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The Earth is mine!

Galvatron Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Galvatron.
Name Galvatron
Japanese Name Devil Gigatron
Japanese Number D-013
Faction Decepticons
Function Predacon/Decepticon Leader
Motto The Earth is mine!

Galvatron has increased his destructive power and has acquired four terrible new modes. Now he is an even more dangerous enemy who is capable of destructive attacks on land, in the air, and beneath the sea. His original six modes have also increased in power, making him one of the most dangerous foes of the Autobots.

Tech Specs chart for Galvatron.
Strength 10 Intelligence 10
Speed 10 Endurance 10
Rank 10 Courage 10
Firepower 10 Skill 10
This page contains information only on the toy for Transformers Robots In Disguise Galvatron. The character has a single page where all additional information (comics & cartoon info, etc) is listed. To view that page, click here: Primary Entry for Galvatron.

Galvatron Images

More Images: Toy Gallery

Galvatron RID104
Galvatron RID105
Galvatron RID106

Galvatron Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date December 2001 (December 2001)
Wave Robots in Disguise Ultra Wave 2
MSRP $19.99
Size Class Ultra
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 80655
Product # 80656
Per Case 2
Recolors / Reuses Robots In Disguise Megatron , Botcon Deathsaurus , Car Robots Gigatron , Car Robots Devil Gigatron
More Toy Info Has 10 "official" modes: robot, 2-headed dragon, gargoyle/bat, interstellar jet, armoured transport, giant hand, flying dragon, gryphon, elephant and boat. The last four modes can also be made using the original RID Megatron release, as this toy is a straight repaint.

Galvatron Parts List

Galvatron toy parts information.
Figure Type Dragon , Bat , Plane/Spaceship , Tank/Military Based , Other
Figure Color White
Missle Launcher Black
Missle Red/Pink

Additional Galvatron parts info:
2 black missile launchers (sword hilts), 2 red missiles (sword blades)

Galvatron Review

-Submitted by: Torque | Overall Score: 9

Robot Mode

He looks purely awesome! his coloration of black and white, with hints of gold, silver, red, purple, and green give the figure a kid of creepy tone to him, which is perfect-Galvatron is a pretty creepy guy. his weapon is pretty neat-he has 2 missile launchers, not spring loaded, but friction shot (similar to Movie Voyager Ironhide). The launchers, when in his hands, act as swords and can combine into a staff the kind of reminds me of Darth Maul's lightsaber. his head sculpt is awesome, with reflective eyes instead of light piping, the gold wings on his head make it seem like he means business, and his sneer/snarl makes him terrifying to look at up close-unlike RID Prime and Magnus, he has some real facial details.

overall, he is pretty wicked. very articulated due to his multiple transformation, yet his feet are terrible-he can barely stand-you need to put all his weight into he back and center part of his foot. shame, as he can make cool poses, but just wont stay up.

-creepy colors
-wicked weapon
-awesome articulation
-evil effect

-feet failure


Bat Mode

ok, so next up is Gargoyle Mode, but lets face it-he's a bat. batlike face, wings, feet, and overall appearance-and let me say, yikes. the mode doesnt really look like anything but a brick with wings, feet, and laser cannons on his back. there is no articulation at all-well his wings flap a bit, but thats about it. head is now restricted by bat muzzle, and he has no legs, as there are only feet. color scheming unhelpful as well. not much to him, but there is one thing i like about him-playability. i can definately see someone using this batmode as a vampire kinda thing, sucking life energy from other characters-so all in all, not a total failure. best feature-in a dark room with a light behind him, he sorta makes the BatSignal ^_^ also fits together nicely

-potential playability
-can stand on its own and ook semicool
-fits together nicely

-no poseability/articulation
-doesnt do too much/boring
-colors seem a bit off


Twin Headed Dragon

Holy. Slaggin. Cow. by far one of the best modes of the whole figure-like Galvatron was designed to turn into a 2 headed dragon, but retooled to be other stuff. the double head effect works awesomely. claws look awesome, color scheme, which makes some modes like "huh?" work as well as robot mode coloring. incredibly poseable for the necks and little arms, lots of fun, and one of my most oftenly used modes for him

-colors look wicked
-incredibly poseable, mostly in making the heads look awesome.
-streamlined, perfect look to him

-tail needed to make him stand


Jet Mode

yet another awesome mode. looks like a forward swept wing Cybertronian jet. has a landing gear set that works surprisingly well. actually rolls a little bit. looks like a mad fast jet. no real issues with it, but it doesnt blow you away-just looks nice.

