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Hardshell Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Hardshell.
Name Hardshell
Faction Decepticons

Hardshell Images

Hardshell Hardshell

Hardshell Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Hardshell in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor David Kaye

Cartoon Overview
Hardshell introduces himself as "the most fearsome among the Insecticon hive" in response to Megatron's request for the most fearsome of the Insecticons to retrieve an Iacon relic at Earth's equator. Hardshell lives up to his reputation being a tenacious fighter, as tough as the strongest of the Insecticons seen so far. His tattooed appearance and ability to speak suggests he is a leader of sorts among the Insecticons. In a confrontation with Bulkhead, Hardshell refers to having fought - and defeated - Wreckers in the past. This slightly arrogant assumption led him to underestimate Bulkhead slightly, setting the stage for a showdown between the two in a volcano's crater. Bulkhead fought he had defeated Hardshell by knocking him into the lava - but true to his name, Hardshell survived this experience and clawed his way out of the lava, blasting Bulkhead in the back for good measure. He eventually fell following a revenge mission by Wheeljack that saw him beat Wheeljack halfway to death, before Miko terminated him with a timely shot from the Jackhammer's missiles.

He is a powerful opponent, potentially among the most powerful of all the Insecticons. Capable of resisting extreme heat and trading punches with Bulkhead. He is also much more intelligent than the typical Insecticon - never to be underestimated. Ultimately though for all his feral skill, strength and cunning, he fell to the team of Wheeljack and Miko.


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