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Headrobots Skel-E-Tron Botcon Overlord Skeletor Conversion Set

Posted on 11-22-2012 at 01:13 PM by Sol Fury under 3rd Party Unlicensed
Headrobots and HighendTFs have announced a new limited edition exclusive set. Exclusively available on Amazon via HighendTFs store and directly through HighendTFs for international fans, this special set is a recolor of the Headrobots Blood / Ronin colormatched for Botcon 2012 Gigatron. The best part is this very creative upgrade set offers up a Transformers / Masters of the Universe crossover by allowing fans to customize their Botcon Gigatron into a Transformers version of He-Man's arch nemesis Skeletor! Skel-E-Tron as he is known is a HighendTFs exclusive and limited to 200 pieces. He comes on a special Masters of the Universe inspired backer card.
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Images for Headrobots Skel-E-Tron Botcon Overlord Skeletor Conversion Set

Dear lord! He-Man/Transformers crossover?

Headrobots has an Amazon store?

Too bad the base Transformer costs so much!
and ordered
Okay Headrobots, I have concept art for your next set.... get working on it!

Might Gaine
If you are outside the US, you can order it here:
HighendTFs Toy Store: Headrobots Skel-E-Tron [[International Customers Only!]] Price includes shipping

Big thank you to Headrobots for putting so much hard work into the 'tri-process paint' on the face.
That actually looks more like Skeletor than it does Overlord.
El Duque
Where can I get that throne?
Composite Ghost
They just made Gigatron awesome. I envy the people who end up with these kits.
Cool idea.
What is that throne from>?
Originally Posted by El Duque View Post
Where can I get that throne?
Originally Posted by hordeall View Post
What is that throne from>?
I believe that is a Marvel Select Mephisto throne.

Man, between this, the upcoming upgrade to SG Ultra Magnus from Maketoys and the guns/sword for Metalhawk from sunlink's shapeways store I'm glad I picked up a Botcon 2012 boxset!
That thing is fucking glorious.

XD! Veeery Good crossover for him .
Sol Fury
That is utterly amazing! Kudos to HighendTFs and Headrobots for coming up with a really awesome conversion kit.
Grabbed two. (:
Girl Pants
What is it with Botcon '12 and toys first going unloved and then getting a huge surge in popularity later from a third party release?

Is it irony derived from Funpub being anti-3P this year?
Man, I was really hoping this would come out at a better time.

'Cause I ain't got no money.

Seriously wish I could stomach paying for an Overlord, because this is goddamn awesome.

Though it needed to be more than just a repaint. I wouldn't mind partsforming if he had a staff in addition to his two swords! Also, I TOTALLY second the notion for a Man-At-Arms set for Bulkhead!
lol Wut!?

I mean, it's brilliant, but...Wut!?
Wow. Very nice!
Originally Posted by allew View Post
I believe that is a Marvel Select Mephisto throne.

Man, between this, the upcoming upgrade to SG Ultra Magnus from Maketoys and the guns/sword for Metalhawk from sunlink's shapeways store I'm glad I picked up a Botcon 2012 boxset!

Indeed it is. (: Marvel Select: Mephisto Action Figure - Marvel -

ETA: Anyone know where I can get a spare set of Skeletor's staff and/or two-part sword?

I really want to commend Headrobots on their creativity here, and hope to see more property-crossover sets. (:
That's phenomenal. I almost want that POS botcon toy now.
I was absolutely convinced that there was no way that the kit would work for this version of the mold.

I am glad to see that I was wrong. That is brilliant.
This opens up a whole new Jawbridge of possibilities. I approve.
In the words of Incroyus, ...

Going back and forth on ordering this. It's so awesome
Order now. Change mind later. Can't do it the other way around if it sells out
this head does wonders for the toy
Originally Posted by ORIO View Post
Going back and forth on ordering this. It's so awesome
Don't wait, jump on it now!

If it sells out and you don't get one you'll be Skeletornery and full of Skeletoregret.
Hah! Brilliant
The kit looks nice and all, but Transformers and He-Man together is a little disconcerting, like some unholy mutant abomination... "The Thing That Should Not Be".
Dammit!!!!! I want this but I dont have Gigatron
So, if anyone wants to get rid of their Gigatron head once they have this add-on, let me know.
...well shit... they just turned a questionable repaint into an AWESOME crossover one! Holy crap... really now I wouldn't mind finding this bass turd at some point in the future... >_<

Truth be told... I can see a Radicon or two now taking a regular Bludgeon and HR kit and giving him far more accurate Skeletor colors. Gigatron/Overlord is close enough, but mainly it's because the figure is a Skeletal Robot moreso than his colors I'd say... >_>

Still a very clever repaint idea... now if the throne and staff both came with him... it'd be absolutely amazing/awesome/must-buy/etc.
RedAlert Rescue
I like my Skeletor's with a Cape - so I'd love to see a custom cape for this made of Tanktreads and held with a collar pins made from drive wheels.

That would look dead neat
(Crikey it sounds like the wind is attacking me - and trying to get in )- If you never hear from me again you will know i've been squashed by a giant beech tree crashing in on me.
107 left
This looks neat but I don't need a blue Bludgeon.
That is awesome.
That looks really awesome, but I'm still leaning towards just selling my Overlord instead.
Hmmm. I should just repaint my banzaitron with bludgeon kit.
Insane Galvatron
Now I kinda wish I hadn't sold my Overlord/Gigatron....
...and all the people who sold their botcon overlord are probably kicking themselves right now..
Talk about a narrow market...
It's a small run store exclusive speciality item, and a repaint. Don't need to be that many.

Plus, even if you don't want to go full Skeletor, you might buy it just for the swords, which suck on Gigatron.
cobra zartan
Very nice headrobots!
So, would anyone that's buying this set be willing to sell the Overlord head? I'd totally want to have one for potential customs.
guard convoy
Originally Posted by hardreturn View Post
and ordered
if i still had the overlord in question i'd be doing the same thing
Requiem Prime
THis I like. More than I should because there's no accompanying He-Mech. Now I want a GDO Megatron just for hope the DO something with him.

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