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BOTCON 2012 Hasbro Display Case Kre-O and Bot Shots

Posted on 04-27-2012 at 03:07 PM by DESTRO under Conventions
The second round of images is up from the BotCon coverage team! These images include Transformers Kre-O and Transformrs Bot Shots.
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Images for BOTCON 2012 Hasbro Display Case Kre-O and Bot Shots

Where's the Kre-Os?

Disappointing... only showing up through wave 2.

I'm still on the fence about Thundercracker. Probably getting Mirage, though. But I want to see more of Thundercracker to figure out what the plastic color is.

EDIT: Oh, looks like they were still updating. Still, only pictures of Wheeljack... I'd imagine that in a few more minutes there will be more.
Yeah, I'm getting a weird feeling that this thread was mis-titled. That, or the Kre-O pictures just aren't showing up for what ever reason.
Originally Posted by Soundwinder View Post
Where's the Kre-Os?
Should be up soon. The other BotCon thread (i.e. with Prime/Generations stuff) kept updating the pics, so the Kre-Os should be up probably be up momentarily.
weres the kre-O
There are a few Kre-O pics at the end. It is mainly Kre-O TF Prime Wheeljack.

I like that Cody finally is being made into the Rescue Bots line
Kre-O Wheeljack? Cool.
I guess I wont be getting Devastator
Kre-o Wheeljack looks like an instant buy! And the pics of Devastator have my wallet itching
are these all the KRE-Os????
Originally Posted by tfprime32 View Post
are these all the KRE-Os????
Kre-o starts at pic 44
Surprisingly, I like all the Bot Shots and Kre-Os. Devastator looks like ass combined but the individual Constructicons look pretty cool actually.
Man, I love Vortex except for his completely random color scheme. It looks like a kit built from leftover pieces with how poorly it matches.
Kre O Knockout and Devatator are the best thing.
Prime Jetscream
So, Kreon Prime Bee is the one WITH a mouth? Hasbro, you fail.
Ultra BuckNutz
Good to see that the Hound Kreon was apparently just to taunt me and will never be a reality.
Originally Posted by Ultra BuckNutz View Post
Good to see that the Hound Kreon was apparently just to taunt me and will never be a reality.
Looks like the Kreon Autotroopers' helmets are a dead giveaway, seeing as they look like Hound's.
Bot Shots are crack. I have to keep an eye out for wave two.

Thank Primus, though, that Kre-O's are so damn expensive...otherwise I'd be in trouble. And I hope they don't ever do a G1 Jetfire Kre-O..or I'll be done for.
Why does the Vortex Kreon have a soundwave head?
and seriously? Bumblebee repaints in Kreo?
I do believe i want the KRE-O display.

It's a thing of pure beauty. I've seen Lego's Displays and this thing blows their's away.

I want those buildings and as i said, that whole display.

Very nice job of setting it up, i really dig on the angle they chose.
Is it just me, or is someone finally putting these things into poses?

Wheeljack's pose cracked me up my ass. It almost makes me want to get him because of how much his pose looks like dancing. It must be intentional.
Originally Posted by SPLIT LIP View Post
Wheeljack's pose cracked me up my ass.
I think there's a cure for that. Just buy a Bumblebee Shelfwarmer and apply 3 times daily.
No more Rescue Bots!?!
Originally Posted by MidnightBliss View Post
No more Rescue Bots!?!
Actually I'm surprised they got the new Jail break and Fire Truck sets, however the show accurate Cody makes we think maybe we'll see some show accurate toys sooner or later.

The Kre-O's though, they're interesting and it's nice to see they're giving more variety in TF's, but I bought most of the first line, and rarely will they stand up in robot mode. Unless they changed the hinge quality, I'll probably have to pass on them.
I guess I'm the only one that thinks the new Kre-o's look like crap
Like Wheeljack.
Devs, WJ v. KO, and Vortex WILL BE MINE.

Think getting the old BB and old Megs to use for parts in Devs and for a hatchback 'bee would work?
Is it just me, or does Kreo Devastator's head look really damn small?

RedAlert Rescue
Lots more pics at tformers if your looking for botshots and rescuebots pics :

I just noticed thre that the Chase "Bots and Robbers" Rescue Bots playset comes with an exclusive criminal figure - so our first Rescuebot villan then of sorts ; Also the Chase with the Set is actually Blue as well.

Transformers News Reviews Movies Comics and Toys -
Autotroopers confirmed as TFA homage.

I just can't let go of that show.
Man, I'm totally geeking out over that Kre-O city. I guarantee it was both equally fun and a major pain in the ass to build/set up.
RedAlert Rescue
I was hoping the Vehicons would defect to the Autobot side and become Autotroopers or they'd show up under the command or Ultra Magnus & Ironhide (and or Kup) on the show.

Curious lack of even the Chinese Prime stuff we know about like Dead End, Airachnid and so on.

Hopefully they will at least show us Breakdown properly before the end of the show.

I think this is the Last Botcon that is going to matter as a news event in any meaningful way the recent Asian show beat this one easily in terms of presentation.

And China looks like it's getting 90% of the same Stuff as America and a whole lot of extras beside. It makes the Hasbro USA offerings a bit thin on the ground by comparison.

Especially with a current lack of any (or many) store exclusives.
Autobot Burnout
My Impressions:

Bot Shots - Looking good. I was not aware the Acid Storm set included a Nemesis Prime. Now I want it even more. Also, I'm impressed at the new molds, really liking Brawl and torn on which version to get (regular desert camo or the green one from the battle pack).

Rescue Bots - Holy crap, CODY is the first human in this line that's actually from the show? Not like that's a bad thing, since he's one of the rare human kid characters who isn't annoying or useless. Hopefully this means the rest of the Burns family will get toys, too.

Kre-O: Wheeljack had me laughing, I'll admit. These things look SO much better when decently posed, something Hasbro finally seems to be catching on to. Not to hot on Devestator himself, but I LOVE the individual Constructicon robot modes, very cool. The purple helicopter guy looks awesome, I might need to pick him up simply to call him Spinster (Vortex is already taken by the FoC figure for me). The Giant Kre-O city is possibly even cooler than the cyberverse set-up, because it actually puts these things into action poses and looks just like something you'd find at a LegoLand.
Prime Jetscream
Am I the only one who noticed that on the Street Showdown Kre-O box it says Knock Out is an Autobot?
Originally Posted by Prime Jetscream View Post
Am I the only one who noticed that on the Street Showdown Kre-O box it says Knock Out is an Autobot?
spoiler alert?
I can't wait for the new Bot Shots. They make great desk toys.
I haven't really been into Kre-o too much, but I must say these new ones look much nicer.

Of course that's beside the point, I want that fucking Devastator

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