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Prototype Photos of Alternity Megatron

Posted on 12-01-2008 at 08:20 AM by XJunky under Alternators
Some new prototype images of Alternity Megatron have been revealed on a new listing page on Amazon Japan. Interestingly, the photo of the Bot mode shows no fusion cannon. See for yourself by clicking picture on the left, than talk about it by clicking on the Discuss button below.
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Images for Prototype Photos of Alternity Megatron

Is that how he looks?That's so weak for a Decepticon leader.

Plus,shouldn't he be wielding an arm cannon?
Boo for the loss of the fusion cannon from the concept art. Otherwise it looks good but a little too much of GT-R's transformation scheme in the top half.
Digging the swords, but I too am lamenting the apparent loss of the cannon.
Yep.I wonder why they hate preserving old classic characteristics...
The designers/engineers followed the transformation of the GT-R so closely for Meg's upper body that he's also got the engine block attached to the back of his head but due to the shape of Meg's head, it looks like it'll stick out a lot more than on Convoy. Also, in place of the concept art's awesome fusion cannon, he's "inherited" Convoy's car seat twin barrel guns on both arms.

Overall, I'm quite disappointed after seeing the concept art but I'll probably still be getting the Blade Silver version.
So this is what you get when you mix animated megs with g1 bluestreak/smockscreen/prowl.
a person
The concept artwork looked a lot better than this. Hopefully Megatron will look better in colour.
i do not approve.
Megs looks pretty cool.
Alt mode is spot on from the looks of the proto.
looks more like bludgeon to me, and not just because of the swords
Just saw this Z in person, the alt mode is nicely done, but it shouldn't be a megs.
Hey look- it's Drift!
I'm having the same feeling I had with Alternity Convoy (good car TF, bad Optimus) only more so.
Takara/tomy designers probably couldn't squeeze
the fusion cannon into the alt mode, so they dropped it.
Maybe the proto pics were taken without it.
Now we wait and see.
Ah... the Alternity line remembers me why I never liked a alternate bot. Easy pass for me
I'll get him to go with Convoy, but Convoy is waaaay nicer.
Originally Posted by mirarage View Post
Takara/tomy designers probably couldn't squeeze
the fusion cannon into the alt mode, so they dropped it.
Maybe the proto pics were taken without it.
Now we wait and see.
I hope so but I doubt it. The twin swords seem to be replacements for the cannon and the car seat blasters on the arms would be in the way . He'd be really well armed if the final toy did come with the cannon though. 2 arm mounted twin barrel blasters, 2 swords and a fusion cannon. Megs would be be packin'.
That is the new NISSAN 370Z!!! That car should be reserved for Smokescreen, Prowl, and Silverstreak. Yeah, I know we got those as Subaru's and an RSX, but this new mold is far more fitting for them than Megatron. Argh...
I like it a lot.

I may pick up the Alternity line.
Hiro Prime
Originally Posted by kjeevahh View Post
looks more like bludgeon to me, and not just because of the swords
That was my first thought as well. Too bad neither of his colors work for Bludgeon.

Originally Posted by akum6n View Post
Hey look- it's Drift!
Heh I could see this too if they changed his head. Sounds like a good Kitbash to me.
Generic design with a Megatron head indicates to me that they already have multiple reuses planned for this mold.

If they can't get the realistic car/G1 character thing right, they should just leave it alone.
Seriously, the fusion cannon was canceled?
I do sorta like it.
Except the loss of the fusion cannon. Maybe it was not pictured?
No cannon, no buy
Looks awesome. Would be cool if he has the cannon, but I dig the swords just as much. Heck, I think I ike the swords better. So... I think I may have to pre-order him and finally put in an order for Convoy!
I didn't think I could find this toy any lamer than the Optimus one, yet here it is...

I mean, in concept I like it - realistic alt modes that transform into robots. That's why I loved the Alt/BT line. But this line is what happens when Takara gets to do things on their own. Everything is Prime/Megs. Actually, we're probably lucky this isn't "Ultimate Convoy" or some crap.

