat, could be the start of a retro-valentine trend.
Autovolt 127
Anyone else wonder if these are reissues of old Transformers valentines cards that were made back in the 80's?
Anthony _aggro
Originally Posted by Autovolt 127 View Post
Anyone else wonder if these are reissues of old Transformers valentines cards that were made back in the 80's?
No, because the image they used for Bumblebee was made only a few years ago in the 2000's.
This is something I'll buy.
I'll be buying these! Love that PM Prime is on the front of the box!
Awww no Rodimus card saying "Can I be your HOT ROD"

Dah well................

*still gets it*
Spider 001
Money grubbing bastards! They'll do anything for a buck.
I've collected previous TF Valentine cards, even used a few for my nephew, etc. ...TFP, Movie and now I'll get the G1 just as a novelty.. Looks like pretty nice images.
I loathe Valentines personally, but this tests my will.
Chaos Muffin
Valentine card messages are so corny, wish they'd step it up.

With "Let's have buttsecks" , or "Touch my Penis"
If I had this, I would keep one of each card for nolstagia.
We don't have K-Marts in Canada anymore...has anyone seen them in Canada?
I just found these at Fred Meyer here in Portland
Sweet G1 goodness!
Lenticular G1 Valentines spotted at Fry's Food Store

(Owned by Kroger so they should show up at Kroger, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Smiths Ect)

David Hingtgen
I found some at Target---theirs seem much the same as the others, though Skywarp, Cliffjumper, and Hound are included, which I haven't seen mentioned before. But theirs doesn't have PM Prime.

I would buy these.

And then just keep them for myself.

My lady gets snuggly romantic cards from me on Valentines.
If these had truly been made in '84 they wouldn't just be Optimus Prime, Bumblebee Megatron and Soundwave. Back then they used to mix other characters than the top 5 or 6 into merchandising.
I found these today at Savemart, a locate supermarket chain. The cards seem to be the same as those previously posted but the box art is different.

I love that the copyright in the lower left hand corner of the back is listed as 20013, a very futuristic date.

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