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On this day in 1984 - Celebrating 28 years of Transformers Generation 1 the Cartoon

Posted on 09-17-2012 at 04:39 PM by Sol Fury under Generation 1
Many millions of years ago, on the planet Cybertron, life existed.
But not life as we know it today. Intelligent robots that could think and feel inhabited the cities. They were called Autobots and Decepticons. But the brutal Decepticons were driven by a single goal - total domination. They set out to destroy the peace-loving Autobots - and a war between good and evil raged across Cybertron; devastating all in its path, draining the planet's once rich sources of energy. The Autobots, on the verge of extinction, battled valiantly to survive...

With these words on this day in 1984, the first-ever episode of Transformers Generation 1 was broadcast. While Transformers itself had already launched with the first issue of the comic book from Marvel comics on May 8 1984, for many of us it was the cartoon that truly cemented the Transformers into our imagination. In this first episode we were introduced to the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons and their war that had led them to leave their homeworld of Cybertron and crashland on Earth. It was the beginning of a legend that would span 98 episodes and a theatrical released movie, not to mention countless series that spun off from the mythology on both sides of the Pacific. This original three-part story arc even now stands the test of time and stands strong and proud as the beginning of all Transformers cartoons.

If you were a fan from the beginning who remembers watching More than Meets the Eye Part 1 on the original broadcast or one of the members of our fandom who perhaps joined later, I hope that today you will join me in raising a glass and celebrating the 28th birthday of the first airing of the cartoon that started it all.

Happy 28th birthday, More than Meets the Eye! Happy 28th birthday, Transformers cartoons!

Pictured at left, Wheeljack, the first Transformer to appear on screen in More than Meets the Eye Part 1.
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Being in the UK, most of my memories are of waiting until July 1985 for Season One, getting it in 4 minute portions (Timmy Mallett was my childhood animated crack dealer, damn that man), and never seeing anything after that series until we got Sky in the early 90s.
This, among many things, helped 1984 to be one of if not THE best years of my adolescence.
Happy Birthday Cartoon Wheeljack!
fans unite
i remember thinking "Wait. a robot AND a car? my G.I. Joes are so getting killed". absolutely the great concept ever. two toys in one. and a cartoon series. what more can you ask for?

Even if I wasn't around for the original 1984 release, I feel like I lived it through those awful G2 re-runs and my recorded VHS tape Happy birthday to one of the biggest passions of my life!
Happy birthday to those sentient robots who bring very much joy to my life!

FatalT 71
Fond memories. I remember thinking "What is this? Oh cool...."
Happy Anniversary Transformers! G1 started it all! So many fond memories.
Originally Posted by Johnator View Post
Happy Anniversary Transformers! G1 started it all! So many fond memories.
This. Also is this making any one else feel old?
Good old G1. Best wishes to my favourite character in the series, Wheeljack!
Dinobot Swoop
When I first saw this cartoon, I was absolutely mesmerized by the characters and fact that they converted from robots to cars and things. And I didn't understand a single word of it. I learned to understand and speak English because of this cartoon, and will be eternally grateful to its creative team for it.
I remember being enthralled by the Ark and the Nemesis launching and chasing each other in space. Such giant machines, themselves filled with other giant machines, made me feel as if I was a part of something truly grand. Thank you Transformers.
Líder Optimus
Yeah, it was great being a kid in the 80's. I remember my dad bought me this little purple and black car and when he said "Hey, this turns into a robot!" I thought "Hey, cool!". Like, one week later The Transformers began it's run every sunday morning, right after Thundercats. Boom! I was in love!

