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Transformers Commercials: TFW2005 Member timshinn73's Artwork Featured

Posted on 11-14-2013 at 12:34 AM by Superquad7 under General Articles
TF-Commercials-tim-shin-01 The Creative Forums are known here at TFW2005.COM for it's great depth and quality of artwork contributed here over the years. A few members here have even made the jump from Transformers fan to Transformers professional. One such member stopped by to share his professional artwork with us - timshinn73. timshinn73 works as a storyboard artist, and Hasbro has been one of his clients where he has worked on storyboards for some of their commercials! His contributions have ranged... [Read More]
Views: 3,949 / Credit: timshinn73 of the 2005 Boards!

TakaraTomy Staff interview Translation - "Shogo Hasui" Mr. Starscream

Posted on 05-17-2009 at 07:13 AM by Sol Fury under General Articles
mrhasui02 Disclaimer: This translation is provided solely to help non-Japanese fans who are unable to read this insightful interview published on Takara-Tomy's website. The original is located here.

"I feel all my work has been worthwhile when I finalise a good product"
- Shogo Hasui

- Firstly, which "Transformer/Revenge" (Japanese ROTF title) product did you develop?

Hasui: Among the early lineup products, I was responsible for Starscream and Sideswipe. I did more in... [Read More]
Views: 7,994 / Credit: SydneyY of the 2005 Boards!

Translated version of the Takara Tomy Transformers Henkei / Classics Staff Interview

Posted on 03-15-2009 at 08:33 AM by Sol Fury under General Articles
tantou1 Disclaimer: The reason I provide this translation is solely to help non-Japanese fans who are unable to read this insightful interview in the book they have purchased. Hope you'll enjoy

HUGE thanks to Sol Fury for revision and encouragement.

Tantou! Staff! Special Talk!?

Who are they?

Takashi Kunihiro: Joined the company in 1984. Has joined the staff since "2010", in which original "Transformers" toys started. Along with Transformers, he was responsible for the... [Read More]
Views: 10,180 / Credit: SydneyY of the 2005 Boards!

Hasbro's Transformers Q&A Round One 2009

Posted on 02-23-2009 at 12:10 PM by DESTRO under General Articles
transformers_logo Round One of Hasbro's 2009 Transformers Q&A is just around the corner. If you would like to submit a Question for the Transformers Q&A you must post them by Monday, February 23rd, with answers to our 5 submitted Questions due back Monday, March 9th, 2009. This is the first Round for 2009 so make them count.

To Post a Question click the Discuss Button.
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TFW2005 Staff Picks Their Favorites From 2006

Posted on 12-28-2006 at 09:18 AM by Super_Megatron under General Articles
Drew Eiden:
Classics Rodimus - THE Hot Rod/Rodimus figure. If there was ever a figure that you could point to and say 'that's the kind of technology we have today' for updates of G1, Classics Rodimus is it. Look at the Hot Rod figure from the 80's and look at Rodimus: same character and same alt mode to a degree but everything in between is better. The first Classics figure I knew I wanted from the start and my personal favorite in the year that was 2006.

Runners up:... [Read More]
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Transformers Cybertron Cyber Key Codes

Posted on 12-07-2006 at 07:25 PM by soundwaveCA under General Articles
Jungle Planet:
Overhaul (Scout/Basic): s9d7
Undermine (Scout/Basic): s48a
Wreckloose (Scout/Basic): su39
Backstop (Scout/Basic): stw7
Repugnus (Scout/Basic): s48r
Optimus Prime (Deluxe): d7s9
Snarl (Deluxe): d43j
Brimstone (Deluxe): d0h3
Megatron (Delexe): ds9g
Leobreaker (Voyager/Mega): vg08
Nemesis Breaker (Voyager/Mega): v6f5
Scourge (Ultra): u2m8
Cryo-Scourge (Ultra): u3fl
Dark Scorponok (Ultra): u812

Speed Planet:<... [Read More]
Views: 9,133

Transformers The Movie 20th Anniversary DVD Review

Posted on 10-23-2006 at 08:22 AM by Joe Moore under General Articles
When Sony announced they were re-releasing the Transformers Movie on DVD for the 20th Anniversary, many fans were skeptical. Most felt that, through various other releases by companies like Rhino and Metrodome, that there was little left to offer from another release. As I would find out first hand, Sony was out to prove that fans hadn’t seen anything when it comes to the original movie.

