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Botcon 2012 Guest: Buster Jones

Posted on 04-04-2012 at 12:34 AM by ORIO under Conventions
Botcon has updated their website with the next announced guest for this years conventions. Buster Jones, voice of Generation 1 Blaster, will be in attendance this year! Buster has also done work on G.I.Joe, Ghostbusters and Challenge Of The Super Friends.

Botcon 2012 will be held later this month in Dallas, Texas from the 26th-29th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
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Didn't see that coming.
I ain't going this year, but kewl. Always nice to see someone new to the TF convention scene.
Awesome. Love Blaster.
"Look out and shout. Ow."
Hollywood Hoist
Another new signature for my Transformers movie poster.
Now that's a first!
Blaster, the other dude as cool and laid back as Jazz.
I wish I were back home now, I would have made the effort to go for sure.
Glad to hear some good news about Botcon!

I look forward to asking Buster if he has lightning in his pants.
I'm thinking about asking him if he ever found out about Twincast......
It's always cool to see first time guests come. I look forward to meeting him and hopefully he enjoys his time there.
Prowl 2009
Awesome news! Love Blaster!
unicron's blues
Originally Posted by Primus5289 View Post
Awesome. Love Blaster.
"Look out and shout. Ow."
One of the coolest voices of the G1 era
Autobot City Comics 2008
its really sad that this thread is not getting the attention it should b/c of the fan art not being allowed on another thread but it will be great to meet Buster Jones and get my Blaster signed
Ask him what he REALLY thought of Carnage in C Minor...
Gammatron 64
Buster Jones is an awesome name, btw.
Autovolt 127
Hey what has Buster been up to these days? He doesn't seem like he's done any voice roles in a while?

Blaster was cool even if he was just another Jazz expy.

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