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ArtTek Designs AOW-01 Hero Rifle

Posted on 03-14-2013 at 03:23 PM by Sol Fury under 3rd Party Unlicensed
There's a new third party group on the block, ArtTek. ArtTek's goal is to produce simple, high quality weapons and accessories to enhance your figures, and their first "Art of War" release is the Hero Rifle - a fairly faithful upscale rendition of the original Optimus Prime rifle. It's a piece which is running for $12 with our sponsors Captured Prey, who bring you this news.
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Gotta be good to get a foot in this already over-saturated market... eager to see what they have to offer.
The Dark Seeker

Who are we? We are giant robot fans! And we love to add to the battle! Join us at Metrocon at Metropolis, where we shall unveil our first product, the Art Of War Hero Rifle! And not only will you get to see it, you will get to buy it!
Anyone going to that? Maybe snap some pics of this rifle Or I guess I could wait til they post it on their fb page.
Not really interested in "upgrade" kits, or accessory sets, but I wish them luck. The more the merrier
I'm going to metrocon and perhaps snap a few pics. I use apple products so I might have to link.
I agree not interested qith upgrade kits, talk about saturated. Hopefully companies get good enough there is no need for upgrade kits
Originally Posted by The Dark Seeker View Post

Anyone going to that? Maybe snap some pics of this rifle Or I guess I could wait til they post it on their fb page.
I might stop by.
SG Roadbuster
yawn, wake me when they have actual pics of product, instead of promises and silouette images
We're pleased to introduce the first product from a new accessory company, ArtTek! ArtTek's goal is to produce simple, high quality weapons and accessories to enhance your figures! We will not be their only retailer, but we have been given the chance to introduce them to you first.

ArtTek's debut item, The Art Of War Hero Rifle, features a 5mm extended peg, making it compatible with a wide range of robotic action figures. This iconic design is perfect for those who want to give a retro spin to their figure's weaponry. The Hero Rifle comes in any color you want, as long as that color is black.

ArtTek AOW-01 Hero Rifle @ Captured Prey - $12.00 with FREE SHIPPING!

The handle looks a little long. Thanks for the update and info!
That's an oddly interesting piece. I hope they do well.
Why not just put the new handle back where the eternally useless smaller handle is? THAT would be a real improvement.
It's supposed to be like the original g1 prime gun.
Originally Posted by Valkysas View Post
Why not just put the new handle back where the eternally useless smaller handle is? THAT would be a real improvement.
I think they wanted to copy the original rifle and the one Soundwave/Soundblaster was pictured with, but didn't include, so they didn't want to change it. But who knows, maybe they'll show up at some point and answer questions like that.
Until I saw the handle I was hoping it was for MP10.
Nice would this fit in G1's prime's hand I dont really remember and am too lazy to go find my prime.
*Bruce Wayne* Does it come in black?

I agree handle needs to move back and get rid of the faux handle. The faux handle is causing the gun to sit too high cuz it hits the forearm.
pretty sure it would, he's got 5mm hands
"comes in any color you want... as long as that color is black."
That's neat.
They should make the back handle removable that way you get the best of both worlds
Um, that guns being held by its magazine, because the grip is clearly the other part.

Did they want to just reproduce the utterly stupid design of the original g1 op toy gun? >_>
Originally Posted by Sidecutter View Post
We're pleased to introduce the first product from a new accessory company, ArtTek! ArtTek's goal is to produce simple, high quality weapons and accessories to enhance your figures!
Funny, I was thinking about a weapon kit today...
Sidecutter, tell them to make some weapons with the traditional 5mm post PLUS C type peg, like in Ironhide Recon:

