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Starscream (Voyager)

Starscream (Voyager) Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Starscream (Voyager).
Name Starscream
Japanese Name Starscream
Japanese Number AM-07
Faction Decepticons

Starscream hasn't survived this long simply by running away every time he might lose a fight. Every retreat is a calculated risk, designed to fulfill a greater purpose. It is often when his enemies believe they are winning that Starscream turns and finishes them off.

Tech Specs chart for Starscream (Voyager).
Strength 8 Intelligence 7
Speed 9 Endurance 6
Rank 9 Courage 3
Firepower 9 Skill 10
This page contains information only on the toy for Transformers Prime Main Line Starscream (Voyager). The character has a single page where all additional information (comics & cartoon info, etc) is listed. To view that page, click here: Primary Entry for Starscream (Voyager).

Starscream (Voyager) Images

Starscream (Voyager) TF-Prime-Voyager-Starscream-38693
Starscream (Voyager) Starscream-Robot
Starscream (Voyager) Starscream-Jet
Starscream (Voyager) TF-Prime-Voyager-Starscream-vehicle-38693
Starscream (Voyager) 27294481d1335870775-starscream-transformers-prime-voyager-class-official-images-bb41385c5056900b10238803e445d937
Starscream (Voyager) 27294480d1335870763-starscream-transformers-prime-voyager-class-official-images-bb412ef55056900b10f3f4d40f5e2200
Starscream (Voyager) 27294482d1335870785-starscream-transformers-prime-voyager-class-official-images-bb4142205056900b105d37bb94ab45cf

Starscream (Voyager) Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date April 2012 (April 2012)
Wave Prime Powerizer Wave 2
MSRP $22.99
Size Class Voyager
Suggested Age 5+
Recolors / Reuses Prime Japan Starscream

Starscream (Voyager) Parts List

Starscream (Voyager) toy parts information.
Figure Type Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Gun Purple
Missle Grey/Silver

Additional Starscream (Voyager) Resources

Contributors: Sol Fury, AutobotMirage

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