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Official Color Images of MP-13 and MP-14

Posted on 08-23-2012 at 11:13 PM by Secretcode under Generation 1
Thanks to TFW2005 boards member Type-R, we now have in color official images of two upcoming Masterpiece toys: MP-13 Soundwave and MP-14 Red Alert, showing off their various weaponry (such as Red Alert's siren-mounted weapons and Soundwave's telescoping battery weapon) and other accessories.

These two Takara-Tomy Masterpiece releases, as well as MP-12 Sideswipe, will be released by the end of 2012.
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Images for Official Color Images of MP-13 and MP-14

Those two look so awesome next to Prime.

The head mold of Soundwave look similar to the Music Label Soundwave
Hn... I wish Soundwave had yellow optics.. Or at least an option like Grimlock.

Maybe the US version will..
ahmergird that's looking good

damn damn damn i may double dip on that SW when sound blaster comes out
Red Alert looks better than Sideswipe. I will be picking up the figure for sure. Soundwave looks pretty epic and so does Laserbeak, also picking up these two.
Red Alert's fake wheel at the shoulder sure look awkward
they both look hot in their full colors
Oh yea, glad I have them all on pre order. Other than the purple knees, Red Alert does look better than SS.

Takara, I tip my hat to you.
Malach Ra
damn. they look outstanding. don't know if it gets better than this.

the sky really is the limit with these.
Can foresee a Clampdown & Deepcover real soon.
Malach Ra
tigertrack too.
this thread is full of awesome. do want. the only questions is whether i want to plunk down money for whiney bitch ass red alert. he looks cool though. i like the way they gave him the shoulder wheels like the g1 toy and animation where as sideswipe doesn't have it. i too would love to see a yellow optics option on soundwave. he looks great but should be touch deeper darker blue to match the animation. this color evokes the toy as much as it does the toon.
Love them! Almost makes me tempted to pre-order Alert too. Only getting Lambor and Soundwave at the moment.

Pity we don't get to see colored images of the short circuit effect parts for Alert's head horns.
Yep, just waiting for SW to come home... Yep anytime now.
HA HA, so much for me not buying any more Transformers other than G2 Bruticus this year.
Screw it. With the crappy figures that Hasbro's been putting out and seeing these, I think I may just focus on MP figures only and 3rd party. These look AMAZING!
Soundwave looks remarkable.
Awesome, takatomy
I don't really like Red Alert but dammit these pics make me want to buy an MP-14.
holy shit laserbeaks lasers actually fold into cassette mold.

wow wow wow. that is just awesome!
I think I'll stop buying the wide release figures now. These shit all over these. Like a giant diarrhoea dump.

Still won't buy Red Alert or Sideswipe as they don't say MP to me. Soundwave is just fucking amazing though. Holy shit.
Kung Fu Man
Since the other tapes are going to be separate should be interesting to see how they turn out...though I do find myself sincere hoping one won't have to buy a Soundblaster repaint just to get Buzzsaw.

I'm actually holding off on Ratbat/Wingthing/Enemy just to see if those tape sets give them any nods...
hmmmm...MP 10 is a with seeing the full color pics of MP12 and MP14, but to keep the ranks a bit equal MP11 and MP13 are also must haves!!!
damnit soundwave looks great.
Originally Posted by Mr.Deflok View Post
I think I'll stop buying the wide release figures now. These shit all over these. Like a giant diarrhoea dump.

Still won't buy Red Alert or Sideswipe as they don't say MP to me. Soundwave is just fucking amazing though. Holy shit.
Yah man,Red Alert & Sideswipe just look like normal Binaltech to me
Red Alert looks fucktarded with those faux wheels.

Soundwave is so gorgeous, he makes Scarlett Johanssen look like Steve Buscemi.
I see more damages...
Gawd I can't wait for my soundwave to get here!! He's already got a spot cleaned out for him on soundwaves shelf. Its so perty, I think I might actually hug the box before I opens it! The pics really make me wish I had the funds for both lambors. Also wish now I hadn't got rid of mp rodimus/hot rod. Cuz gromlock and prime are beginning to become outnumbered on my mp shelves
When MP Soundwave comes out in the US in 2013, and I know DAMN WELL he will, I will definitely be getting him.

Hopefully, the same thing with MP-11 Starscream.
Thinking seriously of cancelling my Red Alert preorder. Don't like the vehicle mode, the robot mode is okay... but eh. Not sure it's worth my ~$80.
Wow these all look AMAZING! I want them all and a disposable income.
Holly Fucking nerdgasm times 10 Batman!
I'll wait for the NA versions.
Dat Laserbeak. If they ever release Soundwave in the states (in a colorscheme that makes sense), I will buy him just to get Laserbeak. That is one gorgeous cassetticon.
As nice as Alert looks, I don't think I'll be pre-ordering. There's a feeling that it isn't fully up to MP standards. Not in production, design or engineering standards but rather faithful reproduction of the G1 cartoon model.

Had Alert been designed with a dedicated mold in mind (instead of mold sharing with Sideswipe), he'd have the full car doors hanging off his arms and the actual tyres on his shoulders. They might even have been able to place the spoiler on his back.
Glossy colors look nice.

Will wait for the cheaper priced Hasbro versions.

Don't love the Lambor toy enough to get every color persona. Will only buy the Sideswipe persona.
Anyone know what's up with the blaster hand for Soundwave? Was it a scene from the cartoon? My memory isn't that amazing.
Girl Pants
Originally Posted by Mr.Deflok View Post
Anyone know what's up with the blaster hand for Soundwave? Was it a scene from the cartoon? My memory isn't that amazing.
Argh... I feel like I know where that's from but can't place it. For some reason I think it's a tool rather than a weapon, but I think I might somehow be confusing it with Hot Rod's welder-hand thing.
now i'm curious how MP-12 would look like next to BT-07
All three are incredible. It's nice to finally see some official product that isn't shitty.
So much win right here!
Fantastic. Not buying the other crap makes these all the more special.
Kantus Prime
I think we can all agree that being called a nerd is well worth it when fine figures like these are available to us.

Thank you Takara-Tomy
I will get both Soundwave and Red Alert.
What can I say? TakTom have done an absolutely fantastic job with these new MPs. I can't wait to own them all!
Soundwave looks totally brilliant. If they got a Soundblaster, I would friggin die for it man!!!

Not lying, but to be honest, I find Red Alert quite an eyesore. Maybe its the color, as I feel Sideswipe looks better for the mold. But then, I think I hate the mold as well. Those hollow thighs could have been done better, and those false wheels...come the fuck on, seriously.
"I have two questions: how much and give it to me"

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