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Transformers Animated Activators Cliffjumper & Dirge Released!

Posted on 05-07-2009 at 09:21 PM by Shin Densetsu under Animated
2005 boards member Bgrngod has found the newest Transformers Animated Activators figures, Cliffjumper & Dirge! While Dirge is a repaint of Starscream, Cliffjumper has an all new head! These figures were found in a Target in Oregon.

Click on the thumbnail to the left for evidence!
Views: 6,438 / Credit: Bgrngod of the 2005 Boards!
Optimus Prime
Cool, I've been somewhat wanting a Dirge. I'll have to check the local Target tomorrow.
Note that the DPCI is the same DPCI for all the Activators, not just these two.

Yup I picked up Ciffjumper earlier today in NH.
Oh cool. I May not have missed out on Cliffjumper afterall! Good news! Thanks
About time these were at retail. Hope I can find CJ.
We've had Dirge for months, but hopefully Cliffjumper shows up soon.
How do we have Dirge but not any of the Seekers already on TFA? I hope Dirge gets some screentime.
now wats funny, is i saw these guys early last week! XD i thought they had been out for a while, so i didnt think to report it.. and once i think about it, i might go back out and get cliffjumper. i dont have the bumblebee mold in activator form yet.
Dinobot Nuva
Thank the maker for Hasbrotoyshop, these guys have been chilling in my collection since February.
talk about late to the party.
thats news? ive had cliffjumper for ages
I saw Dirge a couple days ago at TRU. I'll be going back there tomorrow for the sale. Guess I'll keep an eye out for Cliffjumper.
Mr. Sparklebot
I thought these were supposed to be out a while ago? I still haven't seen Universe Legends for months either...
Ah well, I'll look out for Cliffjumper.
Didn't think this was news, these guys have been out for a while.
Well, judging by the thread over in the Toys forum many people have been looking for these for quite awhile. I am surprised so many responses have already indicated they've been seen in stores. They were indeed available on HTS for short time (like a day), and BBTS (in a bundle of 5 figures for $50+), so it makes sense that at least a few members here have them already, but I haven't seen any retails spottings until I tripped over them today. I wasn't even expecting it at all. I was hoping for ROTF figs and my arm just about popped out of the socket ripping these off the pegs. I've been long dreading having to go through Ebay for the painfully marked up prices. $30 a figure or something.
about freakin time!!!
Seriously! I've been looking for these for months! Looks like I need to start hunting again tomorrow.
and the hunt continues
Must have cliffjumper!
nOObiE do0
Think maybe they will release classics legends?
I found those 2 days ago in WA, didnt know it was new...oh well...
Shark Jumper
This isn't much news, they've been showing up randomly, but just not in large numbers.
>_< I still had to ask someone to buy Cliffjumper and Dirge for me seeing how most places I live near have decided to only have waves before Grimlock and Megatron.
OMG! You guys have those FINALLY.
I thought I missed out on Cliffjumper. Boy, do I feel stupid!
Maybe, just maybe this means Oklahoma was just late at getting the latest wave of Universe Legends.
I've been looking for these 2 for a long time. Hopefully this means they are getting a mass release soon.
Cool! Might pick up Cliffjumper. The Dirge looks odd though.
guard convoy
ugh bout time they reached full saturation, been looking for cliffjumper for a long time, only activator i want
its about time i need them now!
DAMN. A road trip to Target. Yay.
Yeah, I got Cliffjumper at Target 2 days ago.
I still think Activators are overpriced. The only other ones I'd buy are Bumblebee retools into Hubcap and Glyph.
Wait..... they were really that delayed in the States? We had Cliffjumper/Dirge for like MONTHS... wow.
these are brand new for you guys we have had them out here in Australia for months now, kid you not. Any one wants one send me a pm and I can try and pick you up one if you send me the cash if you're finding it difficult to get these guys.
0R10N P4X
This thread is hilarious. I think I got both in like December if not before that.
Wait a second. I saw these in local stores here in Lima, Peru, a month ago!!! And season 2 of the show is not in the air here yet!!!! I did not know they had not been sold in the US yet...
Originally Posted by FREEFALL View Post
Oh cool. I May not have missed out on Cliffjumper afterall! Good news! Thanks
yeah, and i may not have missed out on dirge!!! hell yeah...that's great i just gotta find a store thats restocking activators...maybe i'll hit the TRU behind my house tomorrow...
BB Shockwave
HUH? Only now?

They have been avaliable for months now in Europe...

Wish I could find them cheaper, though - ACtivators cost around 17$ in Hungary in most stores. TESCO sells them for 11$ but they do not have the last wave yet.
Going to drive up to target tomorrow. Was going to hold off buying anything till the ROTF line came out, but if it is for Cliffjumper, how could I say no?
I think people are missing the point that it's the first sighting in USA. I mean a couple guys in Washington found them too but I didn't see any pics in their thread, not that I not believe my Washington buddies mind you.

Check out where everyone lives that's had them for a while Canada, Australia, Asia, UK but they've only recently showe up in USA. We always get news about things showing up in other countries for the 'first time' after they come to America first so why is everyone so flip about this?
I was able to grab a Cliffjumper a couple of days ago, but they didn't have any Dirges. I assume you bought two for some customization? We are missing Ramjet and Femmescream in toy form...
It's about damn time. I hope I can find a Cliffjumper.

here in mexico they are already available along with grimlock and megatron... i'll pursahse some of does
I still can't find one for crap, if anyone in the states can get me one for retail, plus shipping, shoot me a PM please.
BB Shockwave
I'm still hoping they'll eventually do a Voyager-sized repaint of TC and Dirge - but if not, I'll repaint some cheap Starscreams/Sunstorms myself.

The fact that Sunstorm (and Shockwave) was mislabelled and is now on sale for as low as 10$ on Ebay sometimes makes him a likely candidate for a Ramjet repaint - but for TC, a Starscream is a better base.
They do exist!

Looks like I'll be taking my lucky Leprechaun's foot to the store with me.
In Italy Dirge and Cliffjumper was in store around a month ago, but I thinked that they just out in U.S. .... :-/
What tha hell...we have those two in Czech Republic from April.
With all the excitment for the movie products I damn near forgot about any animated merchandise.

I really do not care much for these activators. I think figures in the 3 3/4" scale are cool but for Transformer toys, it doesn't have the same effect.

I want to know when the new deluxes are in stores. It makes you wonder that with the movie figures coming out will Hasbro even bother with any more animated product?
brawl 56
those were out here in germany for over a month o.
About freakin time!!!!!! I have been after these guys for months!

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