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Dark Scream

Dark Scream Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Dark Scream.
Name Dark Scream
Japanese Name Gildo
Japanese Number D-003
Faction Predacons
Function Forest Swordsman

Dark Scream is part of the Predacons' field squadron. He can slice anything in two with one stroke of the sword hidden in his tail. He is, if anything, nocturnal by nature, and had no trouble with all-night missions. He loves earthly samurai, and period dramas.

Tech Specs chart for Dark Scream.
Strength 6 Intelligence 6
Speed 9 Endurance 6
Rank 6 Courage 6
Firepower 5 Skill 8

Dark Scream Images

Dark Scream robot_front
Dark Scream beast_front
Dark Scream robot_pose
Dark Scream inst1
Dark Scream inst2
Dark Scream box

Dark Scream Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date July 2001 (July 2001)
Wave Robots in Disguise Mega Wave 1
Multipack Robots in Disguise Predacon Trio Giftset
MSRP $14.99
Size Class Mega
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 80595.0000 , 80595.0001 , 80595.0002 , 80595.0003
Product # 80596
Per Case 3 , 2 , 1 , 1
Recolors / Reuses Beast Wars Nightglider , Car Robots Gildo
More Toy Info Only available as part of a 3-pack with Gas Skunk and Slapper. Because of this, the above information is based on the set, not the individual figure.

Dark Scream Parts List

Dark Scream toy parts information.
Figure Type Other
Figure Color Blue
Sword Grey/Silver

Additional Dark Scream parts info:
1 gray sword

Dark Scream Review

-Submitted by: SPLIT LIP | Overall Score: 9

Beast mode: My favorite beast mode. Dark Scream is a cyborg flying squirrel, and is sculpted appropriately. He is complete with adorable squirrely face, bushy tail (with not so bushy spikes in it) and squirrel feet and membrane. The bulk of the robotic bits and tail are vacume metalized light gold and and so are the most noticable.they have mechanicl switches, lights and thrusters in them, with serated edges.

In this mode, Screamer sports 8 points of articulation, only six of which are real, since in reality his arms would be fused to the membrane. (okay, his legs would be too, but hey, he's gotta walk sometime) I didn't count the tail because it only bends as part of his transformation. His colours are very eye-pleasing, with light blue being the base colour, and vac gold with red and silver details. Silver makes up the arms and tip of the tail. Overall, very cute while still looking menacing and pretty. 9/10.

Robot mode. In short, awesome. Dark Scream has a very huminoid form in this mode, with the membrane acting as wings. His face is a cross between a squirrel and a boxer's face, but it works. The chest has the spark crystal un-hidden right in the center. Poseability skyrockets in this form, coming to 11 balljoints and a rotateing waist. A new colour shows up, a dark purple/red for most of the face, chest and waist. Other than that, the colours remain the same as before. A neat feature carried over from Nightglider (the original use of the mold) is the small sword contained in the tail. this is a fun little weapon to goof around with. I noticed with mine, the arms pop off sometimes (not all the time) not sure if it's me. Overall, very nice in total, the inclusion of the sword really is nice. 9/10.

Dark Scream Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Dark Scream in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Steve Blum

Robots In Disguise
01 Battle Protocol
02 An Explosive Situation
03 Bullet Train to the Rescue
04 Spychangers to the Rescue
05 Hunt for Black Pyramid
06 Secret of the Ruins
07 Sideburns Obsession
08 Secret Weapon D5
09 Mirages Betrayal
10 Skid-Zs Choice
11 Tow-Line Goes Haywire
12 Ultimate Robot Warrior
13 Hope for the Future
14 The Decepticons
15 Commandos
16 The Volcano
17 Attack From Outer Space
19 The Fish Test
20 Wedges Short Fuse
22 Sky-Byte Saves The Day
28 Power to Burn
29 Fortress Maximus
32 Peril From The Past
33 Maximus Emerges
37 Surprise Attack
38 Galvatrons Revenge
39 The Final Battle

Additional Dark Scream Resources

Sold in a three pack with Gas Skunk and Slapper.

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, trebleshot, Paul Wais, SPLIT LIP

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