Shin Densetsu
Interesting but I wish the peg was molded under the grip instead of the magazine. Looks weird.
Ranger Silver 6
I can see what they were going for. I just don't like it
X Nightmare
I bought two of these at Metrocon on Saturday. They were for sale at $10 each. I am quite impressed with the quality. The finish surpasses any of Dr. Wu's products. If anyone cares I can post a review. The rep at the show said they are working on a Optimus axe for their next release.
Thankyou for your feedback everyone. The main idea behind this gun was to offer a replacement for those who still wanted the missing gun Hasbro showed on the box and instructions for FOC Soundwave and Soundblaster. This also gave us a chance to make an optional gun for various Optimus Prime figures. If there is enough demand, we can remove the fake handle on the shipped version of the gun. However for those who like it as it is you need to speak up as well. Once we make the change we can not go back.
Weird that you wouldn't take this design and simply make it with a 5mm handle situated where the rear handle is to better fit modern TF's. I figure if I want a G1 replacement, I can easily pick one up at a con, on eBay or here in the BST boards. Why not make an OP blaster that simply fits today's toys? Seems like kind of a waste of an opportunity.
It's a good start, and I hope to see more weapons made for other figures in the future. Something for DL Blaster, G1 looking guns for FOC Grimlock, Voyager Soundwave and Soundblaster. Maybe a G1 animated gun for Classics/Henkei Prime.
I'm going to pass on this one due to the position of the peg but I am impressed with their work since this was an homage to a G1 gun and did well doing that. So Im eagerly awaiting future projects from them and if they keep up this level of work on weapons and upgrades I know I'll bit on several future items
Terrible design. I don't know what that piece is on the bottom of the back of the gun... but it prevents the handle from going into the hand all the way and looks ridiculous when held. If you can't get a simple gun right...
^you didn't notice the back of foc soundblaster/soundwave's box?
Wow, that looks terrible when held by prime or Soundwave. That handle is way too long and the placement is just baffling.
Ranger Silver 6
there are some designs that are okay to change if it makes an improvement. My suggestion is to turn the fake handle into a real one, and the old handle square off as a magazine but keep the size so the figures could still grip it
heard they are remolding it for the final release
I wish someone would make a wing pack for Classic Voyager Optimus Prime. He has enough rifles!
That is good news. Looking foward to the re-mold.
It's really cool that they are offering the gun that Hasbro only pictured with FoC Soundwave and Soundblaster...and now knowing their intent makes this release make total sense.

Not necessarily my cup of tea, and I was befuddled by the odd handle left in place that prevents the proper holding of the gun by most modern toys, but seeing as how they were recreating the gun for an intended character that Hasbro neglected...good for them.

I passed on that mold, so I have no use for this gun, but I look forward to some additional weaponry!
looks like.... Wait for it..... Shit

It doesn't even fit Properly
Would be better if the peg was where the handle is.
RedAlert Rescue
A possible solution for the shape of a G1 Prime rifle to fit in figures hands is to include a triggerguard/handle part that is able to rotate around 180 degrees this would stop the hovering handle problem by allowing the proper handle to be back facing for figures with a more open hand and the 5MM post back facing for figures with a traditional connection and rotating the handle forward means the rifle would then sit lower - another idea is to place the other peg 90 degrees to the side of the body so the rifle is held like sten gun.

There has been a lot of these rifles made now. I like it when people remember that later toys had different guns and use them as the basis of weapons - i.e. Upscaled Gobots/Spychanger weapons still interests me.

Just think about the number of characters who have used one Frenzy,Soundwave, Sideswipe, Megatron, Optimus, Bumblebee, and so on... all have Spychanger or Gobots toys even more when you add in the Universe toys.

If they are doing requests I'd suggest a Beast Wars pack ; DepthCharge Rifle, Rattrap Pistol (deluxe), & a Transmetal 2 driver and Rampage spark container, Code Of Primus. etc..

Or a Convoy Cannon pack : various kids role play weapons were used on the Japanese TV shows by the main characters (RobotMasters Lio Convoy comes with one) and those and things like the Energon sword used by Optimus and Megatron early in the TV series could be made.

I think things don't "need" to be G1 - but making things that have been in a TV show (any TV show) is a productive idea.
Easy pass.
this is an easy "Meh"
Peter Bazooka
Wow. I don't think I've seen this unanimous of a negative reaction to any reveal before. Sticking so close to the G1 gun was a bad choice.
Man this looks terrible. Repoing the G1 gun is a pretty bad idea...At the very least they coulda pushed the handle back...
Insane Galvatron
Gotta agree with what others have said. If you're going to try to improve the Optimus G1 gun, you gotta move the peg that goes into the robots fist to where it should have been to start with. Back to the gun grip.
Could we PLEASE get a Prime rifle where the f*%ing HANDLE OF THE GUN IS THE PART HE ACTUALLY HOLDS!!!!!?????
dont like it...blah
12 bucks for a plastic toy gun that weighs like 1 gram? are you serious?

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