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Ironhide Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Ironhide.
Name Ironhide
Japanese Name Ironhide
Japanese Number C-11
Faction Autobots

IRONHIDE was built at a time when armor was thick, and circuitry was simple. He is the oldest of the AUTOBOTS, tested in thousands of battles, over countless centuries. He has been injured many times, but never deactivated. For every scratch and scar that he bears he has a tale to tell, and most of the younger AUTOBOTS are all too eager to hear them. Gruff, and sometimes grumpy, he is also naturally protective of the other AUTOBOTS. He is tough, rough, and nearly impossible to damage.

Tech Specs chart for Ironhide.
Strength 7 Intelligence 7
Speed 3 Endurance 9
Rank 7 Courage 10
Firepower 7 Skill 7
This page contains information only on the toy for Transformers Universe Classics 2.0 Ironhide. The character has a single page where all additional information (comics & cartoon info, etc) is listed. To view that page, click here: Primary Entry for Ironhide.

Ironhide Images

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Ironhide Universe-Ironhide-_Robot
Ironhide Universe-Ironhide
Ironhide ihrob
Ironhide ihveh
Ironhide ihpak
Ironhide Ironhide-Instructions
Ironhide UniverseIronhideGun

Ironhide Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date September 2008 (September 2008)
Wave Universe 2.0 Deluxe Wave 3
MSRP $9.99
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 83665
Product # 83669
UPC / Barcode 653569325178
DPCI # 087-06-2024
Recolors / Reuses Universe Classics Ratchet , Henkei Ironhide , Henkei Ratchet , Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Soundwave , Asia Exclusive Generations Ironhide
More Toy Info Universe Ironhide is a homage to Generation 1 Ironhide.

Ironhide Parts List

Ironhide toy parts information.
Figure Type Car
Figure Color Red/Pink
Gun Grey/Silver

Additional Ironhide parts info:
1X Cannon/Sword

Ironhide Review

-Submitted by: Sol Fury | Overall Score: 9

Universe Ironhide - first thoughts

I was extremely privileged at TFCon Toronto to be able to fiddle about with a test shot of the upcoming Universe Ironhide, and boy, does he deliver on his promise of being a cool update to the original toy!

Vehicle mode - Ironhide's new vehicle mode is no longer a cab over engine minivan but a slightly larger van with more of a nose out front. It's a pretty solid - and mostly red - vehicle mode with clear front and back windows, and painted windows on the side due to the arm transformation. While it's not as faithful to the original as, say, Universe Prowl or Classics Hot Rod, the look and style of the vehicle is undeniably Ironhide.

Transformation - Wow, this is complicated! The front bumper becomes Ironhide's back, but the nose of the van to either side of it forms the legs. There are some tricky twists and turns involved in getting it to form the legs. The end result though is a very good, stable and poseable lower body. The upper body is simpler - the arms fold out neatly and as you would expect them to, the torso has a couple of cool automorphs - when you fold up the rear bumper, Ironhide's rear window displays the Autobot emblem with lots of cool mechanical molded details. It's a cool feature. Additionally, when you lower the backpack into position, it pops the head up.

Robot mode - Undeniably, this is the Ironhide of old reborn! He looks just like he used to on the show, a very fitting update. He's quite poseable, with lots of articulation in his arms and legs, plus joints at his neck, wrists and waist. His shoulders seem a little thin and small, though, and the body is a little tricky to line up just right so that the head sits flush. The sample I looked at felt very tight and fragile in the arms, although this is probably because it was a test shot.
Ironhide has a very cool weapon - a duel action blade / chaingun arm cannon. Ironhide's hand folds away to one side as if you are transforming him, and you attach the accessory over the end of the arm. One side has the blade, made in clear blue plastic, the other has a chaingun. You simply take it off and attach the other end of it to get the other weapon. It is a very fun feature, and a nice homage both to Ironhide's retracting arms in the original cartoon show, and also to the Movie Transformers "weapons formed from parts of their arms" style.

Overall, Universe Ironhide is an excellent toy who lives up to his promise. He is on the fast track to becoming the definitive modern incarnation of the character, with a cool weapon, plus a distinctively Ironhide look to him in both modes. He is a little tricky to transform, though (although I welcome the challenge) and his body is a little fiddly to get sitting just right. These do not detract from the final product very much though, and when he comes out at retail I look forward to getting him to add to the front row of my Classics Universe display.

Additional Ironhide Resources

Contributors: Tim Formas, Sol Fury, Cataclizm1, thenatureboywoo

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