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Featured Ebay Auctions

Featured Ebay Auctions - Jetfire

Posted on 06-07-2013 at 11:57 AM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
G1-Jetfire With the announcement of the SDCC Exclusive GI Joe vs Transformers Hound & Jetfire set, we thought it might be a good time to take a look at one of the characters from that set. We've already posted auctions for Hound, so now we're going to take a look at the other main guy...Jetfire. Check out some of the many toys to bear the name below.

1984 Hasbro Transformers Autobot Air Guardian Jetfire | eBay
Transformers Armada Jetfire BTR Hasbro 7053 New SEALED | eBay
Transformers Titanium Jetfire Skyfire New in SEALED Box | eBay
Japan Takara Tomy Transformers Animated TA21 Autobot Jetfire Figure 4A375463 | eBay
Transformers Classics Jetfire RID Voyager Class 100 Complete Beautiful | eBay
G2 Jetfire MOSC SEALED New 1994 Vintage Hasbro Transformers Free SHIP | eBay
Transformers Jetfire Bust Unopened Mint | eBay
Transformers Henkei Classic C 06 Jetfire Skyfire Takaratomy MISB | eBay
Transformers RID Prime Bot Shots Jetfire SEALED | eBay
Transformers Cybertron Robots in Disguise Jetfire New | eBay
Hasbro Transformers Armada Jetfire with Comettor Mini Con BTR Built to Rule | eBay
New Collectors Edition Transformers Henkei Jetfire with Dinobot Grimlock Hasbro | eBay
Transformers Robotmasters RM 05 R Blade Scout Class Jetfire Mini Takara MISB | eBay
Transformers Cybertron Series Jetfire Figure | eBay
Transformers ROTF Movie 2009 Leader Jetfire Brand New | eBay
Transformers Animated Pack Jetfire and Jetstorm | eBay
Transformers Energon Jetfire Hasbro Autobot Robots in Disguise | eBay
Battle Armor Jetfire Transformers with Alternate Head Hand Exclusive Mini Bust | eBay
Views: 1,352

Featured Ebay Auctions - Hound

Posted on 06-01-2013 at 10:42 AM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
Views: 1,414

Featured Ebay Auctions - Constructicons and Devastator

Posted on 05-23-2013 at 01:52 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
G2-Constructicons Devastator is one of the most knocked off, customized, remade characters there is for the Transformers mythos. But, the figure has had a bunch of fantastic official releases. From the original G1 Constructicons Giftset to the G2 Reissues, to the Micro Combiners, or Revenge of the Fallen and even Classics. Check out some of the assorted toys to come as Constructicons below.

Transformers G1 Constructicons Devastator 100 Complete Vintage Hasbro 1985 | eBay
Hard Hero 2003 Transformers G1 Constructicon "Devastator" Bust Statue New Hasbro | eBay
Transformers Universe Constructicons Devastator Bonecrusher Scavenger Long Haul | eBay
Japanese Transformers Original G1 37 Devastator Constructicon Giftset | eBay
Transformers ROTF Legends Constructicon Devastator ToysRUs Tru Exclusive G1 | eBay
Transformers 1992 G2 "Constructicons Devastator" Yellow Variant New SEALED | eBay
1990 Devastator Action Masters SEALED MOSC MISB G1 Transformers | eBay
Steamhammer w Constructicons Power Core Combiners Transformers MISB | eBay
Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Legend Class Devastator MISB | eBay
Transformers Kre O Devastator Destruction Site 36951 6 in 1 Constructicons MISB | eBay
Transformers Micromasters Constructicons Devastator Unopened Figures | eBay
Transformers Universe Devastator MISB New Classics RID Devastator Combiner Set | eBay
Transformers ROTF EZ Legends Devastator 1 7 Plus Rampage Scavenger Exclusives | eBay
Takara Transformers Constructicon Devastator 20A Encore Ed Animecolor New SEALED | eBay
Views: 1,709

Featured Ebay Auctions - Transformers Odds and Ends

Posted on 05-16-2013 at 01:37 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
Transformers-Decepticon-Radio For our Featured Ebay Auctions, we're taking a break from individual characters. Today we're bringing you some really great odds n ends from throughout the Transformers history. We have a bit of everything from Radios, Transformers Store Displays, G1 Roller Skates, G1 Tents, Watches, Trains, Battlin' Robots (aka Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots) and more. Check them out below.

