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BTS Toys Motion Crytotype Base Encore Edition Review

Posted on 03-11-2013 at 06:36 PM by Sol Fury under 3rd Party Unlicensed
We recently had a chance to look at the reissue version of the BTS Toys trailer set. This new version of the BTS Toys trailer is matched for the United Black Optimus Prime, but if you do not have that particular toy it makes for a fine trailer for any other Nemesis Prime that you might have - if you have some trailer connector parts for it.

Read on to check out our thoughts on this piece - or if you, like me, feel that a picture is worth a thousand words, then check out our gallery of this newest release from BTS by opening the link below:

BTS-01B Motion Cryptotype Base (Encore) Gallery

To start, a little background on this piece.

In 2009, BTS Toys for their first release made a trailer for Classics Optimus Prime. Rather than slavishly update the original Optimus Prime trailer, the Motion Base took some cures from the Classics aesthetic style and produced what can best be termed as a neo-futuristic update to the original trailer. They of course were up against stiff competition from FansProject with the G3 Trailer, but that's a different story.

BTS went on to release a series of different decoed versions of their trailers, including one matched for the SDCC 2008 Nemesis Prime and even one matched for the Henkei Crystal Convoy. Now with the release of the United Black Optimus Prime, BTS has revisited their original release with a special version colour-matched for this new version of Classics Optimus Prime.

The important thing to note about this release - it is not a straight-up re-release. For their second release, BTS made an accessories pack, a few of the parts of which were intended for the trailers. One of those was a new computer / repair bay arm. That one comes pre-installed on this version of the mold, and aesthetically is a nicer looking piece than the original repair bay section. One of the two included guns has also been varied up, for more variety. The back of the box shows a selection of guns with the trailer, but only the two are included. This is particularly bizarre as one of the parts in the accessory set, and pictured on the box, is an adapter that would allow the trailer to attach to any suitable 5mm port giving it a lot more usefulness in a collection - as such the fact that it is not included is a terrible pity.

The trailer mode is nice and solid. It's a slightly futuristic take on the Optimus Prime trailer design, with a few design touches harking to the later "high tech" Transformers designs of later Generation 1. This version of the trailer features a lot more teal than the one matched to SDCC Nemesis Prime, and also swaps out the blue-green plastic for gray. It's a more strongly "Nemesis" colour version of the trailer, though it's down to the individual whether they prefer this version or the more silvery deco on the earlier one.

For the base more, the trailer unfolds sideways, with one side forming a back with computers and lockers containing weapons, and the other side and roof expanding outwards to form a series of ramps and platforms. It's not a traditional Optimus Prime trailer base mode - in some ways, it has more in common with the sensibilities of the Micromaster bases of later Generation 1, your mileage may vary on if this is appealing or not. I personally like it, it makes for a good command post / staging area for displaying the toys on (the smallest ones look the best with it) though if you are attached to the style of Generation 1 Optimus Prime's base or just plain don't like bases, this won't appeal to you.

The rear wheels detach in base mode and compress in to form the "Rollout Drone" or Roller. I found on my sample that the wheels were just a little loose, and the two pegs which the Rollout Drone attached to did not always hold it securely. It all holds together well enough, but feels just a little less firm than previous versions of the mold.

As for the Rollout Drone itself, it is a charming little buggy to zip up and down the ramps of the base, and can fit the base's guns on to it for added firepower. But for the teal paint applications, it would be a near-perfect representation of the gray Roller, even with them it's still a nice representation of a variant Roller, and the teal does go nicely with the gray.

The guns are a welcome inclusion. One of them is as included with the first version of the trailer, and looks like one of the generic guns that was used from time to time in the original cartoon. The other was originally included in the BTS-02 accessory set, and is based on Generation 1 Octane's gun. It features an extending barrel which is a nice touch, allowing it to "scale" relative to the robot holding it. It does case a few issues with the lockers though, namely that it is minutely too long to peg into its post and close the locker door to stow the gun away. There's ways around this - namely, stow the gun loose in the locker instead - but it's a feature which doesn't quite work as intended.

Overall, the Motion Cryptotype Base Encore Edition is a good release for BTS. While it is not without its flaws, it is a good fun set reminiscent of the best elements of the later Generation 1 playset toys. Varying the set up with new parts is a definite plus, though the inclusion of an adapter to let the trailer work with more modern toys would most definitely elevate this set a few notches. It is warmly recommended if you have a United Black Optimus Prime or a Henkei Nemesis Prime, or if you have a way of attaching it to other toys.

Click here to check out our gallery with many more pics of the set.
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Originally the Nemsis Prime trailer BTS made was called the Nemesis Command Center. The Motion Cryptotype Base was the clear one for Crystal Convoy. Weird that they used the Crystal trailer name for the new Nemesis Prime trailer.

spartan 3764
I need this
but i wonder whens its released?
It's nice I would buy it if I still had the nemesis from Tokyo you show
yep cool trailer. I bought the nemesis version for my nemesis prime and the Fansproject trailer for regular prime.
Might have to hunt this down for my Nemesis Prime.
Crystal convoy trailer? Wow that looks kind of cool.

I like the teal. Especially for the computer displays to pop.
But it has the same problem this trailer always had. Very minimal weaponry.
Cancelled my BBTS pre-order because I got some SH Figuarts stuff . . . but I may get this on clearance if it ever hits $25 or so
i just noticed that i want this for a G2 inspired prime
What did you use to connect Arms Micron Nemesis Prime to the trailer, as shown here?

I assume one of the hitch/weapons from BTS-02?
Reprolabels made labels for the G1 colored version of this trailer, but never made "Nemesis" labels for it. - Optimus Prime BTS Trailer

I started a request thread asking for a Nemesis color version a while ago, but nothing has come of it as only 3 people voted for it.

Reprolabels forum
Sol Fury
Originally Posted by metaphorge View Post
What did you use to connect Arms Micron Nemesis Prime to the trailer, as shown here?

I assume one of the hitch/weapons from BTS-02?
Yes indeed, if you take a look at the back of the box picture, it is the one shown in the locker.
pass for me, even though I love the colors. After buying the original Nemesis Prime one, it scared me away because of the bad quality.
Does anyone know if the Battle Rollar/Shadow Rollar fits inside the BTS trailers?

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