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Dreadwing Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Dreadwing.
Name Dreadwing
Faction Decepticons

For too long, Dreadwing has lived in the shadow of Starscream, but with the Seeker commander out of favor, he is more than happy to step into his rightful place at the right hand of Megatron. His power and intelligence have always been dangerous, but with the Decepticon legion at his command, the very survival of the Autobots is in question.

Tech Specs chart for Dreadwing.
Strength 8 Intelligence 8
Speed 8 Endurance 7
Rank 9 Courage 7
Firepower 8 Skill 5

Dreadwing Images

Dreadwing 557497_361735347229999_116957109_n
Dreadwing Dreadwing
Dreadwing 318815_361735403896660_448945815_n
Dreadwing dreadwingrobot
Dreadwing dreadwingjet
Dreadwing dreadwingcarded

Dreadwing Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date September 2012 (September 2012)
Wave Prime Voyager Wave 3
MSRP $22.99
Size Class Voyager
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 37991
Recolors / Reuses Prime Arms Micron Dreadwing , Prime Skyquake , Botcon 2013 Megaplex

Dreadwing Parts List

Dreadwing toy parts information.
Figure Type Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Blue
Gun Yellow/Gold
Sword Grey/Silver

Dreadwing Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Dreadwing in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Tony Todd

Additional Dreadwing Resources

Contributors: Sol Fury, ORIO, Barricade24

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