Released in 1986 to a resounding thud at the box office, the Transformer Movie has become... [Read More]
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Creating The Fan Commentary For The 20th Anniversary of The Transformers Movie

Posted on 10-23-2006 at 08:21 AM by Joe Moore under General Articles
The fan commentary consisted of myself (Joe Moore), Paul Hitchens, J.E. (Rik) Alvarez and Tony Bacala (credited as Alex Weiner). We first arrived at Sony BMGs office on a Thursday in July. While in the office, we talk with the representatives Randy, Ariana and Lauren. Paul has all his wonderful materials, such as a shooting script, storyboards, animation cells and much more. As we talk, the Sony reps pull out a video asking if we could watch it to see if its worth putting on the disc. The... [Read More]
Views: 3,751

Puffer Paradise

Posted on 04-11-2006 at 08:12 AM by Tony_Bacala under General Articles
Submitted by: Ras

Welcome to the Puffer Paradise article. This article is dedicated to two out of the, so far, three versions of "Puffer" (an amalgamation of Huffer + Pipes). I hope to attain and add the third Puffer to this article....someday.

As far as we know, there are 3 types of "Puffer". The Puffer sold on a European Pipes card, and two Mexican versions; an all dark blue metallic version, and the recently discovered dark metallic blue and white version (much like... [Read More]
Views: 1,865

Dreamwave, Looking Back

Posted on 04-11-2006 at 07:39 AM by Tony_Bacala under General Articles
Submitted by: Wreckgar

As of today, the fate of Transformers came into question. The publisher of Transformers comics for the last few years has closed its doors and has left the property hanging.

Dreamwave, a company founded by brothers Pat and Roger Lee, was a major player in bringing back Transformers into main media. They began as part of Image Comics and soon ventured out on their own as an independent publisher. One of their first comics was a Transformers miniseries. It was a to... [Read More]
Views: 1,574

Transformers Fan Movies and Flash Animations

Posted on 04-11-2006 at 07:38 AM by Tony_Bacala under General Articles
Submitted by: Lord Takara

Here you'll find a list of the many fan Transformers movie and flash animations that are circling the web.

Expect this list to be updated when there a new Transformers video or flash animation out.


"Transforming Volkswagen Beetle"

Original version:

Hi-res version (no transforming sound):
... [Read More]
Views: 5,863

Toy Fair 2005 Roundup

Posted on 04-11-2006 at 07:18 AM by Tony_Bacala under General Articles
Welcome to's Toyfair 2005 Roundup! This article will be continuously updated throughout the week of Toyfair 2005 with all the current info we come across. Links to our galleries, threads on the 2005 Boards, quick lists of info we come across, other sites coverage links, and much more. Make sure to checkback here for everything you need!

Toy Fair 2005 News Flashes: brings us a detailed look at the remolded head on "Swerve" the red Alternators Tracks... [Read More]
Views: 1,571

The Binaltech Story

Posted on 04-11-2006 at 07:13 AM by Tony_Bacala under General Articles

The Binaltech Story (so far)

compiled by Nevermore

Preliminary notes: This is meant as a more streamlined summary of the BT story with only the things that are important for the story progress and/or are meant as G1 nods. Story summarized in chronolocial order, not in the order the various pieces of information were published inside the respective story chapters and character bios.

In cases of doubt, the spelling of names has been taken from the

... [Read More]
Views: 1,687

TFW2005 Picks Their Favorites From 2005

Posted on 04-11-2006 at 05:58 AM by Tony_Bacala under General Articles
Submitted By: Professor Coldheart

The year 2005 has come and gone...And what a year it was for Transformers fans. One of the most well recieved main lines in years, with Cybertron, produced some astounding figures. Add to that the continued introduction and release of Alternators and 2006 is shaping up to be a great year for everyone.

So before we all move forward with the coming year, some of the staff members from TFW2005 and the 2005 boards would like to share some of their top picks.... [Read More]
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The End of Mass Appeal Marketing in Toys

Posted on 04-11-2006 at 05:58 AM by Tony_Bacala under General Articles
Submitted By: Tony_Bacala

The End of Mass Appeal Marketing in Toys

Today, I read a column by Kevin Maney of titled "Growing on-demand content may mean blockbuster's end." It speaks about the general trend in the entertainment industry where people are moving away from the broad appeal, "Blockbuster" oriented offerings for more specific, tailored content. How people are moving towards downloading a 5 minute action skit by an unknown filmmaker on the internet - to... [Read More]
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