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Transformers Collector's Club Nova Prime Now Arriving!

Posted on 05-11-2015 at 04:59 PM by Matty under Conventions
IMG_2356_zpsicmi0i3d A few TFW2005 boards members have gotten their hands on the latest Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive: Nova Prime! This one went up for preorder just last week and is already arriving on collector's doorsteps. Check out some in-hand shots after the jump and be sure to share your thoughts on the figure in the discussion thread!
Views: 2,026 / Credit: Anguirus and SeiberBirdR of the 2005 Boards!

TFCC Subscription Service 3.0 Carzap and Kreon G.B. Blackrock in hand images

Posted on 05-08-2015 at 11:55 PM by C310 Ginrai under Conventions
cz-gb-br-1 The Official Transformers Collectors' Club has shared on twitter in hand product shots of Carzap and G.B. Blackrock, part of the TFCC Subscription Service 3.0. These images shows off the the G.B. Blackrock Kreon minifigure and the Kre-O minikit to build the Gas Station / Turret accessory. We also have a sneak peak of the G2 Starscream figure as well. Check out the images after the jump.
Views: 2,270 / Credit: The Official Transformers Collectors' Club

Botcon 2015 Convention Exclusive Box Set Box Art

Posted on 05-08-2015 at 01:51 PM by Bruticon under Conventions
2015BCmockboxWEB Transformers Collectors' Club has updated their Botcon Website to include a new image of the convention exclusive box set, Cybertron: Most Wanted, box artwork. This souvenir figure box set including Packrat, Battletrap, Shattered Glass Stepper, Megatron, and Oilmaster will only be available with the purchase of the Primus Package or the Iacon Package.

Please check out the attached image and discuss what you think of the artwork on the boards!
Views: 4,371 / Credit: Big Filipino of the 2005 Boards!

Dealer registration for TFcon Charlotte now available

Posted on 05-07-2015 at 11:45 AM by Super_Megatron under Conventions
Dealer registration is now available for TFcon Charlotte 2015. For those of you that were looking to sell at America’s largest fan-run Transformers convention now is the time to book, you can contact TFcon now to reserve your space. Exhibitors from TFcon Chicago 2014 will automatically receive registration info emailed to them.

Registration for attendees will be available in the near future.

TFcon Charlotte – America’s largest fan-run Transformers convention will be the weekend of October 16th to 18th, 2015. TFcon Charlotte will take place at the Embassy Suites Charlotte Concord. You can now book your discounted hotel room via the 2015 hotel reservation website. TFcon Charlotte Air Travel and Car Rental Discounts are also available.

Botcon 2015 Registration and Hotel Update

Posted on 05-07-2015 at 11:21 AM by Joe Moore under Conventions
Botcon-2015-Logo_1430852346 Brian Savage has sent out an update regarding registration and hotel booking for Botcon 2015. The short version, registration will not go live this week, no new hotel blocks are available at Pheasant Run, and contrary to what was said on May 1st, they are are unable to offer a second block of rooms at another hotel. Here's the full email:
Hello Everyone!

We continue to work on the final issues to get registration online. This will not happen this week. I will update you next week. Now you don't have to worry about checking the site this week.

The hotel has told us that they are sold out and cannot add anymore rooms to our block. You will have to look for accommodations elsewhere if you don't have a room yet. We also cannot find a hotel in close proximity to the event to get a second block.

The good news is that the parking is free at the hotel for BotCon.

See you in St. Charles!

Botcon 2015 is June 18-21 in St. Charles, IL at the Pheasant Run Resort.
Views: 709 / Credit: Autobot City Comics 2008 of the 2005 Boards!

Andrew Griffith To Attend Puerto Rico Comic Con

Posted on 05-06-2015 at 03:55 PM by Matty under Conventions
PRCC Comic book artist Andrew Griffith, best known in our Transformers community as the artist for several IDW Transformers books (most recently the ongoing Robots In Disguise / Transformers books), will be making a guest appearance at this year's Puerto Rico Comic Con!

This convention will be held May 22-24 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center. If you're in the neighborhood be sure to stop by and see one of the best Transformers artists out there!
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Transformers Collectors Club FSS 3.0 Figures Shipping Soon

Posted on 05-06-2015 at 08:48 AM by Joe Moore under Conventions
TFSS30_Bots Members of the Transformers Collectors Club FSS 3.0 will soon be getting packages in the mail. The free club figures will begin shipping soon. The TCC has sent out an email asking members to confirm their addresses.
Hello Club Members,

If you are participating in the FSS 3.0 service, please verify your address at the FSS site by logging in making sure your address is correct by the end of day Thursday, May 7. We will be working shipping these out to you and the end of next week.