RARE Kre O Transformer Kreons Minifig Lego Complete Set Store Display | eBay
Vintage 1984 Transformers Autobot Freedon Fighter Am Radio by Nasta Original Box | eBay
RARE Toys R US Transformers Movie Tru Display Blackout Prime Free s H | eBay
Transformers Matrix of Leadership Diamond Select Statue Replica NVR Display | eBay
Optimus Prime Roller Skates Vintage Hasbro 1985 G1 Transformers | eBay
Slumber Tent 1985 G1 Transformers Hasbro Vinage Free SHIP | eBay
Decepticon Am Radio Headset 1984 Vintage Hasbro G1 Transformers | eBay
Transformers Battlin Robots Mint in Box and Box Still SEALED 1980s | eBay
1998 Beast Wars Transformers My Little Pony McDonalds Counter Display w Toys | eBay
Gen 1 Tyco Transformers Electric Train and Battle Set | eBay
Optimus Prime Stamp Fun 1984 Hasbro Vintage G1 Transformers | eBay
Time Warrior Watch 100 Complete Vintage 1985 G1 Transformers Mail Away | eBay
McDonalds 2013 Transformers Prime Store Display 12x18 Toys Included | eBay
Vintage G1 1984 Transformers Party Favor Blow Outs Thundercracker Blowouts | eBay
Optimus Prime Toothbrush 1984 Vintage Hasbro G1 Transformers | eBay
Hasbro G1 Transformers Hide N Sleep Tent for Twin Size Bed | eBay
Tyco HO Slot Car Transformer White Mustang RARE NOC Aurora AFX Tomy | eBay
Views: 1,008

Featured Ebay Auctions - Prowl

Posted on 05-11-2013 at 12:55 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
Action-Master-Prowl Prowl has, ever the years, become one of the most used names in the various Transformers Toy Lines. From the original G1 figure, to an Action Master all the way through to the Beast Era and modern lines like Animated. Now, with a highly anticipated Masterpiece figure coming in September, let's take a look at some of the excellent figures we've gotten over the years.

1990 Prowl Action Masters MISB SEALED G1 Transformers | eBay
Transformers G1 Classic Heroes Prowl MISB RARE See | eBay
Transformers Japanese RID C 25 Prowl Mach Alert Blue | eBay
Takara Transformer BT 15 Military Prowl Honda Type R | eBay
Transformers Energon Prowl New in Box | eBay
Prowl 2 Takara G1 Transformers Free SHIP | eBay
Vintage Japanese Takara G1 Transformers 09 Prowl 100 Complete in USA | eBay
Transformers G1 Autobot Car Bust Statue Set Smokescreen Prowl Bluestreak | eBay
Takara Transformers RID Le of 2000 C 24 x Brawn C 25 Prowl C 26 Sideburn | eBay
Transformer Mighty Muggs Prowl | eBay
Transformers Autobot Prowl 1984 Brand New in Box Very RARE | eBay
Octopus Prime Transformers Titanium War Within Tru Exclusive Prowl MISB New | eBay
Transformers Takara Tokyo Toyshow Prowl Exclusive MISB | eBay
Transformers Universe Prowl New RID RARE | eBay
Transformers Beast Wars Prowl MOSC New White Version Transmetals Prowl | eBay
Transformers RID Prowl 2001 Robots in Disguise | eBay
Transformers G 1 Statue Porcelain Bust Prowl Hard Hero New Unopened Mint | eBay
Transformers Alternators Prowl Acura RSX Ooooooo | eBay
Transformers RID Classics Universe Generations Prowl Figure | eBay
Views: 2,078

Featured Ebay Auctions - Ultra Magnus

Posted on 05-03-2013 at 01:14 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
ultramagnus We continue our ongoing series of Featured Ebay Auctions based soemly on individual characters. Today we spotlight Ultra Magnus toys and items.

