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Airachnid Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Airachnid.
Name Airachnid
Japanese Number AM-18
Faction Decepticons

Conditioned to battle and hardship by her years spent hunting rare creatures across the depths of space, Airachnid is a primed and powerful warrior. She has returned to the service of Megatron after her long absence, determined to prove herself as a leader - no matter who she has to destroy to do it.

Tech Specs chart for Airachnid.
Strength 5 Intelligence 9
Speed 8 Endurance 4
Rank 7 Courage 6
Firepower 5 Skill 8

Airachnid Images

Airachnid 576402_325015527568648_146805978722938_801870_1597871896_n
Airachnid Airachnid
Airachnid Airachnid--Arcee-1500_1302906944
Airachnid tfprimemegadeath
Airachnid Airachnid
Airachnid 526669_325015557568645_146805978722938_801871_1082710603_n

Airachnid Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date June 2012 (June 2012)
Wave Prime Deluxe Wave 4
MSRP $12.99
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 37975
Product # 98742
Recolors / Reuses Prime Arms Micron Airracchnid
More Toy Info Credited as "Airachnid" on the show. Name is given as "Airracchnid" in the Chinese catalog scans where we had first site of the toy, likely because of a reported trademark conflict with "Arachnoid". However on the US packaging she is indeed Airachnid - so the Chinese catalog scans were probably typos.

Airachnid Parts List

Airachnid toy parts information.
Figure Type Helicopter
Figure Color Black
Gun Grey/Silver

Airachnid Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Airachnid in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Gina Torres

Cartoon Overview
Airachnid is a monster, even by Decepticon standards. During the war on Cybertron, she was an interrogator, who at one point captured Arcee and Arcee's then partner, Tailgate. Unable to break Arcee, Airachnid instead executed Tailgate and was poised to do the same to Arcee.

In the present day, Airachnid has left the Decepticons and instead journeys from world to world, gathering grisly trophies of endangered species from each world (though they were not endangered before she arrived). The latest trophy she seeks? Human. Arcee's partner Jack will do, to torture Arcee even more. And she'll kill Arcee too, but not before making her suffer as much as possible.

On this occasion, Airachnid is defeated by Jack's resourcefulness and Arcee's shear determination to not lose a third partner. But Airachnid escaped to fight another day. After a brief stint as a free agent, and working with MECH in another attempt on Jack and Arcee's lives, Airachnid was brought into the Decepticon cause. Following the episode "Partners" where thanks to Airachnid Starscream abandoned the Decepticon cause, Airachnid became Megatron's new first lieutenant. Placed in charge of the Nemesis during the awakening of Unicron in the first season finale, Airachnid proposed the withdrawal of the Decepticons from Earth and the abandonment of Megatron. For daring to suggest this, Airachnid faced Soundwave in combat, and was soundly defeated.

Airachnid is an expert in torture, both physical and psychological. She demonstrates both in Predatory with her acidic claws in the flashback, and asking Arcee in the present if the reason she keeps losing partners is actually down to Arcee. Airachnid's weapons include extremely strong and sticky webbing, shot from her hands, which can either splatter across a surface trapping her target against it, or shoot in a line to allow her to draw her opponents in. She also has more ordinary energy blasts from her hands, and her spider legs are razor sharp, capable of scarring or completely destroying an enemy. She can also use her spider legs and abdomen to "drill" through the ground to escape her foes.

In addition to her helicopter mode, Airachnid has an unconventional third transformation - she unfolds the spider legs on her back in robot mode and walks on them, folding up parts of her body into the abdomen, but essentially leaving her robot head, arms and partial chest as robot mode. This just heightens the creepy, monstrous feel of the Decepticon.


Additional Airachnid Resources

One of Airachnid's trophies, seen in Predatory, may be a homage to an obscure Marvel UK character who appeared in the 1991 annual - Megadeath.

2005 Boards member Hot Shot. made the discovery on rewatching the episode. Boards member Bass X0 points out that only two things are different from the original Megadeath, who is seen at right in the above comparison shot - the left eye is missing the monocle, and the central eye is lower than the other two, not raised up on the forehead.

Coincidence or something more? You decide.

Contributors: Sol Fury, Secretcode, Hot Shot., Bass X0, Shockwave9227

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