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Posted on 10-03-2012 at 09:39 PM by Shin Densetsu under Comics
We have a new press release to share with you from IDW Publishing. IDW will be launching a new line of limited books called IDW Limited. While the 1st release is for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers editions are planned for later release(s).

IDW Limited is a series of limited edition, hand numbered collections, aimed at collectors. Some will includes sketches, and the production numbers are very low. These are top of the line collections with unique content. Read on to read the press release, and to learn more about IDW Limited.


SAN DIEGO, CA (October 3rd, 2012) – IDW Publishing is thrilled to announce the launch of IDW Limited, a new division that will specialize in producing high-end, collectible editions of their wide catalog of books. Catering to the loyal and committed fans that have helped make IDW a success, IDW Limited books will feature unique elements like original sketches and creator signatures on luxuriously designed packaging not available anywhere else. These top-of-the-line rarities will aim to enhance and expand existing books, providing beautiful reading and collecting experiences fans will be proud to display on their shelves.The first book offered from IDW Limited ( will be the four-issue collection of IDW’s best-selling new series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1, Change Is Constant. The Deluxe Limited Edition will be released in three tiers, each with extremely low quantities available exclusively through the IDW limited website, Fans can expect original signatures from TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman, series artist Dan Duncan, and series writer Tom Waltz, as well as unique sketch art from Dan Duncan packaged with each book in a specially hand-constructed, deluxe case.

“This edition of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Vol. 1: Change Is Constant is nothing short of spectacular,” said Kevin Eastman, co-creator of TMNT. “The Turtles have been presented in a variety of formats over the years, but this book is truly a prized collector’s item for Turtle fans.”

IDW Limited books are offered in multiple tiers so that fans can select the degree of collectability that is important to them. Each print run is hand-numbered and strictly limited. All three tiers include a signature plate signed by the book’s creators. In addition to signatures, collectors can expect the following:

-Red Label Edition is limited to 175 copies, features a custom cover, is housed in a limited edition slipcase and paired with an artist’s portfolio containing a unique, spot-color sketch of one of the Ninja Turtles done by series artist Dan Duncan.

-Black Label Edition is limited to 25 copies featuring the IDW Limited custom cover and is housed in a hand-built traycase, along with an artist’s portfolio containing a multi-color illustration of two classic TMNT characters by series artist Dan Duncan.

-Blue Label Edition, the rarest tier being offered, is limited to only 10 copies! For this special version, series artist Dan Duncan will be creating full-color illustrations of the entire Turtle team in action. Each book is packaged with the IDW Limited cover inside a hand-built tray case.

According to Jerry Bennington, IDW Limited’s Director, “We wanted to give fans a top-of-the-line creative experience with the books they love in a truly special format.” He went on to add, “These rare editions will not only be special and limited in quantity, they’ll also include unique content found nowhere else. This may be the only way most fans could ever hope to own a signature, sketch or illustration from one of their favorite artists or creators.”

In addition to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, fans can also expect a complete line of limited edition books and merchandise of their favorite titles including Transformers, G.I. Joe, Alan Robert’s Crawl To Me and menton3’s Monocyte this fall, and many more to follow.

Fans are encouraged to visit to sign up for their free newsletter
to receive updates and learn more about the company and its top selling books.

TMNT: CHANGE IS CONSTANT DELUXE LIMITED EDITION (RED-$125.00/BLACK-$250.00/BLUE-$350.00; 192 pages; 9” x 12”; hardcover) is now available for pre-order.
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While I love the new TMNT comics, I don't love it enough to pay $125/$250/$350. =O
Just got into the IDW TMNT bandwagon myself. Not sure if I can justify that much for a book when I need to save money for Encore Fort Max.
meh. I'd be all over it if they could get their act together and start offering TF comics on comixology again in my country.
Until then, IDW gets nothing from me at least
Will definitely have the Comics Factory order these if they make these editions for Transformers.
The TMNT set looks great. If I was a comic collector or a huge TMNT fan I would be all over it. It is great about Transformers as well, although I haven't really been wowed enough by anything IDW has done with them to drop the cash on it.
Obsidian X
Uh oh..
I hope the Transformers collections are of the Bumblebee miniseries or Heart of Darkness so won't feel an urge to own them.
The new Turtles are pretty enjoyable but personally I don't need this (thank God).
Chris Campbell
I love me some Transformers, but my first love is high-end collected editions, so I ordered the Black Label edition. Which is good, because both the Blue and Black are now sold out...
Thanfully these don't tempt me at all, adn the only customer I had ask about them balked at the price and the fact that no stores will be carrying them, they are direct from IDW only.
Originally Posted by LegendAntihero View Post
Will definitely have the Comics Factory order these if they make these editions for Transformers.
We're working on some very cool Transformers projects now!

FYI, the Limited books are direct to consumer through the site only.
So wait, are they going to have to mail all the books to the respective creators to get them sketched and signed, and then back to the distribution centre? Or are they going to just have a "certificate" or sketch or whatever inside that the creators just sign and mail in to be inserted into the books? Or will it simply be reproductions of those things? Because the latter two would be significantly lamer.

I'm sorry, but this strikes me as less of a way of IDW to "thank" its fans or whatever, and more an attempt to offer the kinds of things an artist usually provides in person or through correspondence to their fans (and usually, that they profit from). This sounds like a lot of extra work for their artists/writers, and I hope those guys see a cut or some sort of benefit from this.

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