Transformers G1 Ultra Magnus Head USB Computer Speaker Figure AQ2024 | eBay
Ultra Magnus KT Bust PVC Figure King EXC Transformers | eBay
Transformers G1 Henkei United Classics Voyager Ultra Magnus Takara Japan MISB | eBay
Transformers G1 Titanium Ultra Magnus MISB | eBay
Ultra Magnus Portfolio Fun Folder Vintage Hasbro 1986 G1 Transformers | eBay
G1 Ultra Magnus Kabaya Model MISB Takara | eBay
Transformers Diamond Select Ultra Magnus Bust | eBay
Transformers Classics Ultra Magnus Skywarp Target Exclusive Figures RARE New | eBay
Transformers WST Smallest Takara Ultra Magnus Chase | eBay
Revoltech 19 Transformers Ultra Magnus Action Figure G1 New US Seller | eBay
Transformers Titanium Ultra Magnus War Within MISB | eBay
Transformers Cybertron "Optimus Prime Ultra Magnus" by Hasbro 2005 RARE | eBay
RARE Transformers G1 Heroes of Cybertron Ultra Magnus | eBay
Transformers Masterpiece MP 02 MP 2 Ultra Magnus | eBay
Transformers Plastic Cups 1980s Devastator Omega Supreme Ultra Magnus | eBay
Transformers Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus | eBay
New Transformers G1 Reissue Autobot Ultra Magnus Figure | eBay
Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus Voyager RID Am | eBay
Ultra Magnus Transformers 1986 G1 MISB SEALED Rubber Tires | eBay
RARE Transformers RID Ultra Magnus God Magnus MISB Japanese | eBay
2006 New York Comic Con Exclusive Ultra Magnus Mini Head Replica | eBay
RARE Transformers SD Ultra Magnus Resin Statue 500 AFX Exclusive | eBay
Views: 1,611

Featured Ebay Auctions - All Megatron, All The Time

Posted on 04-24-2013 at 02:16 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
Machine-Wars-Megatron Continuing with our theme of featuring auctions for individual characters, we come to the great Megatron. If there's been a series, there's been a Megatron, and there have been some great ones. Below we have just a smattering of the assorted versions of toys that have bore that name. From G1 MEgatron, to Machine Wars Megatron, to some of the more modern iterations. Check them out and see even more Megatron Listings to see what we didn't feature here.

Transformers Machine Wars Megatron MOSC Jet | eBay
Transformers Collection 06 Megatron Brand New MISB | eBay
Transformers Alternity Fairlady Z Megatron Figure Black | eBay
Transformers Botcon 2008 Shattered Glass Rodimus and Megatron | eBay
Transformers WST G1 Optimus Prime Convoy Megatron World Smallest | eBay
1996 Hasbro Transformers Beast Wars Megatron | eBay
Transformers Universe Megatron Deluxe Class SE 02 MISB | eBay
Takara Tomy Transformers United Decepticon Beast Megatron | eBay
Megatron Beast Machines New in Box Unopened | eBay
G1 Transformers Goodbye Megatron MIB Unused Unapplied Dead Mint | eBay
Transformers Titanium War Within Optimus Prime and Megatron Diecast Combo New | eBay
Transformers Animated Cybertron Mode Megatron Figure AFA Ready | eBay
Transformers Choro Q Robo Black Megatron | eBay
Takara Transformers Masterpiece MP 05 Megatron Action Figure 12" No Orange Plug | eBay
Transformers G1 Vintage WST Mini Megatron Authentic Takara Series Wave 2 | eBay
Megatron Go Bots MOSC 100 Complete Vintage Hasbro Transformers Free SHIP | eBay
Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals Megatron Wbxedsemge | eBay
1999 Kenner Hasbro Beast Wars Transformers Transmetals 2 Megatron | eBay
Transformers Megatron Voyager Robots in Disguise Classic | eBay
Transformers RID Megatron | eBay
G1 Transformers Vintage Action Master Megatron MISB | eBay
Megatron with Laserbeak Heroes of Cybertron G1 Collection Decepticon | eBay
Takara Tomy Transformers Capbots Megatron New | eBay
Transformers Timelines Dawn of Future's Past Botcon 2006 Darksyde Megatron | eBay
Transformers MOSC Beast Wars vs S1 Bat Convoy Megatron CD ROM Pack | eBay
Transformers Omron Diecast Micron Megatron Armada Megatron RARE | eBay
Transformers Megatron Bust Gobots Voltron Zoids TMNT Megaman | eBay
Transformers Reveal The Shield RTS Legends Megatron | eBay
Views: 1,307

