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Shockwave Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Shockwave.
Name Shockwave
Faction Decepticons

Shockwave is a character from the Transformers Movie tie-in video games.

(Bio taken from the Bradygames official Movie game strategy guide)

The "big guns" of the Decepticon forces, Shockwave is a triple-changing terror. He doesn't say much, but it isn't really necessary. He lets his massive firepower do the talking for him. More mobile than his fellow heavy hitters Bonecrusher and Brawl, Shockwave won't stop until all the Autobots are dead!

Shockwave Images

Shockwave Movie-Shockwave

Additional Shockwave Resources

Shockwave appears in the Transformers Movie videogames as a boss character. On the console versions, he shows up at the end of the missions in Tranquility. He starts out the fight in cannon mode, where the only way to damage him is to throw something at him. After a couple of hits, he transforms to robot mode to attack you. After taking a few hits in robot mode, he transforms to copter mode and flies away and must be chased down so the whole process can be repeated. He has to be chased down a few times before he is truly defeated.
Shockwave also shows up again on Cybertron in the console version of the game, on the Autobot scenario. When you get toward the end of the fight, Shockwave wades in. This time he does not transform (you can't either) so it's a straight fight to the finish.

He's also a playable character in the PSP version of the game. Here he only has the cannon mode, which is a mobile cannon rather than the fixed one seen in the console version of the game.

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