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New Transformers Attacktix Figures

Posted on 07-08-2006 at 08:48 PM by Kickback under Energon
Some new Transformers Attacktix figures have surfaced on Ebay. Shown are Vector Prime, Energon Landmine, Energon Strongarm, Energon Skyblast, and Energon Insecticon.

These figures may end up being sold separtely, or in versus packs against Star Wars figures or the upcoming Marvel Attacktix line.

To check out the auction, click here!
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skyfire and strongarm
Heat Guy
Yeah, damn edits
skyBLAST.. that's it, I hated energon and didn't pay much attention to it
Beastbot X
Wow, they REALLY screwed with Strongarm's proportions... Otherwise, they look kinda cool for what they are.
Seriously, whats with all the Energon figures in this line??
Sigh. If they'd just do G1 I'd bite. Even just a few in the set and I'm there. These... not caring...
What's up with the Energon love?
the redwolf
whats with the mutant modes
I briefly bought into SW Attackticks....not again.
Originally Posted by ZacWilliam
Sigh. If they'd just do G1 I'd bite. Even just a few in the set and I'm there. These... not caring...
G1 is on the way according to the folks who demonstrated the Attactix game at the Brandon Fan Event. Not to mention, Energon Landmine, Scorponok, and Cybertron Scourge did look pretty nifty. I tried to get them to give away a few during the demo, but they wouln't oblige
Chaos Muffin
Can't wait to see them painted.
Where's the G1 Attacktix? Bumblebee would like to take a shot at Soundwave
You can see fully painted version of most of these here in a review from last month. (Reported originally here)
Originally Posted by Kickback
What's up with the Energon love?
Maybe these were originally planned when Energon was the current series and would have launched with the SW version ?
WTF is up with Landmine? He never had one tread as a whole arm. Neither did he have two hooks - he only had one, and it definetely wasn't his arm (I do have the original Energon figure) . I though mini versions of ANY toy had to look at least SOMETHING like the original toy. Attacktix Landmine only resembles Energon Landmine with the legs, head and backpack. The arms - not even close.

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