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Vehicon Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Vehicon.
Name Vehicon
Japanese Name Decepticon Vehicon
Faction Decepticons

Vehicon Images

Vehicon Vehicon-Robot
Vehicon TFP---Decepticon-Drone
Vehicon 10_Trooper
Vehicon Vehicon-Car
Vehicon Vehicon-Robot
Vehicon Vehicon-Car

Vehicon Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date May 2012 (May 2012)
Wave Transformers Prime Deluxe Wave 3
Size Class Deluxe
Recolors / Reuses Prime Japan First Edition Decepticon Vehicon
More Toy Info Released in very small numbers in April / May 2012 through Asian retailers. These were the Hasbro versions rather than the more widely available Takara-Tomy ones - Hasbro Vehicons are packaged in vehicle mode, while their Takara-Tomy counterparts are packaged in robot mode. There are also slight paint and deco variations.

The Vehicon was finally released in October 2012 as a part of the Toys R Us exclusive Transformers Prime First Edition Deluxe Class Re-release series along with Terrorcon Cliffjumper, Arcee and Starscream.

Vehicon Parts List

Vehicon toy parts information.
Figure Type Car
Figure Color Black

Vehicon Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Vehicon in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Kevin Michael Richardson

Cartoon Overview
The Vehicons are Decepticon Stormtroopers - faceless enforcers of few words who are dispatched whenever heavy work needs to be done. They have been seen to be adaptable to many different situations, including flight modes, security patrols and mine workers. They are also capable of speech, and have individual voices, so they are less like "drones" and more like the Stormtroopers of the Star Wars movies.

Three distinct types of Vehicon have been observed in the course of the series - the flight capable warrior types, their ground based brethren, and miner types.


Additional Vehicon Resources

In the show's credits, the Vehicons are credited as "Troopers" or "Decepticon Troopers". The original name for this page, "Eradicon", came from The Hub website. They have never been positively identified on screen. According to the creative team, they never will be - however the toy will be known as "Vehicon".

According to production staff, the Vehicons are in the show in order to give the Decepticons a numbers advantage without needing to create many costly models.

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