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Beast Wars

News and info related to the Beast Wars show and toys. Includes Hall of Fame inductees, DVD and Blu Ray releases, Lucky Draw galleries, Collectors Club expanded universe info, Robot Heroes, and 10th Anniversary details.

Beast Wars Megatron's Christmas Wish

Posted on 12-25-2014 at 12:59 AM by SilverOptimus under Beast Wars
David Kaye is back as the voice of Beast Wars Megatron to wish Transformers Fans a Merry Christmas. This time Tara Strong joins him as Bubbles from Power Puff Girls (although this newsie secretly wish that she was the Rubber Ducky).

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Beast Wars Second Galvatron Design Sketches

Posted on 09-27-2014 at 05:53 AM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
Bydxq8HCAAIORa9 Hisashi Yuki has shared a real blast from the past on his Twitter account, TFYuki. He's posted up some of the original pen concept sketches for Beast Wars Second Galvatron. Beast Wars Second (or BWII as some know it) diverged from the US Beast Wars continuity and introduced a host of new characters. Galvatron was the Destron leader in this series, a triple changer who possessed dragon and drill tank forms. These sketches show the earliest ideas of Galvatron, from the first concepts that Galvatron with the drill as one of his arms to the finalized design.

Check them out attached to this post.
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30 Years of Transformers in 30 Days - 1999

Posted on 04-23-2014 at 12:00 PM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
1999 1999 was the fifteenth anniversary of the Transformers brand, an occasion that went largely unmarked save for a recognition at Botcon 1999 (which was also the fifth anniversary of Botcon). Beast Wars reached its climax, concluding with a finale written by long time Transformers comics scribe Simon Furman, and the toyline carried on and developed the Transmetals theme with Transmetal 2s. Japan meanwhile got a double-whammy of new series this year with a dub of Beast Wars seasons 2 and 3 as “Beast Wars Metals” as well as the Japan-only series Beast Wars Neo, which had its own toyline populated almost exclusively with new and Japan-only toys.
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30 Years of Transformers in 30 Days - 1998

Posted on 04-22-2014 at 12:00 PM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
1998 1998 arrived and Beast Wars entered its third year. This was the year that the Beast Wars series truly came of age, with episode after episode that continually show up on fan’s “favorite episode” lists, and some of the very best toys of the Beast era, the Transmetals. Japan meanwhile took their own path once again with a new cel-animated series “Beast Wars Second”, complete with some new Japan only toy releases.
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30 Years of Transformers in 30 Days - 1997

Posted on 04-21-2014 at 12:00 PM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
1997 1997 arrived and the Beast Wars entered their second year. The toys developed and became more complex, dropping some elements such as battlemasks and flip-changers, but also bringing back limited triple changing and combiners. Transformers returned to Japan once again with “Beast Wars: Super Robot Lifeform Transformer”, both as a toyline and also for the first time in seven years, a cartoon (albeit a dub of Mainframe’s work heavy on adlibbing). Amid all of this, the first Botcon Japan was held, and Kenner experimented with bringing back vehicle Transformers with the Machine Wars…
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30 Years of Transformers in 30 Days - 1996

Posted on 04-20-2014 at 12:00 PM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
1996 With the demise of Transformers Generation 2, the Transformers brand once again faced oblivion, and this time, it looked like Transformers might disappear from store shelves worldwide. Hasbro decided to take a gamble and hand the brand over to their subsidiary, Kenner, who had made the Star Wars and Super Powers lines in the 70s and 80s, and was doing well with Batman at the time. The result was a complete rebooting of the Transformers franchise. Cars, jets and other vehicles gave way to realistic animals with molded fur texture. Subgroups disappeared and line-wide size classes were established. Articulation on a level with the Cyberjets and other later Generation 2 designs became the norm.

The Beast Wars had begun.
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Beast Wars Voice Actor Campbell Lane Has Passed Away

Posted on 02-08-2014 at 03:23 PM by Mechafire under Beast Wars
Campbell_lane We here at TFW2005 are very sad to learn that voice actor Campbell Lane - the voice of fan-favorite character Beast Wars Rampage - has passed away.

TFW2005 offers its sincere condolences to Campbell's family and friends. Please feel free to leave your own condolences in the discussion thread.

Rest in peace, sir. 1939-2014
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TFW's Timelines Ultra Mammoth Gallery Now Online

Posted on 11-14-2013 at 02:57 PM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
UltraMammothRobot54 The Transformers Collector's Club round out the first year of the Transformers Figure Subscription Service with Ultra Mammoth! Ultra Mammoth is a redeco of Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy, who was originally developed as a Japan only mold, and was later redecoed as the Transformers Universe Nemesis Prime. Ultra Mammoth though, as the name suggests, is a Beast Wars version of Ultra Magnus, and he looks the part with Ultra Magnus' red white and blue deco.