-working landing gear
-looks fast
-cool cockpit

-no real "wow" factor-nothing special

Grade: 6/10

Transport Mode

woah, DeJavu. and by DeJavu, i mean i get the same reaction from this mode as i do the jet. slightly less cool looking though, but i find front end to be rather cool, despite the back being boring.

-front end
-rolls semi-well

-not all wheels always touch the ground


Hand Mode

Three word-Laugh. Out. Loud. i seriously find this the most ridiculous yet funny version of the entire set of modes. i find it amusing, and love to have him punch other characters, then squeeze them and throw them around-if i had a glove, he could be master hand! (so wish Transformers were part of Super Smash Bros...)

Despite it being ridiculously fun and funny, it is only cool for a while, and may not be the best mode for a "Robot in Disguise"

-Gripping action
-fun to play with
-insanely weird

-insanely weird (yes, that is both a pro and a con)


Griffin Mode

One of my favorite modes for this guy. rather lethal looking and extremely poseable, the Griffin mode is also the easiest mode to put him into-perfect for when you want an allaround mode-it flies, walks, and is simple to get into, as his knees reverse, head vanishes, spine flips up. then its al just adjusting slightly. fun mode, esp. if your plating with him and need a fast Alt. mode

-quickest mode
-looks awesome
-good for allaround play

-not so much a Griffin as a Dragon
-fun but not special (wish mouth opened...)

Grade- 8.5/10

[b]Flying Dragon Mode[b]

Yikes-like the bat mode! looks decent from the front, yet seems to be one of those "because we can" modes. nothing special, and not as fun as the bat-looks better though.

-looks sorta like a dragon
-sorta fun
-looks better than bat

-not poseable except for neck
-still wish his mouth opened up


Elephant Mode

ok, now this one is bizarre. i mean, if you know its an elephant, you can see it-but if you dont, youd have no idea what it was. theres not much bulk to him behind his ears, which are a bit too big. but once you get past that, it is a fun figure to play with. very poseable, and the weapons make decent tusks. very mixed feelings about him.

-fun to use as an elephant charging
(how do you stop Galvatron in Elephant mode from charging? take away his credit card! *booed offstage* ok, i wont quit my day job)

-unrecognizable unless you know what it is
-no elephant bulk behind overlarge head
-claws on an elephant?!

Grade: 6.5/10

Boat Mode

and finally, the worst for last, the boat mode. looks nothing like a boat, and does not float on water. the wings make a decent bow, but the hands dont work as whatever they were trying to do. if your going to mostly ignore a mode, this would be the one-its boring, and doesnt even look like, well. anything. it looks nice, but not like something.

(may have read somewhere that he doesnt even use this in the show)

-looks nice-just wish it resembled something
-makes for a tenth mode

-doesnt look like a boat
-only in there as a mode for water

Grade: 2/10

More or less a decent figure-one of my favorites. i like to play with the guy all the time, and only put him down to use the bathroom. definately a must have, as he is so cool.

Overall Average

-Numberwise: 6.3/10
-Personally: 9/10-total win, great figure!

Galvatron Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Galvatron in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Daniel Riordan

Robots In Disguise
32 Peril From The Past
33 Maximus Emerges
34 The Human Element
36 Mistaken Identity
37 Surprise Attack
38 Galvatrons Revenge
39 The Final Battle

Additional Galvatron Resources

While Megatron was sold as a Predacon, his upgrade, Galvatron, was sold as a Decepticon! He's one of only a few characters to change faction within the run of a series. Other examples include Blackarachnia and Dinobot, both from Beast Wars.

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, flywheels, Deefuzz, trebleshot, Torque

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