Featured Ebay Auctions - A Fool Named Starscream

Posted on 04-18-2013 at 01:28 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
G1-E-Hobby-Ghost-Starscream Today's Featured Ebay Auctions compile together some of the assorted Starscream Toys we've been treated to (or subjected to in some cases). From G1, to the Unicron Trilogy to Masterpiece and even Revoltech, Starscream has been just about everywhere.

MISB Ehobby Clear Starscream | eBay
Vintage Transformers Action Masters Starscream 100 Complete Unused | eBay
Transformers Collection 9 Starscream Complete Boxed DVD | eBay
Transformers Cybertron Supreme Starscream Original Box Art Artwork | eBay
Transformers MP 03 Starscream | eBay
Transformers E Hobby Black Variant Starscream Figure MISB | eBay
Takara Beast Wars Starscream BB D 13 Action Figure Set MISB New Destron BB | eBay
Transformers Hard Hero Starscream Porcelain Bust Statue 3582 5000
Nightscream Starscream Transformers Superlink SD 01 Deluxe 2004 Energon Takara | eBay
Transformers Original G1 Goodbye Megatron Starscream Gift Set w Box | eBay
RARE Cybertron Starscream Optimus Prime Tru Store Display w Box Holy Grail | eBay
Transformers Toys R US Reissue Starscream Ooooooooo | eBay
Starscream Machine Wars Transformers MISB 1996 Hasbro Kenner | eBay
Transformers G1 Classic Generations Chug Universe 25th Starscream MOSC New RARE | eBay
Transformers Titanium Diecast Cybertron War Starscream | eBay
Transformers Energon Prowl vs Starscream MISB Sams Club | eBay
Kaiyodo Transformers Revoltech Starscream 046 Figure | eBay
Transformers Superlink SD19 SD 19 Starscream Nightscream | eBay
Takara Transformers G1 Encore 04 Starscream Mint in Box | eBay
Transformers Robot Master RM 12 Black Starscream MISB | eBay
Transformers Starscream Surpreme Class Action Figure Lights and Sounds New | eBay
Views: 1,401

Featured Ebay Auctions - So Many Soundwave's

Posted on 04-12-2013 at 02:26 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
G1-Soundwave There have been a plethora of variations of the Soundwave character throughout the years. Today, for our Featured Ebay Auctions, we take a look at just a sampling of those toys and items. Check out all dem Soundwave's below!

1984 Transformers G1 Soundwave 100 Complete with Unused Stickers | eBay
Transformers Takara Japanese Collection 10 Soundwave New in Original Box | eBay
Vintage Transformers G1 Soundwave Eraser Figure 1985 Hasbro | eBay
Transformers Animated Electrostatic Soundwave Action Figure New | eBay
Vintage Transformers G1 Soundwave Eraser Figure 1985 Hasbro | eBay
Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron Soundwave Soundblaster New | eBay
Transformers Generations Soundwave Figure Deluxe Class in Hand | eBay
Transformers Music Label Soundwave Spark Blue Takara Classics Generations | eBay
Transformers Heroes of Cyberton Soundwave | eBay
Transformers DOTM Human Alliance Soundwave with Laserbeak Mr Gould in Stock | eBay
Transformers Universe Soundwave and Space Case Robots in Disguise RID MISB | eBay
Soundwave Transformers Action Figure 2007 New | eBay
Transformers G1 Ehobby Shattered Glass Soundwave and Blaster w Cassettes MISB | eBay
2010 Speed Stars Transformers Metal Heroes Series Decepticon Soundwave 04 of 08 | eBay
Hard Heros Soundwave Mini Bust | eBay
Transformers Takara Tomy MP13 Masterpiece Soundwave MP15 Rumble Jaguar Lot | eBay
Transformers Botcon 2012 SG Soundwave Shattered Glass SEALED Bagged | eBay
Transformers Kreon Kre O Kreon Mini Figure G1 Decepticons Soundwave | eBay
Soundwave MOSC SEALED Action Master 1990 Vintage Hasbro G1 Transformers | eBay
Transformers G1 Mighty Muggs Soundwave New SEALED | eBay
Japan Exclusive Transformers Soundwave Figure Suntory Boss Promo RARE | eBay
Transformers G2 Go Bots Series 1 Lot Soundwave Frenzy Bumblebee Mirage Sideswipe | eBay
Transformers Titanium Soundwave Free Shipping | eBay
Gi Joe Transformers Soundwave Tapes Only Loose SDCC from Shockwave Hiss Tank | eBay
Views: 1,093

