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Bulkhead Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Bulkhead.
Name Bulkhead
Faction Autobots

This giant ATV is the muscle of the Autobots. But Bulkhead's actually kind of sensitive -- as Miko learns when she bonds with him. At first he was a little afraid of hurting his tiny partner, but Miko helped him get over that. Now she even pushes him to do things that sometimes get him into trouble. But when Miko's in danger, Bulkhead's there to protect her.

Bulkhead Images

Bulkhead Bulkhead-Robot
Bulkhead TFP---Bulkhead-Robot
Bulkhead TFP---Bulkhead-Vehicle
Bulkhead 5_Bulkhead
Bulkhead Bulkhead-Truck

Bulkhead Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date December 2011 (December 2011)
Wave Transformers Prime Voyagers Wave 1
MSRP $22.99
Size Class Voyager
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 36490
Product # 36491
Recolors / Reuses Prime Japan First Edition Bulkhead , Generations Brawn , Cloud Brawn
More Toy Info Initially released in small numbers at Canadian and Asian retail. A limited second run was available in April / May 2012 through Asian retailers.

A Toys R Us exclusive "second run" of the First Edition Voyagers was announced at SDCC 2012. Online stores got their stocks in October 2012, and Toys R Us got their stock in stores in early December 2012.

Bulkhead Parts List

Bulkhead toy parts information.
Figure Type Truck
Figure Color Green
Other Grey/Silver

Bulkhead Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Bulkhead in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Kevin Michael Richardson

Cartoon Overview
Bulkhead is a big, clumsy bruiser of an Autobot, but he has a big heart. As Optimus Prime once said, "Bulkhead may be too large for this world, but his inner strength is without bounds".

Like his Transformers Animated counterpart, Bulkhead is a gentle soul who doesn't mean to smash stuff most of the time - he's just clumsy like that. It's unfortunate that he is paired with Miko, who wants nothing but to see Bulkhead smash things and generally be a giant robot. Even by his own account, he's only really good at building things and smashing things, having been a construction 'bot before he was a warrior. He does himself a disservice though - Bulkhead has hidden depths and is a lot smarter than he first appears. He's easily the most sensitive of the Autobots, and also the most fun loving as evidenced when Wheeljack turns up. He's got a bit of a jealous side though, as evidenced by his reaction when Miko wants to spend more time with Wheeljack than him. Like his Animated counterpart, Bulkhead can be talked into going along with things that are perhaps against his better judgment.

But beneath all the clumsiness and easy-going, fun-loving exterior, Bulkhead is a warrior, who has been through some horrifying experiences. A member of the warrior class of Cybertronians, Bulkhead is a former member of the Wreckers who fought alongside Wheeljack in the past, and has tons of determination when it comes down to facing impossible odds. He also witnessed a friend eaten alive by Scraplets, something that has left a permanent psychological scar, as evidenced when he is describing it to the kids.

He's also got some history with the Decepticon Breakdown. Looks like the two are old rivals.


Additional Bulkhead Resources

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