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Wheeljack Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Wheeljack.
Name Wheeljack
Faction Autobots

As a former member of The Wreckers, Wheeljack is more than capable of taking care of himself. But he's glad to know that at least one of his old friends - Bulkhead - is still around, bringing the pain to the Decepticons.

Tech Specs chart for Wheeljack.
Strength 8 Intelligence 6
Speed 6 Endurance 7
Rank 6 Courage 9
Firepower 8 Skill 9

Wheeljack Images

Wheeljack TF-Prime-Deluxe--Wheeljack-37978
Wheeljack wheeljack2
Wheeljack wheeljack3
Wheeljack wheeljack1
Wheeljack Prime-Wheeljack-Robot
Wheeljack Prime-Wheeljack-Car
Wheeljack RiD-Wheeljack
Wheeljack Wheeljack
Wheeljack Prime-Wheeljack
Wheeljack TF-Prime-Deluxe-Wheeljack--vehicle-37978
Wheeljack wheeljackrobot
Wheeljack wheeljackcar
Wheeljack wheeljackcarded

Wheeljack Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date January 2012 (January 2012)
Wave Prime Deluxe Wave 1
MSRP $11.99
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 37975
Product # 37978
UPC / Barcode 653569706540
Recolors / Reuses Prime Dead End , Prime Arms Micron Wheeljack , Prime Dark Energon Wheeljack , Beast Hunters Wheeljack , Prime Japan Stunt Wildrider , TF Go Hunter Wheeljack , TFCC Subscription Service Chromedome

Wheeljack Parts List

Wheeljack toy parts information.
Figure Type Car
Figure Color White
Sword Grey/Silver

Wheeljack Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Wheeljack in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor James Horan

Cartoon Overview
Wheeljack (Jackie to his friends, or at least Bulkhead) is a wandering Autobot warrior and a former member of the elite Cybertronian combat group, the Wreckers. He is an expert fighter, excelling in hand to hand combat with his twin katana swords. He is also very skilled and resourceful, such as when he managed to escape captivity using little more than a little baiting of a Decepticon trooper, his legs, and a bit of luck. Although not overwhelming skilled - he did get captured and replaced by Makeshift leading to said escape in "Con Job", after all.

Like Bulkhead, Wheeljack is very easy-going but serious in a fight. He suffers from serious wanderlust though, rarely staying in one place for long. In his own words, he wants to see what is out there, see if he can find any of the other members of the old gang. He invites Bulkhead to go with him, but Bulkhead declines. Without a doubt, we'll be seeing Wheeljack again, because as Bulkhead himself says, "Jackie never stays, but he always comes back."


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