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The Fallen

The Fallen Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy The Fallen.
Name The Fallen
Japanese Name The Fallen
Japanese Number RD-10
Faction Decepticons
Function Evil Warrior

For millennia, he has waited. Thousands of years have dragged by as he recruited proxies, one by one, to scour the cosmos for the artifact he required. Now he finds he must return to the primitive, flesh-slug infected planet on which his quest began. Nothing will stand in his way this time. If need be, he will scour the surface of this disgusting world clean in the fire of his rage, and search through the blasted rubble for that which he seeks.

Tech Specs chart for The Fallen.
Strength Infinity Intelligence 10
Speed 10 Endurance Infinity
Rank 10 Courage 10
Firepower Infinity Skill 10

The Fallen Images

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The Fallen 0065356941612_500X500
The Fallen 120nz1i
The Fallen 2j3s0ea
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The Fallen fallveh
The Fallen fallpak
The Fallen ROTFVoyFallen01
The Fallen ROTFVoyFallen02

The Fallen Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date May 2009 (May 2009)
Wave Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Wave 2
Multipack Revenge of the Fallen Gathering at the Nemesis
MSRP $22.99
Size Class Voyager
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 83972 , 93420
Product # 89881 , 94683
UPC / Barcode 653569416128 , 653569449409
DPCI # 087-06-0120
Recolors / Reuses Revenge of the Fallen The Fallen (Burning) , Winter Wonderfest 2010 The Fallen Blazing Edition , Hunt for the Decepticons / Autobot Alliance The Fallen
More Toy Info The Fallen, with the same paint deco, was also released at part of the Toys 'R Us exclusive Gathering at the Nemesis three-pack, along with a redeco Voyager-class Megatron (Movie 1) and redeco Deluxe-class Soundwave.

The Fallen Parts List

The Fallen toy parts information.
Figure Type Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Green

The Fallen Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about The Fallen in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Tony Todd

Cartoon Overview
The being known as The Fallen is ancient. According to Jetfire, he is the original Decepticon. Once a member of the original seven Transformers, the Primes, he broke their sacred credo - never to claim the sun of a world populated by intelligent life. He despised humanity and sought to destroy them all by taking the power of the sun, but was defeated by the other Primes. For his crime, he was forevermore known as The Fallen.

In the present day, he lurks aboard the wreck of the Decepticon ship, Nemesis. When Megatron is revived, he returns to the Nemesis and meets The Fallen. As only a Prime can kill The Fallen, he feared Optimus Prime and directed Megatron to kill him. After Megatron succeeded in killing Optimus, The Fallen rose from his throne on the Nemesis, throwing off the cables attaching him to its power cores.

Megatron and The Fallen next began to seek out the source of Energon needed to revive Cybertron - the Sunkiller weapon. The Fallen knew the location of the weapon, but not the key to activate it. For that, he required the Matrix of Leadership, the key to locating it, hidden within the mind of Sam Witwicky. And so the Decepticons publicly declared their existence to the world, striking across the globe, while The Fallen himself hacked into every TV screen on the planet and made a declaration - hand over Sam Witwicky, or face the end of civilization as humanity knows it.

The Fallen then waited in the shadows, as Sam Witwicky went on the run, and the Decepticons hunted him down. In Egypt, Sam found The Matrix of Leadership, but it crumbled to dust when he touched it. Sam kept the dust, though. During a major battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, Sam was apparently killed - but he met with The Fallen's brothers, the other Primes, in a vision, and received The Matrix from them. Sam awoke and used The Matrix to revive Optimus Prime.

The Fallen then made his move. Teleporting in from out of nowhere he claimed the Matrix from Optimus Prime's body before the Autobot leader was fully awakened, and placed it within the Sunkiller (exposed from beneath one of the pyramids of Giza). As he prepared it to fire and exterminate the human race he despised so much, Optimus Prime, powered up with parts of Jetfire, flew in to save the day. Optimus destroyed the Sunkiller, enraging The Fallen. The two Primes fought each other one on one, with Megatron fighting alongside his dark master. However, both The Fallen and Megatron together were no match for Optimus Prime, who defeated Megatron before destroying The Fallen.


Transformers Movie
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Additional The Fallen Resources

Function revealed in a cross sell booklet included with Leader class Jetfire.

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