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Beast Wars

Lucky Draw Beast Convoy

Posted on 03-14-2009 at 12:16 PM by XJunky under Beast Wars
goldprimal22 TFW member ultraconvoy has provided images of the very first Lucky Draw from Beast Wars: Beast Convoy (Optimus Primal). There are only 10 of these in existence! Take a look at all the images by clicking on the thumbnail.
Views: 6,925 / Credit: ultraconvoy of the 2005 Boards!

New Robot Heroes Revealed: Tigatron vs Inferno, Ricochet vs Predaking

Posted on 11-29-2008 at 09:37 PM by Super_Megatron under Beast Wars
Robot-Heroes-Picture Thanks to Allsparker KidTDragon for this scan from Diamond previews magazine revealing the first look at Tigatron vs Inferno and Ricochet vs Predak 2-packs. Also included are images of Snarl vs Sharkticon, Cheetor vs Tankor, Perceptor vs Hardshell, Optimus Prime vs Megatron and Prowl vs Laserbeak. Click the thumbnail for a better look.
Views: 14,246 / Credit: Icespark of the 2005 Boards!

Beast Wars Optimal Optimus Unpainted Black Prototype on Ebay

Posted on 10-09-2008 at 03:22 PM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
DSCF8991 Here is something that you do not see every day - 2005 Boards member SashaShame has listed an auction for a Prototype Hardcopy Black Optimal Optimus, from Beast Wars. This item, one of only two that can be confirmed to exist, is an "unpainted injection-molded hardcopy test shot prototype", a piece that originally came from the collection of one of Hasbro and Takara's designers. Be sure to click on the link above to check out the auction and a chance to own a rare piece of Transformers history.
Views: 8,817 / Credit: SashaShame of the 2005 Boards!

Unreleased Image of Fun Publications' Dawn of Future's Past Megatron Profile Pictures

Posted on 08-19-2008 at 09:54 AM by Tim Formas under Beast Wars
pbwmeg Fun Publications have released an image that was done for their Transformers Timelines Issue 1 "Dawn of Future's Past" comic but ultimately never used. The image features profile images of the pre-Beast Wars Megatron in his regular robot mode, Cybertronian vehicle mode, and the empty exosuit that was featured in the comic. The lines were done by Marcelo Matere, with colors by Nick Roche. Click on the image to the left for the full-sized art work.
Views: 11,967 / Credit: Pete@BotCon of the 2005 Boards!

TFW2005 Interview with Garry Chalk the Voice of Optimus Primal

Posted on 04-22-2008 at 03:21 PM by Super_Megatron under Beast Wars
chalk Garry Chalk is best known to Transformers fans as the voice of Optimus Primal in Beast Wars and Beast Machines as well as Optimus Prime in Transformers Armada, Energon and Cybertron. TFW2005 content contributor aksmth recently had a chance to interview Mr. Chalk. You can check out the interview here: TFW2005 Interviews Transformers Voice Actor Garry Chalk! Enjoy!
Views: 3,053 / Credit: aksmth of the 2005 Boards!

Pre Beast Wars Cryotek Bio now online at Transformers Collectors Club

Posted on 01-19-2008 at 05:11 PM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
40597479282112195d The Transformers Collector's Club has updated with an exclusive More than Meets the Eye styled bio for the Predacon Criminal Overlord Cryotek, who featured in the "Theft of the Golden Disk" CG movie. Visit the Transformers Collector's Club to find out more about this intriguing villain. Please note, you need to be an active member of the Collector's Club to access this content, click here to visit the club homepage and find out more about how to join.
Views: 4,758 / Credit: highlander3000

Beast Wars Prequel Theft of the Golden Disk Has Been Released

Posted on 01-09-2008 at 07:26 AM by Deefuzz under Beast Wars
394714784cb3a1630b The Official Transformers Collector's Club has updated with embedded YouTube videos for the Beast Wars prequel, Theft of the Golden Disk. Head on over to the Transformers Club website to see both parts of the movie by clicking on the following link: Fun Publications - Theft of the Golden Disk
Views: 4,967 / Credit: Victorysabre

