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IDW Collections Volume 7: pre-order

Posted on 04-14-2012 at 09:02 PM by process under Comics
womp-womp has listed the IDW Collections Volume 7 for pre-order, due out later this year. The product page lists the following will be included in this hardcover set:

The Transformers: Drift
The Transformers: Infestation #1 and #2
The Transformers: #7 thru #18

Transformers: Drift has already been published in the IDW Collections Volume 4, and we suspect that is most likely supposed to be The Transformers: Ironhide miniseries.

We'll be sure to post the actual content, as well as the cover art, when we find out more.
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Baron Prime
I just preordered it several hours ago. Are they reprinting the Drift mini again? We got that in Volume 4.
Drift is just THAT cool...
I'm a sucker for these hardbound volumes. Pre-ordered.
Baron Prime
Originally Posted by bennydeckersac View Post
Drift is just THAT cool...
oh no.........
Oooh Infestation! Can't wait to get my hands on that. Still lurking for Volume 4, however. I'd like to read Drift finally.
I just want Drift!
Might have to look into getting these...altho I noticed volume 4 on Amazon is going for over $200...did they just make that limited or something? Geez!
Originally Posted by MaxxieOD View Post
Might have to look into getting these...altho I noticed volume 4 on Amazon is going for over $200...did they just make that limited or something? Geez!
More than likely volumes 1-3 have had further printings that volume 4 has yet to receive. Each successive volume will always drop a % of sales so comic publishers try there best to estimate that and print to an assumed demand based of previous sales drops.... But since it's become apparant that these IDW HC collections have become an ongoing thing not just a line collecting the furman early years, fans who may have given them a pass initially have come chasing the lot..... Demand enough to reprint the first 3 but not yet the 4th. IDW also have one of the worst track records for low print runs which always ramps up the secondary market price until they get more printed.

As well as transformers I'm also a rabid comic fan you see.
Ug, I don't need to get Drift a third time, but Infestation? Oh yes. Considering I've already got 1-5 and 6 on preorder, I guess I can't skip this one anyway, huh?
I bet Drift is a misprint and it's the Ironhide series. Ironhide falls in place right chronologicaly.

amazon misprinted (I think) Volume 2 with containing Spotlight Soundwave, which was in Vol 1, and it instead had Spotlight Optimus Prime, which was "missing" from any volume listing on Amazon.
Yes, it's definitely a misprint. I believe they chose to push out Drift in an earlier volume so IDW could better compile all the ongoing issues.

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