Featured Ebay auctions - All Grimlock Edition

Posted on 04-05-2013 at 12:56 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
G1-Action-Master-Grimlock For our Featured Ebay Auctions we're taking a look at the massive amount of toys that have been released under the name Grimlock. From the original G1 figure, to the Action Master, to the Alternators and more. Check them out below.

Transformers Alternators Series Grimlock Ford Mustang Figure | eBay
Vintage Japanese Takara G1 Transformers 26 Grimlock No Accs Paperwork | eBay
Transformers Robots in Disguise RID Combiners Grimlock 5" Action Figure | eBay
2007 Botcon Exclusive Grimlock Pre Assemble Kit C Details 4 Free Shipping | eBay
Transformers Toys R US Exclusive Titaniums War Within Grimlock MISB | eBay
Transformers 1993 G2 "Grimlock" Turquoise RARE Variant New Factory SEALED | eBay
New Collectors Edition Transformers Henkei Jetfire with Dinobot Grimlock Hasbro | eBay
Toys R US Exclusive Tru Transformers Masterpiece MP 8 Grimlock | eBay
Transformers Beast Wars Dinobot Grimlock Deluxe Figure Kenner Free US SHIP | eBay
Palisades Transformers Grimlock Polystone Mini Statue 2005 Hasbro 25 1000 | eBay
Mighty Muggs Transformers Grimlock | eBay
Transformers Generations Autobot Grimlock Dinobot Fall of Cybertron Classics | eBay
Transformers Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP 08 Grimlock | eBay
Takara Transformers Animated TA17 Chrome Grimlock | eBay
Transformers Grimlock Bust War Within Comic Con Diamond Select Exclusive Dinobot | eBay
Takara Transformers Animated Vol 2 Bumblebee Starscream Ironhide Grimlock Japan | eBay
Transformers Hard Hero Grimlock Statue 2277 2500
Grimlock MOSC SEALED Action Master 1990 Vintage Hasbro G1 Transformers Free SHIP | eBay
Transformers Energon Grimlock Swoop | eBay
Transformers Gen 1 Grimlock Dinobot MISB SEALED AFA 80 | eBay
Transformers Energon Powerlinks Grimlock Hardcopy Hard Copy Prototype | eBay
Transformers Classic Grimlock RID Robots in Disguise Brand New MISB | eBay
Transformers Gen 1 Grimlock Pretender MISB SEALED AFA 80 | eBay
Transformers Device Label Grimlock Optical Takara New Free SHIP US | eBay
Transformers Binaltech BT 10 "Grimlock" Ford Mustang GT New Takara Alternators | eBay
Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP 08X King Grimlock G1 New | eBay
Views: 1,978

Featured Ebay Auctions - Transformers Music and Audio

Posted on 03-26-2013 at 11:31 AM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
Views: 1,623

Featured Ebay Auctions - G1 Non-Toy Items

Posted on 03-07-2013 at 02:24 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
Views: 1,877

Featured Auctions - Prototypes - Beast Hunters Shockwave, G1, Classics and More

Posted on 02-28-2013 at 01:05 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
Views: 2,804

Featured Ebay Auctions - Transformers Rare Art, Animation Cels and More

Posted on 02-22-2013 at 12:32 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
Views: 2,336

Featured ebay Auctions - Transformers Machine Wars

Posted on 02-15-2013 at 12:00 PM by Joe Moore under Featured Ebay Auctions
Views: 3,022
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