Btw, the purple and black car was "Gears". Over here in Brazil we got the minicars in various flavours!
daitarn red
i love tfs in cybertron vechs modes
i love female autobots too
happy birthday to the best animated series ever!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to the best and original Transformers series!
happy birthday g1
I remember seeing a cool red truck change into a robot...I was hooked!
Optimus Prime
I was born 4 years after the premier of the G1 cartoon, but when I was 4 or 5 years old, I remember seeing re-runs of the cartoon on whatever channel it was that had Ranger Danger in between commercials. The first episode I ever saw? "More than Meets the Eye Part 1." What are the odds?
20 years later and I still love it. Here's to G1!
I remember (and if anyone grew up in Phoenix) a show called Wallace and Ladmo. It was an hour long kids show, anyway, it showed the episodes in 3-5 minute segments... I'm sure I was late more than a few times. Totally worth it.
I was born seven years after the original The Transformers cartoon premiered, but I do understand the value that the show still holds for the franchise. Happy Anniversary to the beginning of Transformers cartoons! : D

(Although I need to resume watching the show on my Complete Series DVD set - I think I'm only about twenty-five episodes in.)
Cheers!!! (I raised a bottle, but the sentiments the same.)
And yet only three of them aired in the US have been any good.

Four if I feel like being generous.
Happy Birthday G1!! I Cldnt be anymore thankful to have you be a huge part of my childhood.
i'm getting old.... i was 7 when it all started. funny thing is, i was a far bigger GI Joe fan at the time. but it's been Transformers that have stood the test of time for me.
Happy birthday to TF! And my man Wheeljack, the very first Transformer to ever grace the small screen!
Happy birthday to the show that started it all!! To the show that indulged all of us with sheer delight and entced us all in to the collectors we are today!! I have been with transformers since day one!!! I Remember sitting in front of my tv with amazement and absolute woden when this show aired. My brother and I were blown away by the opening sequence and the story just sucked us in!!happy birthday Optimus, Megatron and every other transformer!! Thank you for 28 years of awesome stories, toys and fandom!!
Swoop Dogg
I was 8 years-old back then and I wanted a Soundwave toy as soon as my eyes first saw him. Awesome times! Happy Birthday G1!
Woohoo. Happy Birthday to my favorite toy line.
Happy Birthday, Transformers! To this day, you still bring the greatest of smiles and memories to the gravest of days to me.
I'll never forget seeing the promos for the first Transformers Cartoon. It aired on Sunday late morning in New York for me. I think around 10 or 11 am. My Mother had already purchased my first Transformer, Skywarp for me a couple of months prior, and I couldn't wait to watch the cartoon. I watched the first episode and was forever hooked. I've since bought all of the VHS tapes of the series, the first DVD release by RHINO and the latest by Shout. Every so often I'll watch all of the episodes, and they always bring me back to the time when that episode originally aired. And one day when they are on Blu Ray, I'll buy them again.
I guess we can say....

*Puts On Sunglasses*

Our lives have been Transformed

Happy birthday to Wheeljack!
Happy birthday to the cartoon that started it all
When I was 10 years old, I remember that I missed the very first episode because I forgot (d'oh!) that it was airing that week, but after a friend reminded me, I made sure I tuned in at 4 PM the next day after school. And what was the first thing I saw? Prime being heroic and saving pain in the ass humans he didn't even know while giving orders without sounding like a dick. Made a kid want to follow him anywhere. Magic. It didn't hurt that the voices didn't sound like any robot voices I'd ever heard - they sounded alive and their personalities shone through. Kudos to the voice actors for producing something that stood the test of time.

And....Happy Birthday! At 28, TF is still very much in its "Prime".
W00t. Go Transformers! Happy 28th Anniversary to one of the most iconic and influential toy-lines/ cartoons EVER to grace the world!
28 years ago?

I remember seeing commercials for the toys and the comic but I had no idea there was going to be a show.
Then one day (28 years ago tomorrow) my cousin and I came home from school and More than Meets the Eye part 2 was on.
We were glued to the TV for 30 minutes.
Hello All!

Sunday morning, 8AM, grandma's house, WDRB 41 (before it was a Fox network). Watched a half-hour of robots from Cybertron that would, unbeknownst to me, help shape my life over the last 28-odd years... and still does.

Happy Birthday, G1 cartoon Transformers!

World Prime
Happy Birthday Transformers!!!


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