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Unicron Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Unicron.
Name Unicron
Function Chaos Bringer

Unicron Images

Unicron Unicron-1
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Unicron Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Unicron in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor John Noble

Cartoon Overview
The Unicron of Transformers Prime is a different take on the Chaos Bringer than we have seen previously. His shadow looms large over the series, long before he makes an appearance - Dark Energon, first seen in episode two, is referenced as "The Blood of Unicron".

Unicron and Primus warred for superiority when time itself was young. Only by creating the 13, the original Primes who preceded Optimus Prime and the ancestors of all Transformers, was Primus able to defeat Unicron. Defeated, the Chaos Bringer's body drifted through space, eventually becoming entombed in rock and debris. Unicron became a planet, as he was in previous Transformers series - but this time, he is the Earth itself. The core of his being is the core of the Earth.

An alignment of 47 planets is thought to have been responsible for the awakening of Unicron from his long slumber. As the giant awoke, Dark Energon erupted from a volcano and natural disasters occurred around the globe. The threat was so great that Megatron and Optimus Prime joined forces to combat Unicron.

Unicron is amoral, an enemy of all life. He views all those he has encountered so far as "lesser beings". When Optimus Prime pleaded with Unicron to spare the humanity who lived upon his surface, Unicron denounced humanity and all other life native to Earth as mere parasites upon his body. When Megatron approached Unicron to offer himself to him as a servant, Unicron rebuffed Megatron, having no need of him.

Unicron has fearsome power to draw upon. As his body is the Earth itself, he can create avatars from the very mountains and bedrock. There is seemingly no limit to how many of these he can create - they are easily toppled by the Autobots, but are overwhelming in shear numbers - and the fact that by the time one is defeated, three more have risen up in its place. Unicron cannot be defeated by brute force alone - only the Matrix, carried by Optimus Prime, is capable of stopping him.


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