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First Look at renderForm's RF-005S Darkwing Upgrade Kit

Posted on 06-07-2011 at 06:31 PM by XJunky under All News
A photo review for the previously mentioned renderForm RF-005 kit has been posted by yours truly. The pictorial covers all the contents of the special edition Botcon kit, and has some more photos of the QC flaw mentioned by Venksta. The review also contains some snaps of the exclusive freebie RF-007 kit. Take a gander at the glorious upgraded goodness here.
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Supplemental- Botcon Freebie RF-007B Warrior's Soul Kit:

My wife was able to nab one the RF-007 kits from Venksta whilst we were there. Included in the set are "The Shield of Faith" and "The Sword of The Spirit". I thought I'd snap a couple of pics with our favorite Cavalier (these are for you, Proto!):

Handily, the kits have both 3mm and 5mm style plugs, allowing you to use them with both classics figures and figures from series like Cybertron:

"Sword of Thundera, give me sight beyond sight..."

...glorious. Hope a bunch of you guys were lucky enough to pick one up at the show!
Nice review! I can't wait to get mine
wait he was at botcon?

^that's what I said
Score! I'm looking forward to receiving mine. Thanks for the nice review.

Your pic of all the upgrades together makes me wish I'd picked up the Red Alert set, especially with the Generations figure so easy to get a hold of.
I keeped looking for that RF bag but I couldn't find it either. I was really hoping to get that sword and shield.

Great review though!
Thanks for the review. I'm really looking forward to receiving my RF-005 kit soon. It'll be my 1st Venksta product.
Looks great, cant wait till Venksta starts shipping them. Damn, that shield looks great with the clear Roddy too. Nice to see someone who has a bunch of his upgrades scored the shield/sword.
Originally Posted by Deceptigtar View Post
wait he was at botcon?

Dude you got to get Renderform on your facebook or at least visit the sight regularly
Thanks for the review XJunkie. I have this set preordered and can't wait to get it. I've bought every set that I could from Venksta and completely agree with your review. He does great work with the fan in mind.
That's a cool set for Darkwind. Can you still get it?
I just missed getting in on the first order for this awesome kit. I hope to make the cut for the 2nd batch!
Nice! I wish I could have been there.
how do you get this?
Originally Posted by primenemesis View Post
how do you get this?
^Just send a friendly PM to Venksta.
Thanks for the nice pics Xjunkie! Very nice upgrade set.
If only Hasbro made some changes to head-molds for some repaints, then all's forgiven! Venksta's team did it again! I want an update set too!!
Optimal Primus
I can't wait to get on the list for the 2nd batch, I need this so badly.
Damn it took me all three days to find him! Finally on sunday after walking around 10 times, I see him waiting in line to get an autograph. Awesome kit! Only problem I have is mine is missing the clear purple visor. =( I already PMed Venksta so hopefully he can send me that piece.
GLORIOUS!! Great review, and funny to boot. Thanks for reminding me of two things... one, to display him with his Botcon buddy. (forgot all about that guy!) two, to put the shield with that Japan exclusive blue hot rod. That looks amazing!!

So glad I had a friend pick up bot at the con... and so thankful for Venksta for some fantastic sculpts. His work has really enhanced the recolors, and he's been really awesome to deal with. Can't recommend him higher. Props!

OH! For PrimeNemesis, the link to his site is here. He's putting these out in batches. Watch for a notice on his Facebook (or here) and jump on it quick!

Order Page - Renderform
Looks fantastic! I wish I would have paid better attention to his participation at BotCon so I could have con-stalked him for the freebie stuff

I'm super excited to get this set.
dj_convoy II
Makes me wish I hadn't passed up Darkwind. Nice job. I love stuff like this.
Venks was supposed to send me an invoice but I guess he got wrapped up with Botcon excitement. Hopefully I hear something soon!
nice review... i was sold on the set when i saw it in the comic with Skyjack, but forgot to place an order... now i definitely hope i can get this... looks so good... and those extra purple guns are fantastic!
Looks great. Still need a Darkwind. I waited FOREVER for my local TRU to clearance the load they had of this guy, but it never happened. Then they just sort of disappeared, lol.
Originally Posted by Deceptigtar View Post
wait he was at botcon?

Yes he was, was chilling with him all weekend as part of the BC boys. Hella cool guy to kick it with.

Originally Posted by enter-the-robot View Post
I keeped looking for that RF bag but I couldn't find it either. I was really hoping to get that sword and shield.

Great review though!
He was a little incognito in the dealer's room. I redirected a few guys to him to buy it as people kept mentioning not being able to find him.

Originally Posted by Megatronwp38 View Post
That's a cool set for Darkwind. Can you still get it?
Ya I think he still has few left unless he unloaded the rest at the Sheraton during the last parts party. But send him a PM and see if you can still get on the wait list.

I just also put my head on my figure and its looking pimp
I have the first Skyfall kit and its awesome. I'm hoping for a revision of this kit to fix the gap issue, and I can't wait to get a set once that happens!
I am happy with everything I ordered from Veksta! This set is a great looking upgrade and the gap issue is no issue for me. Looking forward to receiving this.
I hate you so much for getting the kit and the free stuff
Prowl 2009
That's one cool looking kit!
Great review XJ. That gap is much smaller than Venksta made it seem in his message. I still would like to see if those shoulders come out before I order a set.
BB Shockwave
How do I get in touch with the guy? His site says we can pre-order on his facebook page, but there is no link to it there and I don't know his name...
So bummed I missed these at BotCon. I was there but didn't pay attention to his blog Oh well, at least I got a regular RF-005 ordered already. Looks really good! I have been super happy with the RF-002 Skyfall kit and it appears I will be just as happy with this one too.
Oh man the days are just crawling until this set arrives!
^ I hear you Nefud. can't wait till mine come in either. Also waiting on a skyfall set! Venksta is awesome
edit, nm.
I love that just one guy was able to get results this good-looking. It inspires hope for all of us.

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