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Spotlight - Dark Prelude TPB

The Spotlight falls on Orion Pax, Thundercracker, Megatron, Bumblebee, Trailcutter, and Hoist in this collection of six individual stories that explain an important moment in each character's life. From the distant past to current events each story adds to Cybertronian lore.

Spotlight - Dark Prelude TPB Covers and Images

  • transformers-comics-dark-prelude-cover Spotlight - Dark Prelude TPB

Spotlight - Dark Prelude TPB Release Info

Data related to the release of this issue.
TypeGraphic Novel TPB
SeriesTransformers Spotlight Comics
Release StatusReleased
Release DateAugust 2013

Spotlight - Dark Prelude TPB Print Data

Info on the print run and covers for this issue.
Total # of Covers1

Spotlight - Dark Prelude TPB Artists, Writers and More

People that worked on this comic.
Cover (Artist: Nick Roche) (Colorist: Josh Perez)
Interior ArtistSteve Kurth Juan Castro Nick Roche David Daza Matt Frank Agustin Padilla
Interior ColoristJ. Aburtov Graphikslava Len O'Grady Zac Atkinson Thomas Deer Joana Lafuente
LettersShawn Lee
WriterJames Roberts Nick Roche Thomas Boeing
EditorJohn Barber Thomas Boeing Carlos Guzman Justin Eisinger Alonzo Simon

Spotlight - Dark Prelude TPB Additional Information

The Dark Prelude trade paperback collects the Spotlight one-shot issues for Thundercracker, Orion Pax, Trailcutter, Hoist, Megatron, and Bumblebee. Extras include a variant and exclusives cover gallery.

Spotlight - Dark Prelude TPB Contributors

Tim Formas
Views: 1,568

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