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Bot Shots Wave 5 Released at US Retail

Posted on 09-02-2012 at 02:55 PM by Sol Fury under Bot Shots
A bit of sightings news for you now - the fifth wave of Transformers Bot Shots has been released at US retail! Wave 5 consists of the Movieverse Wrecker Roadbuster, a Dark of the Moon themed Megatron, plus Skywarp, Bumblebee with his Generation 1 toy face, and the chase for the assortment is a translucent purple version of Shockwave. These five were spotted at the Harrisburg, PA Walmart.

Happy hunting everyone!
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My son just needs Skywarp and Roadbuster... Maybe the new BB.
Shockwave as the clear one?
Originally Posted by Thundershot View Post

My son just needs Skywarp and Roadbuster... Maybe the new BB.
Yeah, I was pretty surprised. I was actually looking for the new legion figures when I went in.

Originally Posted by TrueNomadSkies View Post
Shockwave as the clear one?
Yes, Shockwave is the chase figure. I think he actually looks pretty nice. Need to put him up against the one from the 3 pack to see which one I like better.
Shoot, I found these last night! I was too excited about finding my Kup and Rumble to say anything! This wave is awesome. Gonna get them all!
Starscream Gaga
Bot Shots are too amazing. Retro G1 Bumblebee? So awesome.
I can't wait, but we still don't have Wave 4 here in Australia yet... Still a long wait yet!
Pravus Prime
Can anyone post chase Shockwaves stats? (Fist, Sword, Blaster numbers)
Still need to find Wave 4...
Originally Posted by Nope View Post
Still need to find Wave 4...
Try K-Mart if you've got one nearby. Seen them at every K-Mart I've been to.
FatalT 71
Christ. Another Megatron? And another Bee?

Yes, buying them all....
Originally Posted by Pravus Prime View Post
Can anyone post chase Shockwaves stats? (Fist, Sword, Blaster numbers)
Chase Shockwave:
Fist 300, Blaster 995, Sword 330

In case anyone wants to know the others:

Fist 610, Blaster 390, Sword 620

Fist 800, Blaster 520, Sword 300

Fist 620, Blaster 160, Sword 830

Fist 320, Blaster 695, Sword 605
Oh wow, that was quick. I still need to find the chase Optimus too. Hopefully that becomes easier to find was easier to find the chase Bumblebee and Megs when the next wave hit retail around here.
Ah! I need to get Skywarp!
I love that bot shots is the line to finally give us all the movie wreckers weaponized
Originally Posted by ORIO View Post
I love that bot shots is the line to finally give us all the movie wreckers weaponized
It's pretty neat. I'm happy to have the seekers all from the same line.
GAH! The chase Shockwave's out already???
Last Wave Till Next Year, I'm still hoping for more 3-packs and Launchers
just what we need ANOTHER BB!!! woohooo //////

anyways glad to see skywarp & roadbuster to complete 2 teams
This is news? Damn, I should've posted. I bought my Skywarp yesterday!
only need shockwave.
I just found Starscream w/launcher the other day!! I gotta start looking for Skywarp.

Autovolt 127
Man waves are comming out of the wazoo right now.
RedAlert Rescue
I would like a large G1 style Trailer for Weaponizer Prime that doubles as a botshots carry case.
I grabbed shockwave today. Very cool botshot.
I saw these at TRU yesterday and only bought Thundercracker and the Chase Shockwave because they looked cool. They had Skywarp also.
Damn, I was just at WM and didn't check...I needs that Skywarp!
Ooh, the Super Bot is Shockwave? Sweet, didn't really want to buy that three pack just for Shocky.

Also, really tempted to get that Bumblebee.
Just amazing they actually released all 3 seekers using the same mold in the same line at regular retail store. Can't think of the last time that happened.
Dang, haven't seen Wave 4 yet. Okay, more to come!! Yay.
I found all but shockwave tonight, and the whole wave of prime series 2 cyberverse which I bought on a whim and love them! now I want series 1~
Yes! Looking forward to finding these.
I need translucent Shockwave and of course battle-mask-down Bumblebee. The others look nice too, might also get them.
Just found the clear chase Shockwave and Skywarp at the Prince Frederick MD walmart! Was a nice surprise this morning as I've been wanting Skywarp.
Found Skywarp at a WalMart last night. The seeker mold is my favorite in this line, and it's too awesome how many variations we've gotten already.

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