I agree with what another poster said though - very Bludgeon-esque. The swords, the "kilt", and the framed head. I'm still on the fence about this line. If they were cheaper I'd probably go ahead and pick them up, just for the alt modes.
I don't really comment too much about new figures, but this is a fail. No arm cannon, head is too tall and narrow, and the fact that he is a little sports car makes it hard to imagine Megatron as the giant f*#king robot that we all know he is. If this is an indicator of the (potential) Alternity line, I'll be saving myself a lot of money by passing.
When I saw the concept design I thought "Wow they are finally going to pull off the perfect Megatron head." It's hard to tell, but it looks like that won't be the case, yet again. Most of his head molds end up looking off. I don't understand why they have so much trouble with that.
Ash from Carolina
I guess I'm just weird in that a car just doesn't say Megatron. Just hard to wrap my head around him being something that isn't military related.

The swords are nice and the picture gives the figure a nice samurai feel, but it just doesn't have a very Megatron feel to it.
I didn't like Convoy much and really don't like Megatron. It's a shame too because the concept image seemed to hold a lot of promise. Plus, 50 dollars for these deluxe-sized guys is just too much, no matter how much die cast they cram into them.
Cool, i like this. It is a departure from the "traditonal" Megatron in the same way Alternity Convoy is; but personally that doesn't bother me much. It isn't claiming to be a G1 reissue.

The figure itself looks really good, well articulated, some nice detailing on the sculpt - the overall design for both Alternitys makes me think of a hybrid BT style with elements of Movie style, so that all works for me. And the swords lend it a weird samurai vibe. Wont be cancelling my HLJ preorder, tho it would be nice if it turns out there is an add-on arm cannon.. even if it's a random extra that can't be stashed in car mode.
i dont like it. it looks like they took a lot more time with OP. he doesnt look like a megs. the nice 370Z alternate for is cool but i still wouldnt get this unless it was cheap
That would make a seriously awesome Jazz.

I'm looking at both Alternity toys as "what can I turn them into?" So I don't really care that this one doesn't quite work as Megs, or the other one not really being a good Prime. The gray Prime is what I'll be getting anyway, and if the Megs one comes up silver, I'm happy there too.
Golden Age
Will wait for a Smokescreen repaint/remold.
Eh, not interested.
Brave Magnus
Hm..its more Bludgeon than Megatron. I think i will wait for the colored version to say something else about this one.
I think I'll be sold if the face is purple.

It's too bad that they made Op the GT-R and Megs the 370Z- the R always has had more of a sinister vibe to it. If you've seen a black R34, you know what I mean. I understand the reasoning as Nissan undoubtedly wants to sell the GT-R as the 'hero' car, but still...
Looks like a fun toy, but not a Megatron.
looks like this is an early version of the figure. I noticed the front leg is transformed different from the back leg. who ever took the picture probably didn't know how to transform him.. or there are details that are not yet finalized. I have a feeling the cannon is still in play, this is just a prototype. I'm not counting out megs till i see a finalized version of him. ARGH I hate waiting
Oh come now... it's not that bad...

.. least he doesn't transform into a shoe...
Originally Posted by Chaosbringer View Post
No cannon, no buy
Wow. Like most of the other people in this thread, I thought of Bludgeon when I saw him. Doesn't look very "Megatron-ish" so far. I'm leaning towards a strong "no" regarding keeping my pre-order for him.

I will continue to be patient just in case.
This is a very disappointing counterpart to Alternity Prime. Megs looks horrible and almost identicle in transformation. Those swords are lame, no fusion cannon is lame, and the giant square behind his head is lame. This will be a huge pass. I was hoping the body of this figure would at least look cool enough for a kitbash. Now it looks like both Alternity Prime and Megs will be a huge pass for me. I don't see any point in this line, and I doubt it will survive past these two cash-cow attempts.
Yuck. Behold, Kibbletron! This makes me feel better about skipping this line.
Looks meh to me, pass.
Come back Alternators - all is forgiven!
he looks prety cool, but like everyone else is wondering WHERE IS THE FUSION CANNON!?!? can't have a great Megatron without one
I am filled with a resounding "meh"

nothing about it says 'Megatron' except the head (and eventual cannon seen in the control drawing).

the way the front wheels don't fold away under the hood looks awkward and chunky.

the way the arms come out and fenders sitting way high compared to the head is really weaksauce.

the swords would be awesome if it was someone like Bludgeon, but just seem kinda lame with Megatron...

car mode is of course a thing of beauty.
Originally Posted by Enigma2K2 View Post
Oh come now... it's not that bad...

.. least he doesn't transform into a shoe...
i think the shoe had a better robot mode...

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