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Xovergen Trailerforce Vehicle Mode Prototype Images

Posted on 03-13-2012 at 02:15 PM by Sol Fury under 3rd Party Unlicensed
Planet Iacon on Facebook has shared some further images of the Xovergen Trailerforce unofficial custom armor for Classics Optimus Prime. These new images showcase the prototype in vehicle mode, and also reveal that in true Powermaster style the Trailerforce will come with a small Powermaster / Godmaster partner which can transform into an engine and attach to the front of Classics Optimus Prime in vehicle mode. The Trailerforce is also compatible with the original Powermaster Optimus Prime cab figure.
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Images for Xovergen Trailerforce Vehicle Mode Prototype Images

Any pics with Oldskool prime in bot mode?
I don't know, it looks kind of cool but something seems off about it.
All that matters to me is how it looks like combined in robot mode.
if I trusted Xovergen's QC I'd preorder this in a heartbeat.
I'm intrigued but I'll not even TOUCH this until I see a review.
so OG G1 prime WILL NOT work?
Way too overdetailed to go with any of the existing prime molds
wow i never got the powered commander set so now my classics prime can finally get the armor he deserves.
World Prime
I'd love to see some bot mode pics, but seeing as I don't have classics Prime I won't be getting this.

Can we have a screen-accurate movie Prime ring base please? I don't care if it doesn't look perfectly accurate in trailer mode!
the power master looks really out of place on classics prime. If the minifig transformed into a cow catcher it would have looked a lot better.
the armor mode looks terrible and is a poor match for classics prime. that really sucks because I really want a power master upgrade for prime.
Well that sure is a Powermaster.

Who is the Prime mold in the last picture?
Originally Posted by Anguirus View Post
Well that sure is a Powermaster.

Who is the Prime mold in the last picture?
That's Ginrai/Powermaster Optimus. You can tell by the grill piece which gets pushed in when you insert the engine block Powermaster.

I think this looks pretty nice and makes a vast improvement to Classics Prime...who, honestly, I was never too impressed by. But the trailer seems to sit at an odd angle. As if it's higher in the front -- like hitching a Deluxe trailer to a Voyager cab.
They should have used a different Prime mold for this set.
Want to see combined mode on Classics Prime before I give this a more serious look.

Also, price information would be cool.
I'm not liking what I'm seeing right now ... I need to see more.
Depending on how the robot mode turns out, this may be a cool add on for a spare g1 powermaster prime cab. I don't know about putting it on a classics prime. Still as others have mentioned, xovergens QC is still questionable.
robot mode and priceing is what i need to see
certainly interested, a nice big prime, to stand next to CC magnus, that looks like prime.

like to see more of the full robot mode (hopefully a step up from: push trailer on it doors and load prime)
As quagmire would say......GIGGITY!
The wheels on the trailer match the wheels on the cab in pic 6 of 6. So at least we know which Prime this is modeled for. I like it but I'm not loving it.
I remain intrigued but await actual pics of the 'bot mode. Adding a Powermaster is a nice touch though I agree making it a cowcatcher may have looked a bit better.
Shin Densetsu
Is it just me or does the Powermaster look way too huge on Classics Optimus Prime.
I'm not totally convinced. Xovergen's last product the Grand Patriot suffered from some quality issues. Now of course they may have improved but i'll have to take a wait, see, touch it feel it approach before i buy.
The powermaster is a nice touch. Not sure if this is for me though
gotta see more color shots of the final product first. imho looks decent so far.
THIS ONE. How does it combine with THIS Prime?
RedAlert Rescue
Call me crazy but that looks like it designed to still be able to use God Bomber.

Now I'm sure I have a spare Powermaster Prime cab around here some place I got at a carboot sale - that would be Ideal for this.
Man, that is so cool!
i want this
Looks pretty bad ass! Does it combine with OP?
I'm rather liking this...but Hi-Q/Ginrai better get a LOT better. That molding and detail, as it stands there, is INCREDIBLY sloppy.
power prime
New prototype pics in robot mode from Planet Iacon facebook
Gen. Hospital
Originally Posted by power prime View Post
New prototype pics in robot mode from Planet Iacon facebook
I was just thinking "why would I want to recreate the stupidest prime ever" (Yes, I had Powermaster Prime as a kid, and I hated it then too. It was the toy that made me loathe fake-chests). However, this looks awesome. I want it.
As if I wasn't sold before... take my damn money!!! lol
Originally Posted by power prime View Post
New prototype pics in robot mode from Planet Iacon facebook
^ holy. fucking. sheet. that's.........
I wonder will iGear pp01 fits since it's about the same size as original PM prime's cab..
Is that a custom Powermaster Optimus Prime with transparent windows? Mine are opaque and stickers.
That trailer looks boss
Not quite sold but my interest is piqued.
Love the robot mode, but the trailer looks a bit hinky right now. I'm wondering if a nice color job will bring it to life. Don't like the look and shape of it as it is.
I have never had this strong of a reaction to a third party product. Devastator and such are cool, but this is a fucking masterpiece PM Prime.

Need. Want. Preorders when?
Can;t wait any news on a possible release date?
Originally Posted by Wingnut View Post
Not quite sold but my interest is piqued.
First off, your avatar rules! Ha ha!

And I agree. I am excited about this, I really am. I'd love to get an updated Powermaster (GodMaster) Prime (Ginrai) toy. I'm not 100% sold yet, but I am getting more excited with each new reveal. I think the color prototype pics will make or break this thing.

So far, I think it's a great effort.
Interesting. Will have to wait on the reviews as I heard the previous product from this company was not that spectacular.
Yeah this is a pass for me, doesn't look like a trailer at all.
Wow. I wonder if it can somehow be pulled along with DIA Commander and the G3 Trailer... Triple Trailer!!

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