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Transformers Animated Arcee Head and Gun Kit

Posted on 01-31-2011 at 05:02 PM by Sol Fury under 3rd Party Unlicensed
There's a new Transformers upgrade kit in the works. This time out, it is for Transformers Animated Arcee. The "ARX-01 Polaris" set consists of a new, Generation 1 styled head and a handgun for Animated Arcee. The look is a bit incongruous with the look of the smooth, stylized Animated Arcee - but it is not completely wrong and might help make Animated Arcee gel with a Classics collection. There are also Blurr / Chromia and Elita-1 versions pictured, although they might be custom versions to show the potential of the set. These images come courtesy of TOYNIRVANA.COM.

You can preorder the kit from our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store. It is $34.99, although judging by the images, it is probably painted resin, which goes some way to explain the cost.

Also be sure to check out this video of the set:

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Images for Transformers Animated Arcee Head and Gun Kit

But it won't look animated anymore.
This is probably for the people who desperately need a G1 Arcee fill in.

So I suspect a pass for 98% of the fans.
Originally Posted by panzerjedi View Post
But it won't look animated anymore.
Unless Generations Arcee turns out pretty lacking, they're late.
$35 for a head and gun is fail.
This does not look like an "upgrade" to me.
Probably won't need this if Generations Arcee is really on the way, But if she isn't this could do. Just need to see better pics.
Cheem The Rup
Originally Posted by MegaMoonMan View Post
$35 for a head and gun is fail.
lol They learned very well the crazydevy lesson probably
The headsculpt looks pretty good from such a blurry picture. But I think I'll wait and see what Hasbro has in store for us.
Originally Posted by Cheem The Rup View Post
lol They learned very well the crazydevy lesson probably
What lesson is that? Overcharge for junk?
ARSY? Oh dear GOD Methinks these companies should think a little harder about their naming...! Also, it looks out of place on Animated Arcee. And little short of hilarious on Animated Blurr. Easy pass.
I honestly do blame Crazy Devy for stuff like this. It's insane to charge that much for such small amount of accessories, but since they've done it other companies now think it's a great idea. Thank God for companies like FP, who don't charge the Earth for their products.
Cheem The Rup
Originally Posted by MegaMoonMan View Post
What lesson is that? Overcharge for junk?
Seriously now (but I'm going ot, so I'll end here ): I meant only the high pricing. I'm a buyer of a good quantity of cd stuff and I don't think absolutely it's junk... it's overcharged yes, but not junk.

Anyway I can't judge really this kit now cause there aren't pics of it... so I can only do an opinion on the high price point, meant that are only an head and a rifle, all here.

edit: wow there's a video review yet Ok I watch it to can judge better this overcharged kit

edit x2: ok, watched the video.... I understood that I won't buy this kit
Opticron Primal
Well that head is definately looks out of place. Even when not painted.
ARX-01 Polaris Head & Weapon Upgrade Kit - Transformers Animated Accessories

Looks interesting, it converts animated Arcee's head to a classics/ G1 styled head. Pic is pretty blurry tho.

n/m i see a post for it already
Well it looks like you can use for customs or pre-existing arcees, so that's pretty cool
Wow the price = fail. That and waaaaay late to the game.
Opticron Primal
Originally Posted by Computer5 View Post
Well it looks like you can use for customs or pre-existing arcees, so that's pretty cool
Would probably be better off waiting for Generations Arcee instead. Cheaper and you'll also have an entire body to cannablize.

It's a pretty noticable fail no matter how you try to look at it...
not even with YOUR money! PASS
This is from ther guy who rinds a new site valle He's a really nice guy, and had plans for other stuff coming from what I know. Though, the price is a bout high imo..
Am I the only one that thinks the head looks kind of creepy?
Arcee upgrade kit or Blurr downgrade kit? You decide!

Kinda meh. Definitely just going to wait on whatever Hasbro has been working on.. for the last few decades ><
This kind of reminds me of that Wheeljack upgrade kit that showed up sometime back, the one that was for the Sideswipe/Sunstreaker mold.
And I remember my reaction was:"I'll just wait for a classics/Generations Wheeljack." And hey, wouldn't you know...
No, cute intentions but completely doesn't work with that body.
Great looking head, but to me it doesn't work with animated RC.
Wow that head looks so wrong on that body, akin to photoshopping a photo of Micheal Keaton as Batman onto Bruce Timm's Animated Batman's body.
Yeah, I agree. Animated Arcee is Animated. The best head for that figure is the one she comes with.

If only some of these third party guys had been making elita-1 or minerva or nightbird heads all this time instead of everybody trying to get a piece of the arcee cake. That would be a lot more interesting.
Originally Posted by tabtiurf View Post
Yeah, I agree. Animated Arcee is Animated. The best head for that figure is the one she comes with.
You couldn't of said it any better. Another fail attempt to our chic!
Why does it make me think of Princess Leia?
Originally Posted by Tigertrack View Post
Why does it make me think of Princess Leia?
Probably because G1 Arcee was loosely based on Princess Leia!

The head on its own is pretty good, but I agree that it just does not fit with the Animated Arcee body. I'll wait for the Generations Arcee. If Hasbro misses the mark there (which I doubt, considering the number of great figures we've been getting), maybe this head will fit better with the new body.
At that price it should transform, like Hothead.
Hothead = how to do a replacement head. This = how not to.

The timing on this seems incredibly off, with Generations Arcee on the way - I suspect most people will wait and see how that turns out.
There are some Arcee kits out there that look nice. This head looks ok, just NOT for that body type. I got ahold of the one that Usser made and I really like it. Granted, this was before I found out about the Generations Arcee coming out.

When I think about how much I paid for that upgrade kit vs the $12 for the Generations Arcee... well, I get a little sick to my stomach
That.... That just looks terrible.
Red leader
downgrade kit ?
I wonder if this is the same upgrade from member uuser?
Pass. Wasn't there a Generations Arcee confirmed for a not-so-distant future release? Either case, $34 for a head and pistol? Ripoff.
the price isnt bad for a garage kit.
Sol Fury
It is probably a full-on resin kit, low production run and all. It explains a lot of it right there. I'd imagine BBTS doesn't get much of a profit margin on this.
If only it weren't a G1 cartoon style head. The headsculpt is a GREAT sculpt, don't get me wrong, but the design aesthetics of the two, G1 and Animated clash way too much to look good. The ones for Elita-1 and Blurr are just slightly better, but still not too hot also.

Still a nice effort. I thought for a moment when I read the thread that it was a custom head with the pop out panels to fiddle with Arcee's brain, rather than this.
Does it fit tfa blurr too? Much better g1 arcee mold...
Originally Posted by sanchomaul View Post
I wonder if this is the same upgrade from member uuser?
Don't think it is. I don't recall him posting this in his Arcee thread and the designs are noticeably different.
I would rather they replace Rodimus's ugly face. Arcee is fine.
That...that head doesn't really suit that body all that much. There's just something about it that makes it look very out of place.
uuser's comes with two guns as well so it is a different set.
The more I see of this, the less I like it.
The head still looks pretty sweet, but on that body it looks waaayyy off. She kinda looks like the creepy old lady in your neighborhood that still goes outside in her flashy bellbottom pants.

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