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Fortress Maximus

Fortress Maximus Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Fortress Maximus.
Name Fortress Maximus , Emissary , Cerebros
Japanese Name Brave Maximus , Brave , Plasma
Japanese Number C-027
Faction Autobots
Function Cybertron City

As Fortress Maximus never saw a US release, he has no official bio. Shown here is the bio for the Japanese "Brave Maximus" version.

The warrior Plasma transforms into head mode and combines with Cybertron City's Master Brain to form the warrior Brave. He fully understands and trusts his fellow Cybertron fighters. When Brave calls out "Transform!" and changes into head mode, the ground splits asunder with a mighty roar, and Cybertron City changes into a colossal Transformer 350 m tall. His ultimate deathblow attack, the "Final Burn," fires off all his cannons at once, enveloping the surface it strikes in white light and annihilating evil. When he transforms into the Super dreadnought-Class Battleship Maximus, he can carry Cybertron warriors and use the Space Cybertron Net to travel between fixed stars at the speed of light.

Tech Specs chart for Fortress Maximus.
Strength 10 Intelligence 9
Speed 10+ Endurance 9
Rank 10 Courage 10
Firepower 10+ Skill 10

Fortress Maximus Images

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Fortress Maximus 2_G
Fortress Maximus 10_G
Fortress Maximus 13_G
Fortress Maximus 15_G
Fortress Maximus 1_G
Fortress Maximus 20_G

Fortress Maximus Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Cancelled
Re-Issues Robot Masters Cybertron Base
Recolors / Reuses Generation 1 Fortress Maximus , Super God Masterforce Grand Maximus , Car Robots Brave Maximus , Encore Fortress Maximus
Toy Variants The Korean release has the sticker on the main tower applied upside down.
Part Variants A limited run of "Lucky Draw" Maximuses included all their weapons, the general release version only had Cerebros' gun and the radar dish.

Fortress Maximus Parts List

Fortress Maximus toy parts information.
Figure Type City/Fort/Battle Station , Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Blue
Gun Red/Pink
Head Black
Ramp Grey/Silver
Other Blue

Fortress Maximus Review

-Submitted by: Starsabrej | Overall Score: 9

This review is of the Japan version of Brave Maximus, I do not have the Korean edition of it. I also do not have Fortress Maximus or Grand Maximus (though I might be getting those in the near future).

As most Transfans know this figure is the third release from this mold. Fortress Maximus and the much rarer Japan only Grand Maximus were the previous releases. Brave Maximus weighs 8 pounds and stands about 23 inches tall in robot mode.

Plasma is the smallest robot in this set. He stands 2 inches tall. He is the Headmaster for Brave. His primary colors are black, red and silver. These colors work very well for Plasma. He looks pretty much like any Headmaster robot, no real differences here. But really cool none the less. There is not too much articulation here, arms move up and down and the legs bend at the hips and knees.

Brave is the next part of the transformation. He stands almost 6 inches tall in robot mode. His primary colors are red and black. There is a very tiny amount of silver on Brave's head. Articulation is again very minimal here: the arms move up and down and so do the legs. Brave holds a red gun, he can also hold the radar dish that goes on Brave Max, but that would look funny. He transforms into the head of Brave Maximus.

Brave Maximus Robot mode:
As I previously stated this figure stands 23 inches tall, by far the biggest Transformer ever released. Its primary colors are blue, red and black, there is also a small amount of silver and green. There is a lot of play value here. There are guns on both lower arms, both fists, both legs and on the waist. There is also a gun on the left leg. There is pretty decent articulation in the arms (they bend at the elbow and shoulder). The legs do not bend much, pretty much the same way that Brave's do.

City mode:
This is the next step in the Transformation. This is an awesome transformation for this figure. At 23 inches long, it looks like a city. There are a lot of nooks and crannies for spychargers to go. There is a helipad on one side. In the center section there is a little lift for a spycharger and when you push the red button by where the brave head sits in this mode the spycharger goes down the ramp. On the back of the instruction sheet there is a city map that you can set the Brave Max city on for more play value.

Battleship mode:
This is a modified city mode. From end to end it measures 30 inches. There is a place in this mode to set Plasma. There are guns on the “leg” sections. There is not too much play value here but this mode looks awesome.

Final thoughts:
I love this toy. I did not have the money to get Fort Max when it came out in 1987, so when I heard that this was coming out I knew I had to get it. And I got it in Feb 2001, for $139. It was a good investment on my part, and it looks great in my collection. One thing is that the plastic quality seems kind of poor. When transforming it, it seems like it could break very easy. I would recommend leaving it in one mode, or in the box. He is getting hard to find, And I would say that now around $200 on Ebay is a good deal. 4 ˝ out of 5 (only because of the plastic issues.)

Fortress Maximus Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Fortress Maximus in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Steve Kramer

Cartoon Overview
A vast, gigantic Transformer placed on Earth to be its defender millions of years before. Fortress Maximus could only be truly awakened by a heart of justice, noble intentions, and was specifically keyed to respond to humans. It was possible to override these features, as Scourge demonstrated, but Fortress Maximus' programming was infinitely complex and it was not possible to ever completely control him. Fortress Maximus was also sealed by a number of keys - first the O Parts, which needed to be retrieved to interact with a second artifact, the Orb of Sigma. Once these two items were combined, the location of Plasma / Cerebros was revealed.

He finally acted on his own in the final episodes, where he fully awakened to fight Galvatron merged with the Decepticon base after witnessing Wedge's bravery, then later when he was re-energised by the combined hopes of all the children of the world, he granted his immense power to Omega Prime, who manifested this power as the almighty Matrix Blade.

He was last seen flying in space with Ultra Magnus riding on board.


Robots In Disguise
29 Fortress Maximus
30 Koji Gets His Wish
33 Maximus Emerges
34 The Human Element
36 Mistaken Identity
37 Surprise Attack
38 Galvatrons Revenge
39 The Final Battle

Additional Fortress Maximus Resources

Brave Maximus was considered by Hasbro for an exclusive online order, possibly using unsold Japanese stock, but he was never released because the toy could not meet safety requirements specifically the drop test, which specified that any toy dropped from a height of six feet or more should not break into sharp, jagged pieces - a requirement that this gigantic Transformer could not meet.

Other Comic Overview

The Japanese Kiss Players manga expands on Brave Maximus / Fortress Maximus' role on Earth, explaining that Primus himself placed him there in order to seal the Angolmois energy, which was the essence of Unicron who had been defeated at the dawn of time, and would only break free billions of years later when he would reduce Earth to wilderness once more, and the Destron Galvatron would try to claim his power during the Beast Wars Second series.

Contributors: Sol Fury, Soundwave.CA, trebleshot, Starsabrej

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