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Skyburst with Aerialbots

Skyburst with Aerialbots Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Skyburst with Aerialbots.
Name Skyburst , Aerialbots
Faction Autobots

Thought lost long ago, Power Core Combination has recently been rediscovered on Earth. It creates a new breed of powerful AUTOBOT warriors to destroy the DECEPTICONS!

To be given command of one of the first AUTOBOT Power Core teams is a great honor – one that SKYBURST isn’t sure he deserves. He uses his enhanced abilities to execute search and rescue operations in conditions too dangerous for human crews – or even other AUTOBOTS. Together with his drone companions, SKYBURST protects the skies from the DECEPTICON threat.

Tech Specs chart for Skyburst with Aerialbots.
Strength 9 Intelligence 5
Speed 9 Endurance 8
Rank 8 Courage 6
Firepower 5 Skill 5

Skyburst with Aerialbots Images

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Skyburst with Aerialbots Combiner-5-Pack-Aerialbots-com
Skyburst with Aerialbots Combiner-5-Pack-Aerialbots-veh
Skyburst with Aerialbots TF-PCC-Skyburst-Packaging_1273
Skyburst with Aerialbots TF-PCC-Skyburst-Vehicle_127379
Skyburst with Aerialbots TF-PCC-Skyburst-1273792057
Skyburst with Aerialbots TF-PCC-Skyburst-Robot_12737920
Skyburst with Aerialbots Instruct001
Skyburst with Aerialbots Instruct002

Skyburst with Aerialbots Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date June 2010 (June 2010)
Wave Power Core Combiners Five Packs Wave 1
MSRP $19.99
Size Class Five Pack
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 98461
Product # 98462
UPC / Barcode 653569492085
Recolors / Reuses Power Core Combiners Darkstream
More Toy Info Features one central (Scout class) "Commander" figure and four drone limbs. The drone limbs do not possess robot modes of their own, however when attached to the connection points on any Power Core Combiner figure they automorph into their arm or leg forms.

The drone limbs can be interchanged with any of the other Commander figures, or any of the Scout class figures from the two pack assortment.

The drones are named: Recon Plane Drone (Arm), Chopper Drone (Arm), Combat Helicopter Drone (Leg), and Fighter Jet Drone (Leg).

Skyburst with Aerialbots Parts List

Skyburst with Aerialbots toy parts information.
Figure Type Plane/Spaceship , Helicopter
Figure Color Grey/Silver , Yellow/Gold , Blue

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