Also, in the next couple of weeks the 2015 Free Club Figures will be going out in the mail and we have now put the companion piece Nova Prime in the store so you can order them:

2015 Transformers Club Exclusive NOVA PRIME TM (1 pc) $59 + shipping

If your address has changed since March 16th, please email your correct address to as well. Please note that the systems are totally separate so if you have moved, you will need to update both the FSS and send an email to admin for your club free figure.

Thanks for your support!

So if you haven't done so already, make sure to head over to your account and get all your addresses squared away. FSS 3.0 is made up of Krok, Nacelle, Tarantulas, Carzap, Serpent O.R. and G2 Starscream.
Views: 6,007 / Credit: Autobot City Comics 2008 of the 2005 Boards!

TCCC Nova Prime is Available To Order

Posted on 05-05-2015 at 02:04 PM by Joe Moore under Conventions
Nova-Prme-with-Box The Botcon twitter account has word that Nova Prime is now available to order. The figure, a remolded and repainted version of the Generations Orion Pax is priced at $59. Here's the bio:

AUTOBOT® HIGH COMMANDER“‘Till all are redeemed”

NOVA PRIME walks a fine line between being the leader his heritage demands and battling inner demons that threaten to tear his synaptic conscious to a psychotic breaking point. While his ‘accolades’ will be remembered in the Halls of Iacon for eons, he is looking for redemption for what he sees as a ‘lapse in vision’ for his fellow Cybertronians. Combining his Quantum Fusion cannon and his “G-Metal” Battle Axe, NOVA PRIME is a formidable warrior on the battlefield and a masterful tactician in the war room. NOVA PRIME has been given a second chance and seeks to usher in a new Golden Age of Cybertron®. Will a new lasting peace on Cybertron finally come to fruition or will the whispers of the past come back to haunt NOVA PRIME, taking away any chance at redemption and plunging Cybertron once again into…Chaos?
Nova Prime is a Deluxe sized figure which features an ALL-NEW head sculpt. Look for Nova Prime later this year in the 2015 TCC Magazine Club comic. The toy is packed in a convention style box with a foam insert for easy removal and display. There is also an additional cut out for you to store the Lio ConvoyTM figure.
You can order the figure Here.
Views: 5,125 / Credit: Autobot City Comics 2008 of the 2005 Boards!

Botcon Hotel Currently Sold Out

Posted on 05-05-2015 at 01:50 PM by Joe Moore under Conventions
Botcon-2015-Logo Looks like you're in for a packed house this June. The Botcon 2015 rooms at the Pheasant Run Resort are currently sold out. The Botcon website has an update saying they are trying to secure additional rooms at the resort. If that isn't possible, they plan on securing a second hotel for room group rates. So fans should have a second option either way. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, and we'll share the news when the second set of group rate rooms go up.

Botcon 2015
is June 18-21 in St. Charles, IL at the Pheasant Run Resort.
Views: 796 / Credit: cbff of the 2005 Boards!

Possible Botcon 2015 Roadbuster Redeco

Posted on 04-29-2015 at 02:58 PM by Sol Fury under Conventions
772ad2f1gw1ermvp9afqfj20jg0mxgpt Via Lost-Zzl on Weibo, we have a look at a previously unseen redeco of the Transformers Generations Roadbuster toy. Sporting a green deco with brown camo and white weapons, this deco is something of an oddity - however, there is a Generation 2 style "Autobots" tampograph on the back of the vehicle / robot mode leg, which suggests this is more than a mere custom. Additionally, the user also has in-hand images of other, known upcoming releases from the TCC, so it stands to reason this too is a leak from the collectors club, or more likely, the convention.

Our money is that this is one of the Botcon 2015 at-show souvenir figures. The deco and the use of the Generation 2 Autobots logo - plus the placement of the white in robot mode - is a match for the unreleased Generation 2 toy, General Optimus Prime - which would make sense, given that there is a Megatron in the 2015 convention boxed set.

Check out the images after the break.
Views: 6,990 / Credit: @Lost-Zzl on Weibo

Report: 3rd Party Transformers Products Banned from BotCon 2015

Posted on 04-29-2015 at 11:37 AM by Mechafire under Conventions
0 Yesterday, we reported on the BotCon 2015 brochure going online. However, there was a very important piece of information contained within that may have been missed by some readers.

This morning, TFW2005 boards veteran Shin-Gouki brought to our attention the following quote from within the brochure:

"Exhibitor’s product content must be at least 50% Transformers related. This means robots, action figures, comics, sci-fi or related products. General toys or dolls are not allowed. Exhibitors must collect the 8% Illinois sales tax or current rate in effect at the time of the show. Exhibitors must file and pay using the forms provided at the show one week after the conclusion of the event. Please do not bring products that violate Hasbro owned intellectual property"

This is further backed up by two other relevant quotes from TFW2005 boards member Autobot City Comics 2008, who had attended JoeCon 2015 this year, where a vendor he was working was was told to take his 3rd party Transformers items down:

"Yes they are they did it to the vendor I was working with at Joecon he had a little 3rd party transformers and was told by Pete to take it down. We asked if it was going to be In forced at Botcon and he said yes but not as 3rd party but as IP infringement"

Furthermore, Fun Publications employee Pete Sinclair supplied some other pertinent quotes further clarifying the situation recently on The Allspark:
"I lobbied for the term '3rd party' to be dropped. It's a meaningless term.

