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Cliffjumper Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Cliffjumper.
Name Cliffjumper
Faction Autobots

Cliffjumper Images

Cliffjumper Cliffjumper-Robot
Cliffjumper TFP---Cliffjumper-Robot
Cliffjumper TFP---Cliffjumper-Vehicle
Cliffjumper 8_Cliffjumper
Cliffjumper Cliffjumper-Robot
Cliffjumper Cliffjumper-Car
Cliffjumper Cliffjumper-Car

Cliffjumper Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date December 2011 (December 2011)
Wave Transformers Prime Deluxe Wave 2
Size Class Deluxe
Assortment # 36465
Product # 36487
Recolors / Reuses Prime First Edition Terrorcon Cliffjumper , Prime Japan First Edition Cliffjumper , Prime Japan Terrorcon Cliffjumper , Generations Cliffjumper , SDCC 2012 Rust in Peace Terrorcon Cliffjumper
More Toy Info Initially planned for US retail and cancelled. Released in small numbers at Canadian and Asian retail. A limited second run was available in April / May 2012 through Asian retailers.

Some Cliffjumpers eventually did actually make it to US retail from October 2013 onwards, through retailers such as Ross, and some were also sighted in Toys R Us stores as late as December 2013.

Cliffjumper Parts List

Cliffjumper toy parts information.
Figure Type Car
Figure Color Red/Pink
Gun Grey/Silver

Cliffjumper Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Cliffjumper in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Cartoon Overview
Cliffjumper was a close friend and partner of Arcee. He genuinely enjoyed being on Earth and playing pranks on local law enforcement (such as escaping "The Boot" after finding out he was illegally parked).

On a deserted stretch of road he stumbled on a large-scale Energon deposit, but was attacked by large numbers of Decepticons. Defeated, he was brought before Starscream, who brutally executed the Autobot.

However, Cliffjumper was not merely allowed to rest in peace. His lifeless body was used by Megatron as an experiment in the power of Dark Energon, reviving Cliffjumper as an undead berserker who ripped apart a pair of Eradicons before Megatron cut him in two, leaving the remains in the Energon mine. Arcee found the remains of the upper torso during an Autobot raid on the mine, but Cliffjumper's still living remains attacked her, thrashing loose and falling among the Energon of the mine shortly before an explosive charge from Starscream set off a chain reaction that destroyed the entire mine, and presumably what little was left of Cliffjumper along with it.

He has since been seen in a flashback in Predatory, in a non-speaking role.


Cliffjumper Comic Book Information

IDW Overview

Cliffjumper idw Cliffjumper takes center stage in the IDW Transformers Prime graphic novel. In the comic his personality is more clearly defined than his brief appearance in the show allows, showing him as something of a brash risk-taker. Cliffjumper's preferred strategy in any situation is to go in guns blazing, which lands him in trouble and in need of a rescue more than once. He's not above using subtle deception to accomplish his objectives though - it's simply not his preferred style.

Additional Cliffjumper Resources

Contributors: Joe Moore, Jose Lopez, Sol Fury, panzerjedi

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