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Breakdown (Silas) with Magi

Breakdown (Silas) with Magi Tech Specs

Tags: Breakdown
Base information for character / toy Breakdown (Silas) with Magi.
Name Silas BreaKdown , Magi
Japanese Number AM-24
Faction Decepticons
Function MECH Commander

Silas, the commander of revolutionary group MECH, was critically injured during the battle against Autobots. To save him, the MECH doctors transferred his life to the body of War Breakdown, who was killed in battle - Silas' weak human body was discarded and replaced by a tough Transformer body. War Breakdown's physical strength, Silas' combat skills and MECH's bio weapons were combined to create an even more formidable enemy.

Tech Specs chart for Breakdown (Silas) with Magi.
Strength 10 Intelligence 3
Speed 6 Endurance 8
Rank 5 Courage 8
Firepower 10 Skill 9

Breakdown (Silas) with Magi Images

Breakdown (Silas) with Magi am24-silas-breakdown
Breakdown (Silas) with Magi am24-silas-breakdown-1
Breakdown (Silas) with Magi am24-silas-breakdown-2
Breakdown (Silas) with Magi am24-silas-breakdown-3

Breakdown (Silas) with Magi Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date November 2012 (November 2012)
MSRP 4,200
Size Class Voyager
Recolors / Reuses Prime Arms Micron War Breakdown , Prime Arms Micron Autobot Swerve , GO! Arms Micron Shou (Micron only)

Breakdown (Silas) with Magi Parts List

Breakdown (Silas) with Magi toy parts information.
Figure Type Truck , Insect
Figure Color Black , Blue
Captured Prey