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Monstrosity TPB and RiD Volume 5 To be Released in December 2013

Posted on 08-06-2013 at 12:29 PM by Tim Formas under Comics
Amazon has posted new listings for the Monstrosity TPB (Trade Paperback) and Robots in Disguise Volume 5 TPB. The Monstrosity TPB will be released in December, following the original release of all twelve issues on-line and the four issues of print release. The Robots in Disguise TPB includes Issues 17 through 22 of the series. No cover has been released yet for either TPB, but all details regarding the TPBs can be found on the Monstrosity TPB and Robots in Disguise Volume 5 TPB pages of our Comics Resource Section.
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has there been any noise on if "The IDW Collections" are going to continue? Usually the next one crops up not too long after the last one is released...
Nothing solid. Anything at this point is just speculation.

Since there's none listed in Amazon, the next one would be is for the January solicitations. Combine that with the usual delays, I'd say March '14
dang, I wonder what the hold up is ~ seems like they always sell out, I'd think with the double-series plus spotlights, they'd want to get moving ~ we're about 3 volumes behind at this point (40 issues of regular series plus spotlights), we'd be almost another one behind by the time the next one comes out...

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