Theft of the Golden Disk Beast Wars Prequel Trailer on You Tube

Posted on 12-14-2007 at 01:58 PM by Super_Megatron under Beast Wars
The never-before told tale of the Theft of the Golden Disk from Transformers: Beast Wars made its debut at Botcon 2007. Soon, the 15-minute episode featuring David Kaye (Megatron) will be available for members at The trailer for the animated prequel to Beast Wars is now available on YouTube.
Views: 5,115 / Credit: Trentulas

Transformers Beast Wars Neo Lucky Draw Gold Big Convoy Toy

Posted on 11-28-2007 at 12:02 AM by REDLINE under Beast Wars
45088474d042fc82ed TF@TM has managed to land the extremely rare Big Convoy gold Lucky Draw figure, and has taken a really nice gallery of this awesome find. To gaze on the first ever pictures of this rare treat, click on the link: TF@TM. To discuss this topic, click on the "read-on" link below.
Views: 6,214 / Credit: TF@TM

Incredibly Rare Green Ramulus on Ebay

Posted on 08-26-2007 at 09:18 PM by Kickback under Beast Wars
3941346d234640d952 Every generation of Transformers has that hard-to-find, super-rare piece. Generation 1 has the packaging variants for the Targetmasters and test-market giftsets, Generation 2 had the unreleased G2 Stunticons and Protectobots, so it's only fitting that Beast Wars has one of its own - Green Ramulus. The figure was itself was created all the way to the testing phase, with only four known figures existing. Now you can have a chance to own a rare piece of the Beast Wars collection. Check out the auction by clicking here!
Views: 3,696

Beast Wars Profile Books Preview Image

Posted on 07-23-2007 at 03:06 PM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
4059746a50841e1102 Chris Ryall has posted a preview image from the upcoming Beast Wars Profile Books on the IDW Forum. The preview shows the profile for the Predacon Bazooka, a character from the Japanese series Beast Wars Neo, and it appears to stay very true to his original bio while reconciling him with the established US Beast Wars continuity.
Views: 4,890 / Credit: Chris Ryall of IDW Publishing

Transformers Club's "Razor's Edge" Story Now Online!

Posted on 07-09-2007 at 09:21 PM by Dreweido under Beast Wars
The long-awaited story from Transformers guru Ben Yee (with an assist from Pete Sinclair) is available on The Official Transformers Collector's Club website available for members only. It features the tale of the Club Exclusive Airrazor in her very own story and features all-new art by Jake Isenberg and Thomas Deer. Ben Yee is working with Simon Furman on the upcoming IDW Beast Wars profiles books and was a consultant on the Beast Wars show!
Views: 3,294

Beast Wars 2007 - Rhinox in Package Images + Image of BoldFang

Posted on 04-24-2007 at 11:02 AM by Deefuzz under Beast Wars
39471462e28f06240a Thanks to our own firstpredacon for giving us the latest update from Fan-to-Fan which is in regards to the Beast Wars 2007 line. We now are shown the first images of Boldfang which is the Predacon version of Wolfang. Also in the update is the first images of Rhinox in package, which has been reported as released. To see these images and discuss this topic click here.

Thanks to 2005 Boards Member firstpredacon for the news.
Views: 2,242

Two more Japanese Beast Wars Reissues - Gimlet and Motorarm

Posted on 04-15-2007 at 02:29 PM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
TF @ TM is reporting that the next two releases in Takara's Beast Wars reissue series will be Gimlet and Motorarm, better known in the US as Sea Clamp and Ramhorn. They are due for release in August. Click on the discuss button above or click here to talk about this story.

Thanks to Transformers @ The Moon for the news.
Views: 2,708 / Credit: Transformers @ The Moon

eHobby Updates With Images Of Nike And Beast Wars Reissues

Posted on 03-04-2007 at 12:10 AM by Razerwire under Beast Wars
4284545ea60dc805e8 eHobby has updated their website with new images of the Nike Transformers Optimus Prime and Megatron. Along with those images, new postings of the Takara Re-Issue Beast Wars figures have also surfaced at eHobby. The Beast Wars figures include: Robot Master Beast Convoy, Robot Master Beast Megatron, Cheetor, Waspinator, Dinobot, Blackarachnia, Beast Wars Neo Archadis and Beast Wars Neo Corhada. Click here to check out the original thread or here for the current discussion!

Thanks to Transformers @ The Moon for the news.
Views: 2,724 / Credit: Transformers @ The Moon
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