Main thing that we will not permit are items that infringe on Hasbro's IP. If an exhibitor is unsure if something infringes on the IP, most likely it infringes on the IP. So. Don't bring it."

"It will be strictly enforced."

"I'm not sure what else you want me to say? IP infringing items will not be permitted to be sold. They are not allowed at the show and there will be someone on hand to monitor this."

Yes indeed folks, it seems that unofficial items will be barred from BotCon 2015 this year. What are your thoughts on this revelation? Sound off after the break!

Pete@Botcon has clarified that "Vendors are free to contact us ahead of time with questions." If you are a dealer and are unsure if the items you are bringing will be allowed, then please check ahead of time to see if your items are allowed.
Views: 8,259 / Credit: Shin-Gouki, Autobot City Comics 2008, Pete@BotCon of the 2005 Boards!

Jon and Karl Hartman Sell Their Collection at BotCon 2015

Posted on 04-29-2015 at 05:09 AM by Superquad7 under Conventions
Jon-and-Karl-Hartman-Botcon Botcon news has been the rave as of late, and we have a very interesting bit of news to share with you: Karl Hartman stopped by and shared some news that he and his brother Jon are set to sell "the second half" of their collection at Botcon 2015. Why is this significant? Karl and Jon Hartman are two of the original founders of the Botcon convention itself. Also, their collection is quite extensive, including some very coveted pieces. The first half of their collection sale came at Botcon 2006, where they even sold Peter Cullen a sealed G1 Optimus Prime figure as a gift for his granddaughter!

Karl Hartman had this to say regarding their upcoming sale:
"Hi folks.

With BotCon being relatively close to us, we're taking advantage, and bringing the "second half" of our old collection to sell at BotCon. Roughly, this will cover the years of 1998-2006. It'll be close to 1000 pieces, I believe. Priced to move.

I'll be updating with more details soon, plus a general list of series that we'll be bringing, including any rarities. As always, looking forward to seeing lots of old friends one more (last?) time.

See you all soon,
Karl (and Jon)"
This reporting News Staff member still hears discussions of their legendary sale from 2006, and this second installment could be something equally as exciting! Many thanks to Karl for stopping by our forums to give us a head's up here! We here at TFW2005.COM wish the Hartmans all of the very best with their collection sale, and we hope that all who attend Botcon 2015 have a great time!
Views: 2,389 / Credit: Karl Hartman of the 2005 Boards!

Derrick Wyatt at BotCon 2015

Posted on 04-28-2015 at 09:00 PM by MetalStorm under Conventions
300px-DerrickWyatt Thanks to fellow board member, Thelonicon, we have learned that the Golden Ticket meet and greet includes meeting alongside with Susan Blu and John Moschitta, ...Derrick Wyatt! A long-time Transformers fan, he was the art director, lead character designer, and a color stylist for Transformers Animated. This will mark his 5th BotCon appearance.

For further BotCon 2015 news, keep it here at TFW2005!
Views: 978 / Credit: Thelonicon of the 2005 Boards!

Botcon 2015 Brochure Is Online

Posted on 04-28-2015 at 05:37 PM by Jacer under Conventions
2015BOTCONLOGOsm has updated with their official brochure for the 2015 convention. We now have details for the weekend including a breakdown of the toy sets and activities. The cost of the Primus package is now $409 if you are a club member, or $509 if not.

Check out all the details in the PDF here: Botcon 2015 Brochure and feel free to join the discussion on the forums by hitting discuss below!

Botcon has been loading up some official mock up images as well. These give us a great look at a few of the exclusives. We'll post those links and names after the jump for those that want to remain surprised. Be aware, if you click the headline or thumbnail, you will see the figure images.
Views: 2,913 / Credit: Autobot City Comics 2008 & Jacer of the 2005 Boards!

Botcon Figure Number 5 Revealed

Posted on 04-27-2015 at 10:38 AM by Joe Moore under Conventions
Botcon-2015-Oilmaster We have the final figure revealed from the Botcon 2015 Surprise Egg reveals. If you don't want to know more, then stop reading now.

All clear? Good. They have revealed Oilmaster, with his very own Pretender Shell! The shell opens up to reveal the figure pieces inside. Uses the Generations Swerve figure for the base Oilmaster robot. Check out the video below.

We now know that Boss Fight Studio helped with the all new Mecha-Gorilla Pretender Shell.

Views: 5,652 / Credit: Grimlockimus of the 2005 Boards!
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