Being a redeco of Big Convoy also means that Ultra Mammoth is exceedingly well armed, with flip out tonfa under his arms, a huge bazooka that is longer than Mammoth is tall, two missile launchers on the ankles and more missile pods molded into the shoulders. And given that this mold was originally a Beast Wars Ultra class toy, it's reassuringly big. The deco is top-notch, and brings the character to life exceedingly well. And while yes the missiles on the leg panels are remolded, and therefore the launchers cannot conceal in beast mode while loaded, that's a small point and one that is forgiveable enough, given how excellent everything else on this toy is. See for yourself, and check out our gallery:

Transformers Figure Subscription Service Ultra Mammoth Gallery

Overall Ultra Mammoth is a great toy to round out what has been a promising first year for the Transformers Figure Subscription Service. Once the initial hiccups were resolved and the figures started to make it into the hands of fans, they proved to be some good and well thought out exclusive redecos. This fan very much looks forward to the promise of an even better second year.
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TFW's Timelines Depth Charge Gallery Now Online

Posted on 10-13-2013 at 10:32 AM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
DepthChargeRobot55 This year's membership renewal freebie from the Transformers Collectors Club was Depth Charge. Depth Charge was a Maximal from Beast Wars, who journeyed to Earth in pursuit of his nemesis, Protoform X, aka Rampage. In the same style as Fun Publications' past Beast Wars "Dawn of Futures Past" Botcon exclusives, Depth Charge here is realized with a vehicular mode, using the Hunt for the Decepticons Terradive mold.

Timelines Depth Charge is a great figure and really works well on the mold. This is a straight-up redeco - there is no new head tooling or anything involved, just new colors - but the deco works so well that there is no questioning that this is a version of Depth Charge. The jet mode also perfectly recalls the manta ray alternate mode of the original Beast Wars Depth Charge, and even the trident accessory, with its connotations of the sea, works well with this toy.

Timelines Depth Charge is an amazing deco on an already great toy and is worthy of a place in any collection, either as a stand alone piece, or as a companion piece to the Botcon 2006 Dawn of Futures Past set or next year's Transformers Collectors Club exclusive, the aforementioned arch-rival Rampage!

Check out our gallery and see why this fan is raving about this toy!

Transformers Timelines Depth Charge Gallery
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Beast Wars: Transformers Season 2 Now Available on Netflix

Posted on 06-01-2012 at 07:17 PM by Secretcode under Beast Wars
413pflMfD2L_SL500_AA300_ Following up on the addition of Beast Wars Season 1 on Netflix a short while ago, Netflix has updated yet again with the addition of the second season to it's streaming library; joining the first season of the show, the original Generation 1 cartoon, and the first season of Transformers Prime.

STAFF UPDATE: and are also reporting that Beast Wars Season 3 will be available on Netflix on June 9th and Transformers Dark Of The Moon will be available on June 30th.
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Netflix Unleashes the Beast Wars!

Posted on 05-28-2012 at 02:47 PM by ORIO under Beast Wars
Beast_Wars_title_logo It's time to relive what is arguably one of the best Transformers series to date. Netflix is now offering Beast Wars season 1 for viewing pleasure! It's time to get reaquainted with some old favorites that have shaped the Transformers universe and fandom to date. So sit down, get some popcorn and enjoy the adventures of Optimus Primal, Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator and all the rest by clicking the link above!

Discuss this exciting news by clicking the title bar!
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Beast Wars - The Unpublished

Posted on 02-21-2012 at 09:18 PM by ORIO under Beast Wars
beastwars01_cover_don Fan favorite comic author, Simon Furman had updated his blog with an entry regarding Beast Wars comics. In this blog entry Simon discusses his involvement with Dreamwave's canceled Beast Wars comic and how he had plans to bring the main Beast Wars cast from the show back to Earth and how he had to tie into James McDonough's Summer Special story.

Simon ends this blog entry with this wonderful nugget of info:

having brought the scripts for (the unpublished) Age of Wrath #4 & 5 to light in the form of printed original scripts (for sale at conventions and elsewhere), I decided to unleash Beast Wars #1 (Dreamwave) this year. You’ll get to see quite how different things would have been, and how centric the core TV show cast would have been in the unfolding story. You’ll also get to see what I later salvaged for The Gathering, and how the Summer Special story got folded in. I’ll be toting the scripts around the country this year (see elsewhere and other blog entries for details), so come along and grab a piece of unpublished Transformers comics history.
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Germany To Get Beast Wars Season 1 On DVD

Posted on 02-21-2012 at 12:08 AM by ORIO under Beast Wars
51XV8W-_vLL Good news for German fans today! Ascot Elite Home Entertainment has announced that they will release the first season of Beast Wars on DVD. This marks the first time that all 26 Episodes will be available completly Uncut. Exciting news as many episodes jad edited fight scenes to tone down the violence. This set will include all 26 episodes of season one with german and english Dub. Currently, there is no word on bonus material yet. The Set will be released on April 24, 2012.

Click the title bar to check out the cover for the box set. Or, you can visit the preorder page here.
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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Posted on 12-22-2011 at 09:29 PM by Tony_Bacala under Beast Wars
It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas... Terrorize.

Awesome. Thanks to David Kaye for triggering a chuckle this pre-Xmas night.
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Shout Factory Beast Wars Season 2 and 3 Boxed Set Released Today

Posted on 10-04-2011 at 03:12 PM by Sol Fury under Beast Wars
82666312597 Today, October 4, marks another major release in the Transformers media calendar - because today is the day that Shout! Factory's Beast Wars Season 2 and 3 boxed set is released. Own the episodes that defined the show for a generation of Transformers fans, episodes such as Code of Hero, The Agenda, and the grand finale Nemesis, with the final episode penned by legendary Transformers writer Simon Furman. If you have never seen Beast Wars, what are you waiting for? This show was awesome back in the 90s and has stood the test of time as one of the very best Transformers shows ever made.

I leave you now with a defining quote from Hall of Fame 2010 fan's choice winner, Dinobot:

Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence.
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